4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook launching in Canada August 9th


  • astudent

    Sure why not. E for Effort :).

    • BB

      they made this tablet for people who don’t have a blackberry. This way you might still want to try it out and not have to worry about buying a blackberry to use it..or wifi. i have the playbook myself and it works great.

    • Timlinson


    • Lee

      yah, um no thanks. I think I will save my money than rather buy this paper weight.

  • DernBiebs

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. RIM is insane.

  • InfinitiGuy

    The difference here is that carriers will offer them at the usual discounted prices with contracts and therefore making the initial purchase price attractive. Seems like a good move for RIM.

    • sickpuppy

      $350 for 3 years you call that attractive ?

    • BBA Brian


      $350 is not the usual tablet pricing on contracts

      $199 is

      This are crazy to release this at $350 on a 3 year

  • Rio

    349.99$ ON A 3 YEAR TERM? 😮
    Thats ridiculous

  • roman20

    “All new, all finished, Blackberry Playbook LTE. Pretend to work faster.”

  • G

    I wonder if RIM will leave the phone capabilities enabled for this device. If so, some people could switch their phone for this device and make/receive calls using a Bluetooth headset.

  • DernBiebs

    4G/LTE does nothing for me. The last thing I want is to be in a 3 year contract for a device that was outdated before it’s launch a year ago. I would much rather pay $260 for a Nexus 7, be free of a 3 year contract, and just tether my tablet to my phone for the odd time I’m away from a Wifi hotspot.

  • No BB10??

    I’m guessing it won’t be launching with this mysterious BB10 that people are always talking about. This new OS is starting to sound like the legends of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster

    • sickpuppy

      It’ll launch the same way the previous one launched ..crippled ,overpriced, useless .

    • John

      The playbook already runs QNX aka BB10 so I’m sure the “new” LTE version will run BB10 too.

  • monkeysweat

    um, i don’t have a blackberry, but don’t they tether? Wouldn’t it just be better to buy a regular playbook and tether to your blackberry (I honestly don’t believe there are alot of playbook owners who do not own a blackberry as the 2 devices play well together and with not much else) – i realize it may not give you a 4g connection, but really why would you need one on a playbook? it doesn’t even do netflix,,,,,

    my iphone does just fine on 3g,, i can surf, watch netflix, youtube, etc,,, I never really sit there wishing for something faster,,,

  • Informer

    1 year too late.
    Why bother?
    I want bb10 not an lte tablet!

  • Zohaib

    RIM releases tablet. Doesn’t sell. Forced to make it cheaper. Loses money but sells like crazy. Google manages to figure out that the key to selling tablets is to make them cheaper.

    RIM looks at all of this and decides that they have NO IDEA why but their tablets are selling. Clearly, the reason must be that people want RIM products badly. Why not make them expensive again?

  • Ron Mexico

    I’ll wait for the fire sale, $149 anyone?

    • DernBiebs

      I wouldn’t even consider this if it was $50 on a fire sale. Cheap crap is still crap. Put that money towards something you really want.

  • JAZZ

    Time will tell if this is good a move, at least we won’t have to wait 10 years to find out. and as usual ” CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT”,

  • phreezerburn

    It almost as if they are intentionally crippling the company… or that the inmates are running the asylum. Any time BB’s revenues were being diverted away from making a BB10 phone available to the marketplace, a little more of their market share (and the faithful) died. Idiocy incarnate lives on in Waterloo.

  • ra

    If the cancellation fee is only $100 or $200 then three year contract price is OK.

    • Shaun Lee

      for the contract price…

      i only think “free playbook with 100 giftcards + $30 for 6G +$10 monthly credit” is attractive…

      Google has already squeezed the profit margin of tablet….

  • Me Ted

    My wife loves her Playbook. I bought one too when they were insanely reduced but just sold it in order to get the Nexus 7. We still have at least one in the family though. 😉 Here’s hoping RIM gets out of this funk a la Apple circa 1997 and shows us what it’s made of.

  • Chris (@chrispycrunch)

    As per the above comments, the pricing is off, but this is expected. Wait 30 days, let the price drop, and get one, if you need 4G.

    Alternatively, pick up a bb curve or an android, use a hotspot to get data connectivity.

  • GCooper

    Wow this is going to flop. Wonder how long until it’s priced at $249 no contract.

  • sickpuppy

    Wait till November ,when firesale will start .

  • ActivesiN

    nice design, nice build quality, but too expensive, and serious lack of apps

  • blackberry fan

    $349 for a playbook on contract? Why not a Nexus 7 for $260, and get access to 600,000 apps on the market?

    What good is a tablet if it’s missing the apps you need?

    Is there an Olympic app for Playbook? What about an app from your favorite bank or brokage firm?

    And why wouldn’t I get an iPad 3 with far better specs and support if I were to pay the full price for this?

  • blackberry fan

    It’s really sad to see another company living in a world so disconnected to reality…