TELUS releases the Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot


  • Angus Lillico

    Rogers has this exact same device on for $49.99 on a 1yr term

  • Mike

    Why would you need this for?? All Android Phones are capable for wireless hotspot, why pay for 2 devices for.???

    • John

      Cause the battery life on an android with hotspot is like 2 hours, plus the range of the wifi, plus customizatoin, security, the list goes on.

    • JJ Joseph

      For one thing, the Aircard is REALLY fast, it works anywhwere (not just at Starbucks), 10 smartphones can use it either all at once or one at a time. It works with laptops as well as smartphones. Therefore, if you have 5 smart devices (phones or laptops) in your family, you can get them all online with one Aircard. It saves a huge amount on your bill because each of your phones doesn’t need a dataplan.

  • superfly

    And in 10 minutes all data is used up. Then what?

    • JJ Joseph

      I have 3 Android phones & 1 laptop sharing one Aircard with a 5gb dataplan and I never use more than 2gb per month.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    With the introduction of the 6gb plans, this is becoming a more viable purchase

  • Patrick


  • Jocko

    Just checked Rogers website, says $49 on a THREE year!

    on select 3-year plans

    • Rogers Rebate

      It is $49.99 for the hotspot regardless of how many years you take. So whether you take one, two, or three years, the hotspot still costs the same. Perhaps ask TELUS to match or beat that price! 🙂

  • ktr04

    This isn’t too bad for people who need mobile internet. Bell currently has a nice deal on for 10GB for $50/month, unfortunately it’s only available on a three year term 🙁

  • Tony

    My parents live in a rural area in Ontario with no ADSL nor cable. So for years they’ve been stuck on dial-up. And cell service was spotty, maybe one or two bars.
    Finally this spring a Bell/Telus tower was installed in a nearby field. Now they get full 4 bars of HPSA service (don’t know about LTE). I bought an HSPA version of this for them, along with a tablet, and it’s the perfect combo for them.

  • John

    What do you mean “our Canadian carriers” as if it is some foreign invader…Sierra Wireless is Canadian too!

  • Quinn

    @Rogers Rebate
    TELUS doesn’t charge for the hotspot lol. No tethering fees with TELUS what-so-ever.

  • Richard

    Unlock the thing and go prepaid like ipad data plan 35 bucks for 5gig and if you go under its less and over it just resets. Hooking up tethering takes too long and is to unreliable. Want to able to flip. My computer up and have it running.

    • Mark

      Hi! I would like to know, if you choose Bell as carrier, won’t they know you are not using an Ipad? How will you be able to activate the microsim card? Does Bell can activate tne sim card in store and at home, you just have to install it in your Sierra hotspot?
      Thanks a lot!

  • Dave

    Do I get any credit for trading in my internet key for the 763s

  • Huh

    Why are you deleting user comments?