GLBenchmark 2.5 brings the benchmark pain to your new Android device

Want to test the mettle of your HTC One X, Galaxy S III or Transformer Tab? GLBenchmark 2.5 launches today with an all-new level, Egypt HD, that is meant to bring your Android device to its knees.

Alongside stalwart apps such as Quadrant, AnTuTu, CF-Bench, Linpack and others, GLBenchmark is used to determine just how powerful (and power-hungry) is that new CPU and GPU combo.

According to the developer, which also released GLBenchmark 2.5 for iOS today, the Android version:

GLBenchmark 2.5 is a graphics performance benchmark tool that measures different graphic and computation capabilities of your mobile device. The majority of the tests focus on graphic resources, measuring the quality and performance of the underlying OpenGL ES 2.x implementation.

The benchmark, among other features, contains high-level 3D animations (the new Egypt HD and Egypt Classic from GLBenchmark 2.1) and low-level graphic measurements. GLBenchmark Egypt HD is the upgraded version of the old Egypt 2.1 test: it is more complex, uses more and higher resolution textures and is optimized for 1080p.

– 8 different tests (on-screen and off-screen version for all tests)
– Flexible test selection
– Immediate results
– Simple user interface

Unlike the old Egypt level, which is now renamed Egypt Classic, the new HD test will only score 11-13fps on even the most powerful SoCs such as the Snapdragon S4 and Exynos 4 Quad. It’s always fun to see exactly what your new phone can do, and GLBenchmark 2.5 is one of the best options out there.

Download the free GLBenchmark 2.5 from Google Play. Just a note, it requires Android 3.0+.

Via: Android Police