RIM rumoured to layoff 3,000 on August 13th


  • Adam


    • zanks


      This is amazing news.

    • Yukalis

      RIM will prep to fire 3000 people on August 13th, and on Sep 21, when the iPhone5 is out in market, RIM will prep their final moments into their grave.

      RIP RIM

    • TR WEST

      would it be rude to point and laugh at the fired employees on august 13th? would it?? WOULD IT?

    • rim?

      COME!!! Let us dance and rejoice in the death of this canadian Crappa crappa



      BB 10 HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • ag

    Very, very sad for those workers 🙁

  • cody

    Rim still has employees to fire?

  • Dean

    RIM downsizing but QNX in Ottawa is hiring.

  • TouchMyBox

    Looks like RIM is on life-support until either BB10 comes out and beats the odds with success, or until they start slapping Android on their devices.

    • metoo

      Why would they go with Android? That is killing everyone using the platform except for Samsung. Quickest way to lose money in the wireless industry is to use Android.

  • Jo

    This is not right, CEO just increase his wages, and then he fire 3000 people? If he really want to help RIM, he should take $1 and give the rest back to RIM and save all these jobs.

    • RIM is dead, dead, dead

      Heins needs to make sure that RIM has the $20 million to pay him off when they fire him.

  • trolling187

    lol rim

  • kardi

    My gosh. The families of these people.

    I cannot say anything that hasn’t already been said about RIM.

    It’s just pathetic & sad all at the same time.

  • Big Ang

    This is not good or bad, it’s just what happens during a transition.

    Like a previous poster said, RIM is hiring people in their QNX office.

    Obviously work on BB 7 is coming to a close, and they have already been hiring for BB 10, so there is bound to be some overlap.

    RIM had too many employees anyway. I mean, look at how many Blackberries they design every year, but most of them are practically the same freakin’ phone! You don’t need to make 5-10 new Curves every year! Apple is successful with ONE new phone per year. Obviously making 10 slightly different versions of the same phone is a waste of time and money.

    • Insider

      RIM has to replace the QNX employees who can’t stand working for them. The toxic RIM management style doesn’t work.

      Even the founder of The Astonishing Tribe just quit RIM: he stated he would have quit even if he liked them.

  • Name Withheld

    I hold one of the upper-middle positions wirh RIM, and my paycheck is quite generous. It pains me to see the lower ranks beeing weeded out, but as long as it does not affect my personal bottom line, I would rather see THEM go, than me.

    Anyone in my position would feel exactly the same way. Don’t even begin to pretend that you would care about lower-level subordinates more than about your own well-being.

    • Anonymous

      I’m bottom rung at RIM and I don’t blame you personally. I’d be the same in your shoes. Heck, I don’t support the company either. I love my android device and warn all my family and friends away from our stuff. At this point its a job, and if I get laid off Canada has its second career program and I can go back to school and if I’m lucky Google’s new office might hire me.

    • OgtheDim

      So….how’s that job at MacD’s going NW? I see you didnt’ get into the dance commercial…

      BTW, you should lay off the fake “see this is how the upper management types think” impersonations. You don’t have the experience to get the phrasing of that crowd right.

    • metoo

      You’re a liar and know nothing about what is going on at RIM. When these 5000 were first acknowledged a few weeks ago, the first batch that went included VPs and senior VPs. Don’t post unless you know anything about the topic.

    • Jack

      Glad you took a break from flipping that Big Mac to post a fake post here.

    • Close observer

      The only managers fired at RIM were balsillie’s minions: lazaridis kept his lapdogs… like heins.

  • OgtheDim

    Monday is not a bad day to let people go, if you want the teams that are left behind to move on and get something done. Tuesday is probably better. Friday is the worst as it gives teams left the whole weekend to think about what just happened.

    Hard I know, but its what companies have to think about.

    • ruddias

      I really don’t think a day of the week will soften the blow of getting fired.

    • OgtheDim

      ruddias, I’m talking about the teams left.

      No day is a good day to be fired.

  • nick

    It is sad to see RIM fall so far…. they really are great devices. RIM is just to slow to the table with their BB10 devices and with lay offs what seems like every few months… i have to wonder is this finnaly the end?

    • Close observer

      RIM has fallen exactly because their “devices”, as RIM managers like to call them, have not kept pace with the industry: they are sub-standard, hence nobody buys them.

  • Carl Supermann®

    Name Withheld, you need to be let go – and soon.

  • Informer

    Glad to see Rim trimming the fat.
    Putting the brakes on the gravy train.
    Cutting the waste.
    Relieving the bloat.
    Passing the gas.
    Clearing the decks.
    Voiding the bladder.
    Expelling the rectum.
    Hopefully it will come back as a lean machine.

  • mike

    Wow. C’mon Rim.

  • kardi

    We need to disregard Name Withheld’s comment.

    He/she is just trying to get a rise out of us by spewing something idiotic.

    • Jamie Chung

      He is right, though. If it came down to you, and some guy in the next cubicle, would you willingly volunteer yourself to be fired, just so the other guy could “put food on his table” for a little bit longer? What about Your table, and Your food?

      Some people are quick to thumb comments down, if those comments make them feel “uncomfortable”, yet thay fail to take a second to actually think about what is being said…

    • OgtheDim

      JC, where NW is wrong in his attempt to skew this as upper management messing with lower. That is foolish.

      Anybody who has seen this sort of thing before knows that middle to upper management goes pretty quickly, before most working teams.

    • metoo

      @Jamie Chung the problem isn’t so much with what he said, it is that he was lying. Read his post and the way he writes. He is not a senior anything at RIM. I would guess he pumps gas.

      I know people that were let go at RIM. The cuts are hitting ALL levels and ALL departments (except BB10 software and hardware). Yes there are fewer managers going, but that is only because there are fewer managers. If I have to guess, in terms of ratio of staff to managers being impacted, a higher percentage of managers are taking a hit. As people are let go and depts are closed and merged, the need for managers shrinks even faster.

    • Inside RIM

      Most RIM managers have never produced anything except the perception of being productive in an effort to keep huge salaries. None of them have ever cared for employees’ well-being.

      They can all go to hell.

  • Nick M

    If I were still there I’d be calling in. Sick. That day

  • Nick M

    If I were still there I’d be calling in sick that day

  • kroms

    Is this surprising ? Really ?


  • techbrett

    Its important to note that these 3000 are just the last of the 5000 that were previously announced.

  • BB

    i hope these guys posting rip get there own taste one of these days….and i hope someone is there to kick them well they are down. I would like to say people that wish and laugh about this type of stuff are those trust fund babies without a care in the world!

  • bulletwithbatwings

    RIM let Canada down.

    • BB

      hey bulletwithbatwings what a bad time for such a stupid name! Rim didn’t let Canada down, Canadians gave up. At least in America when a company is starting to go down the government bails them out or people support there product. You think apple is as big as it is because of the rest of the world buying the products??? When RIM starts going down Canadians buy samsung or apple.

  • People suck

    You people suck, this isn’t about wether Apple is better then RIM, it is about 3000 people loosing their jobs. About a community loosing their jobs. Before you start the party because RIM is dying, think about what happened to Flint, MI when GM moved jobs from there. This goes way deeped then just 3000 jobs, once you count all the spin off jobs that will be lost.

  • Lyndon

    R.I.P. Name Withheld. You’re next on the chopping block hopefully. Your pompous comment and obvious disregard for your fellow employees is disturbing, and because of that I hope your days are numbered now. I don’t buy BB devices, but I am Canadian. To see a once dominant phone manufacturer fall due to changing times and poor decisions from “middle-to-upper management” is sad. If your so called position at RIM has nothing to do with putting these devices together, or getting them into customers hands, then you are probably part of RIM’s failure. With your attitude and cut-throat mentality towards your co-workers, I doubt you have anything to offer in terms of useful skills that will help save the hand-that-feeds-you.

  • Lyndon

    R.I.P Name Withheld…I hope you are next on the chopping block. You don’t sound like someone who is trying to help save RIM, and since you are in upper management you are probably part of the problem. Unless you are either putting these devices together or helping to get these products into consumers hands, I doubt you have anything useful to contribute to the-hand-that-feeds-you.

  • Omis

    Hey guys thanks for working around the clock and postponing your vacation. We really appreciate your dedication. BTW you are fired.

    • BB

      I don’t think they are letting go of the people who are working overtime…use your brain. They are letting go of the people not working on bb10.

    • Insider

      BB, keep drinking the RIM kool-ade.

      They shut down Global Repair: don’t you think they’ll need that for bb10?

      They have been firing people left and right for the past year in addition to the announced layoffs.

      RIM is done and the management will laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Really?

    Mobilesyrup should survey all the votes and overly optimistic comments for RIM owned IPs.