Virgin to release the “Awesome 40” plan


  • Mojo

    it’s the worse plan I’ve ever heard of. It seems like year after year, their plans are more of a rip off.

    • Henry Markus

      nothing awesome about this. where is the CID and VM?

    • MG

      Feels more like AWFUL 40 to me!

      Thanks Virgin/Bell, for not letting us down with your consistent crappy pricing. Good show!

  • Jay

    Not a bad plan… If you really wanna be stuck with a Bell subsidiary and outsourced customer service.

    • dododo

      Post paid customer service isn’t outsourced.

  • steven schwartz

    Again with the lousy data allotment. Wow the Big Three are living like I said in 2006 with these old wap browser flip phone data plans. Really anyone who takes this plan needs help. I for one would really like to be a fly on the wall in the meetings to green light crap like this. Have they not let these people out of the office and in contact with the outside world? Or are they just plain insane?

    • stevie

      This plan isn’t for someone who needs a ton of data… it’s aimed towards those looking for a talk/text plan with some data…

    • Theywillriseagain

      I have plan that includes 1gb, unlimited text, and 100 canada wide minutes for the same price, this is a piece of crap plan

  • Mika

    This plan is awesome if you want a Blackberry.

    • Steelepunk

      So not awesome for anyone?

  • stevie

    I’m not one to throw compliments to the big 3 or their subsidiaries… but Virgin doesn’t outsource it’s customer service on postpaid…. They have 2 call centers for postpaid, downtown toronto and 1 on the east coast… Prepaid is a different story.. they’ve always outsourced their prepaid call center…

    • luke

      that is incorrect, virgin DID NOT always outsource their customer service, they used to pay call center prepaid (when they only had prepaid) $15.00 an hour, and other call center in riverview, I believe. Thank god I left before they were 100% owned by Bell.

      Now prepaid is in Phillipines!!! Rogers/fido ain’t perfet but at least they give their jobs to Canadians! Virgin is a big marketing “lie”.

  • Ryan Draga

    Agreed Mojo. I have a friend who’s with Virgin. I told her recently about the new 60 dollar plan with Fido where you get pretty much unlimited everything, I saw this and for a microsecond until I read the plan details, thought that maybe she wouldn’t have to switch. So much for that.

  • Ben Myers

    This really seems like a play for the WIND and Mobilicity crowd but with a much, much worse plan than what those two are offering.

    The 100 MB of monthly data is just an insult to their potential customers’ intelligence.

    • Alex

      @BEN: I don’t know why people even THINK about comparing these plans to Wind and MobiCity. Those companies don’t even have unlimited Canada-Wide plans. They have unlimited Canada-Wide Long Distance. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Ever been trapped in a zone? If you leave your little zone you pay a fortune!

      You literally can’t compare the two. It’s like comparing a Seadoo to a Great Lakes Freighter. Sure, the Seadoo is faster and more maneuverable, but it’s never going to move several tons of ore from Quebec City to Detroit MI. Sure, you can call anywhere in Canada when you’re at home, but I dare you to actually use your phone if you’re outside your zone! Roaming while still in Canada? Ouch!

  • Weebsurfer

    Im getting tired of seeing all these BS “AMAZING” plans. Industry is just “giving it” too customers lately. This would be great if it were a couple GB of data. Otherwise it’s no better than any other combo.

  • Richard

    85 for unlimited talk, and text voice mail and caller id with three gigs from virgin Mobile, just no full phone subsidy

  • Richard

    Canada wide that is no long distance either.

  • John

    Richard fin Branson, fix your company even though you don’t own it no more.

  • Al

    i get the exact same with virgin mobile (no 5 buddies but free after 6 + weekend) for $35…

    exact details are:
    150 canada wide minutes
    free after 6 + weekends
    unlimited international text (include picture text)
    100 mb
    CID + VM

  • ile2010

    What fortune am I paying exactly? 20 cents per minute or 15 for outgoing text is hardly a fortune.

  • Will

    Virgin still has the 300 Minutes Evenings and weekends at 5 Unlimited text picture video and Caller id vm with 6gb of data such a great plan.

    Go with wind/mobliicity or chatr if you want to coverage and throtled data all to save 15-20$

  • HerpDerp

    new rule: Virgin isn’t allowed to use the word ‘awesome’ any more

  • Dasu22

    My parents would love this plan actually.. I’m currently on their 6GB plan and it’s a great deal. I know Will, it’s easier to flame in the comments than to check a website 🙂

  • iamkennypowers

    hahaha i cant help but laugh when i see “evenings & weekends” gotta love AWS

  • Jon

    100mb on LTE is literally going to last 3 seconds.. Why do they even bother to have plans with that little data.

    • Ron Mexico

      One word, overages 😉

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Inb4 data overage fees

  • mark paisley

    I sell virgin phones and this will be a very popular plan for those that are older and looking to start using a smart device. i have set up alot of people on the $35 plan and i hear alot that they wish there was just SOME data added on for them to use google here and there. Since this plan also has the 5 buddies it can be very much targeted to new cell phone users that dont use it too often. Especially when you bring in your own phone and get this plan for $36 its a pretty awesome offer. Ps. Virgin customer service is all within NA, and is one of the most beneficial customer service depots i have had to deal with. great plan for those wanting to go with a desire c, motolux, gio, or bb curve on supertab

    • MG

      So now Virgin targets older users too? I thought it was supposed to be a youth focused brand… Some great market segmentation, eh?! The genius minds of Bell…!

    • Wilbour

      As an “older person” I have a free smart phone and $25 talk and text. I call my peeps for free anytime. I never use more than 30 mins. a month. Free evenings (7pm) and weekends and for the rare times I need Data (when I can’t find WiFi) I use the sliding data charge. Yes I would give away free eves. and weekends for 6gigs of data but since that will never happen I can’t beat $25.

  • charles

    koodo stay the best carrier…

  • Mojo

    I’m unfortunately with Virgin rightn ow, stuck for another year. But my plan doesn’t suck as much as this one
    200 minutes
    unlimited evening/weekends from 7pm
    500MB data
    call display voicemail
    10 national buddies
    500 international texts

    I know it’s not good compared to wind/mobi plans, but since I need to use an iphone, I can’t switch to mobi/wind. And no, I’m not an apple fan, I like Anroid so much, but I absulutely need one application that only runs on the iphone.
    Btw, Virgin’s signal sucks in downtown Vancouver now. It’s been getting worse and worse from the past 6 months. I’m having dropped calls almost couple of times a day. It’s so frustrating.

  • Studystand

    Anyone who’s interested in this plan, please check out what Koodo has to offer for $40 and you’ll definitely reconsider

  • Jesse

    Uh….we already sell this plan…it’s called the $35 Voice plan.

  • Me Ted

    Is this a joke?

  • Dave

    Just looking at the WIND banner next to this here on the page: Unlimited Data/Text/Local Talk for $29 – seems better 🙂

  • Toto23

    And when is Virgin going to offer an “AWESOME” unlock for iPhones ?

  • Worst of the worst?

    Is it just me or out of Virgin, Fido and Koodo, Virgin has the worst plans?

  • vn33

    Can Virgin tell me what I can do with 100Mb these days ?

  • Tom Zolnierczyk

    The title of this post is totally ironic. Virgin’s new plan is a complete rip off.

  • bobby

    Not so awesome!

  • :)

    Garbage 🙁

  • Yeria

    100MB and it’s an awesome plan?? LOL F*** you Virgin.

  • Cyrano

    unlimited Text OR voicemail… serious?

  • 2dfx

    Plan wouldn’t be so bad if you could get a data device ISPR…but alas you cannot.

  • Francis

    Telus ftw, their plans all include CID + VM 🙂