Sony backtracks on 2011 Xperia handsets not getting Jelly Bean, said the comment was an error


  • Drew Moreberry

    The comment wasn’t an error. They were hoping people wouldn’t complain as much as they did. People got upset and now they need to backtrack as not doing so will cannibalize sales more than pushing out the JB update will do. They(and other companies) are worried that Jelly Bean makes android smooth enough that people will hold off on getting new phones a bit longer.



  • Whattttt

    Sony Android phones are the absolute worst… more so than LG.

    • JC Denton

      Wrong. Sony doesn’t make buggy phones that miss calls and take 6 months to fix them. LG does.

  • andy c

    i really want to like sony’s smartphones.

    good hardware design
    good screens
    good cameras
    non offensive android skin

    just stop cheaping out on outdated processors and ship with the latest android version and they would sell tons

  • pisidan

    Oh big wont supporr upgrade after they said they would..typical sony which is why after x10 i wont touch a sony cell ever again with all their lies and broken promises. Sooner or later people will learn not to buy sony

  • john

    it appears the hacker group anonymous has struck again

  • ruddias

    Sigh. Let the games begin..
    Sony, stick to one statement. We all know you won’t update those phones to 4.1. You’re only making things worse for your customers.

  • peter

    were talking about 4.1 im still waiting on 4.0 on my xperia pro and pro mini. and who knows when they will be out. no thanks to fido and rogers as they are almost last to do any update.

  • Pritam

    I have Xperia Arc S and i am glad to hear that 2011 xperia’s have a chance for JB update… Sony first stated that they ll give 18 months support for all their phones. Arc S was out in 2011 Oct, not even 1 year old. If they are not giving JB to a high end handset like Arc s, that means none of the 2011 xperia will get the update… But now that there is some hope for JB, This is a grt news…:)

  • Jim

    Yep, Xperia Pro owner here, really regret buying Sony. It’s a buggy piece of junk. Never mind Jelly Bean, I’m still waiting for ICS to be rolled out to my phone! They’ve been “rolling it out” since May. Then they announced they were “rolling it out” again at the beginning of August. It’s now mid-September, and still no update. They aren’t even using the normal OTA update, you’ve got to install their buggy software on your computer to update.

    Their customer support is useless, they tell you it’s been released, you point out it hasn’t, they tell you they are rolling it out, they aren’t, then you ask them for a date, and they don’t have an answer.

    I feel like a mug for buying Sony. They are totally uninterested in supporting customers after they’ve already got your money.