TELUS will release the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook for $549.99 outright

Earlier today RIM announced that select Canadian carriers will be releasing the 4G LTE-enabled BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on August 9th. To start it’ll be Rogers, Bell and TELUS getting the nod.

Late last week we posted news that Bell will be making this available for the outright price of $549.95, but no word yet on their contract prices. Rogers is expect to launch the LTE tablet at the same no-term price, but will also be making it available for $349.99 on a 3-year term. Finally, TELUS has come forward with their no-contract pricing and as expected they too will offer this up for $549.99 outright. No other word yet on the contract prices, if any.

Here’s TELUS’ official statement:

“We are launching the 4G LTE Playbook next week. It will be available online and through our dealers. We are pricing it at $549.99.”

The 4G PlayBook takes a microSIM card and to access LTE speeds you’ll need to sign up on the carriers LTE data plans. The specs of the “new” 32GB PlayBook have it coming with a 7-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, OS 2.0, 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera that captures 1080p HD videos, 3MP front-facing camera, 4800 battery and weighs in at 425 grams.