RIM wins appeal in Mformation patent case, gets to keep $147.2 million


  • drone

    “The purpose of the patent system is to encourage innovation, but the system is still too often exploited in pursuit of other goals. Many policy makers have already recognized the need to address this problem and we call on others to join them as this case clearly highlights the significant need for continuing policy reform to help reduce the amount of resources wasted on unwarranted patent litigation.”

    You listening, Apple?

  • Jordan

    Hopefully this will mean some jobs get saved and not just extra ivory back scratchers for the guys on top.

  • Biwa

    Super.. 🙂 i hope BB10 come without patent troll.

  • sickpuppy

    They better save them pennies , they’ll need it later .

  • Steve

    Rimpire strikes back!

  • Mike W

    Will Mformation have to pay their legal fees? Or do they get off scott free?

  • Proclaimer

    So with this money saved rim will slow its demise for a few more weeks.

  • madeinmars

    Please just die and go away RIM.

    • A.S.

      Why would you want them to go away? Competition gives us both innovation and cheaper prices. Even if I am not a huge fan of blackberry devices(not enough to own one), I would rather one of the last big canadian tech companies stays alive.

    • dstruct2k

      A.S. : To even call RIM “competition” at this point is nearly laughable, considering they shipped about as many devices as Symbian did in the past quarter. RIM stopped “innovating” as soon as they created the Playbook. From then on, it’s been a rush to get things like the Android app emulator working, which is the exact opposite of “innovation”.

      I can’t see them recovering from this huge stumble, especially since they’ve delayed their only possible way to recover (BB10) by at least another quarter, and now they’re talking about not even wanting to build their own devices.

      Farewell RIM. Thanks for bringing smartphones to the masses, just to watch them all upgrade to iOS or Android.

  • Larkin


  • Jarvis

    @ dstruct2k

    Way to jump on the hate train and show how misinformed you are. Just to point out one of the pieces of incorrect information, RIM did not say they are talking about not wanting to build their own devices. They clearly said they don’t have the economies of scale to mass produce them on a level similar to Android. (50 million different models). I have no problem with people not liking a product or brand, but to cite incorrect facts just shows how ignorant you are about finding out what are actual facts and what is fiction.

  • Pahech

    Good for RIM. 147 million is a good chunk of change.