RIM wins appeal in Mformation patent case, gets to keep $147.2 million

Remember that $147.2 million that RIM was ordered to pony up to Mformation for infringing on a couple of their patents? Well, when the judge dropped the hammer RIM immediately stated they were “disappointed by the outcome” and appealed the decision.

In a press release today it was announced that the verdict was overturned and RIM can keep their millions. The release noted “After considering motions presented by both parties, as well as the jury verdict (which was announced by RIM on July 14, 2012), the Judge determined that RIM had not infringed on Mformation’s patent. In granting RIM’s motion, the Judge also vacated the $147.2 million jury award, which means that RIM is not required to make any payment to Mformation.”

The two patents in questions deal with their enterprise server software, patent numbers 6,970,917 and 7,343,408. There’s a slight twist that could see this case drag on a bit longer. The judge has declared that “if Mformation successfully appeals the ruling, the jury verdict would not be reinstated and instead a new trial would occur.”

For the time being this is great news. Steve Zipperstein, RIM’s new Chief Legal Officer, was pleased with the outcome and also took a shot at all the patent trolls by saying “The purpose of the patent system is to encourage innovation, but the system is still too often exploited in pursuit of other goals. Many policy makers have already recognized the need to address this problem and we call on others to join them as this case clearly highlights the significant need for continuing policy reform to help reduce the amount of resources wasted on unwarranted patent litigation.”

Now, bring us BB10.

Source: MarketWire
Via: TNW & Engadget