TELUS will release the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook for $549.99 outright


  • Brandon

    Ouch, too expensive!

    • Android = Suicide

      Like phones, they will be substantially cheaper with a contract.

    • Henry Markus


  • Johnson

    They had to set the price that high, tsk tsk.

    • $549 not bad compared to the competition.

      It’s $200 less than the Samsuck Galaxy Note 10.1
      and the Galaxy doesn’t even have LTE.

      If I was in the market for an LTE tablet this would be it.
      However, with the great bridging capabilities of the PlayBook, all you need is the $200 wifi version and you’re set.

  • Sean

    I have a feeling only the most die hard Blackberry Loyalists would think about buying this tablet. Most people would see it next to an Android LTE tablet that is larger and people are familiar with android as well as being cheaper so i know which one most consumers would not buy

  • Tom

    I wonder if they can say ‘$550’ with a straight face?

    • grahamf

      That’s how much most high end smartphones cost without a contract. Too bad Rogers has shitty subsidization.

      For example: Telus has the HTC One X at $630 without a contract, but it drops down to $99 with a full contract.

    • Tom

      Yes, but it will barely sell at the price.

      I feel like they decided to list it at that price cause they think they can get that much from a few hardcore loyalists before having to slash the price as they did with the original playbook. And that seems like a cynical play.

  • Threecube

    Makes me feel good that I’m reading this on a $250 Nexus tablet.

    • Nexus licks a*s

      How’s the LTE on that Nexus?

    • jess

      Makes me feel even better im reading this on a 179 dollar playbook i bought today that has the same amount of storage as your 250 dollar tablet with no hdmi out, crappy cameras, crappy speakers, and crappy mics.

    • Steve

      So Jess, are you going to pay $549.99 for this LTE Playbook?

  • Jerry

    Just wait it will be $250 3-4 months from now.

    • Tonny

      why would you waste your time for a piece of garbage gadget! pay the 250 straight for nexus and enjoy

    • jess

      Because the nexus does not have 4G 😐 you can get a wifi only playbook for cheaper than you can a nexus and get twice the capacity.

  • Tonny

    are they out of their minds?

  • JB

    It doesn’t seem to be April 1st, so I’ll have to assume they are serious…

  • Alex

    No worries RIM, we will not disturb you.

    Autumn is close, Samsung should bring new product to the market… which will beat this peace of old technologies.

    • c

      don’t be a tool, qnx is one of the most advanced operating systems out there

  • Shaun Lee

    GO RIM….
    Oops, FAIL….

  • june

    rip rim

  • abc123

    I can’t see how these are going to sell…

    If you have an android smartphone, go on a data plan that allows tethering. Then, turn on wifi hotspot (with or without security). Then ANY WIFI enabled tablet that you own will be able to access the internet – simultaneously, if needed.

  • ummm

    sometimes i feel that companies do things like this intentionally. who is going to buy this at this pice ? although i like my playbook(got it for free) i would NOT pay 200$ for it, forget 550$ for lte version.

  • ummm

    another nail in their own coffin. ipad2 with 3g is 529$ 🙂

  • sammy

    and samsung will launch galaxy note 2 with lte which will be light years ahead of this in both hw and sw. i feel very sorry for RIM. are they so clueless ?

  • Dave

    $549.99 for a stupid tablet that will be dead in 6 months? These guys a moron!

  • Informer

    It’s high because they have to pay for the patents on the lte chips.

  • Darren

    It might sell at $349, but even at that price, it’s too expensive for old technology and no apps.

  • DieRIMnApple

    nobody wants one, RIP RIM

  • agoogler

    It’s not old technology but needs much much more to offer in terms of software. QNX has awesome multitasking but with no apps to multitask, even with LTE this tablet is old news.

    • jess

      You cant find any apps out of the 30 000 on pb’s appworld to multitask? PB’s appworld has grown at a much faster rate than the old bb phones, and it will grow even faster when BB10 hits.

  • jess

    so many disgusting antirim fanboys here lol.

  • som

    I’d still spend my money on this before the iPads. Take away the apps from iPads and this PB would be the best tablet out there.

    Don’t believe me? Then do this.
    List all the things you like about the iPad in 1 column and list all the things you like about the PB in another column.

    Most important thing to remember when you’re creating your list. *DO NOT INCLUDE, “I WISH THIS APP WAS ON HERE” ITEMS*

    Then you’ll see why.

  • Alex

    Expensive, but the enterprises will buy them.

  • RealDeal

    32GB Wifi Playbook = $229
    32GB 4G LTE Playbook = $550?

    So the LTE chip is worth $321? Oh RIM….

  • Mike

    Sorry Rim. Giving the Big 3 telecom to sell your device is like the final nail on a coffin.