New iPhone and iPad mini to be announced September 12, come to market September 21?


  • GrindinD

    I’ll be getting the Samsung galaxy note 2 instead

    • RIPPER

      RIP RIM
      Date xxxx – Sep 21,2012

    • Hub

      what brand of pants to you wear to fit the Phablet into the pocket?

    • zanks

      let this date mark the official death of rim

    • John

      @ Hub : I suspect he wears his pants like Kriss Kross…

    • Jer

      Enjoy your huge a*s tablet!

  • BB

    Apple believes launching this 11 months after they released new iphone 4s is smart. Quick question? Do most apple customers buy devices outright, cause no consumer would be able to upgrade from 4 to 5 in 11 months in a contract. All rumors so far are also built on looks of device and small changes to hardware…mobile syrup can you get stats to see how many new iphone users they have a year or if the great sales are existing customers upgrading??????

    • It’s the nature of the business

      They have to push it out as soon as possible, it’s just the nature of the business or else they fall behind… I’d never get an iPhone myself, but I understand teh strategy especially since Samsung and even HTC have already converted some iPhone users to Android they can’t wait too long to release products…

    • Ron

      The 3GS came out 3 years ago. A lot of people got that phone on a 3yr contract. They’re ready to upgrade – the 5 will be a big upgrade for those people.

    • BB

      Thanks for feedback. Now i understand why this might be biggest launch from the feedback. Buy 4s then buy iphone 5 outright, then break one or have it stolen cause its new and buy another. Seems like apple has the consumers willing to spend and do anything to have the slightly new but old model and i cant understand it. We are thinking of changing from Blackberry at work, but I am fighting it. Costs associated with apple products are high…and repairs are not cheap.

    • Rio

      I actually get yearly upgrades 🙂

      But the majority doesnt, that doesnt stop other people from buying them. You have to release a phone atleast once a year in order to stay in the game

    • John z

      @RON. Then i guess you pay 300+ for the upgrade fee + Admin fee & what ever the device price will be so in the end your paying almost the full price each year for a device. What is the point? I understand if ur current device breaks but if it does not? It seems like your spending money on stupid toys if your currect phone works right? You do not need every year a new phone for the hardware..

    • OGOD

      Apple and provider working together now. To get iphone we need to sign 3yrs, and then Apple come up with new models every year make us cancel the contract, then we pay for penalty and upgrade our iphone. DOUBLE WINs for apple and providers, we r double lose. We pay for penalty and sign another stupid contract and pay for new iphone.

    • two thumbs down

      NOBODY CARES ABOUT APPLE RUMOURS. stop posting this trash

    • You fail at thinking

      Last time I checked, Apple didn’t put a gun to your head and say you *HAVE* (as you put it) to buy a new iPhone every year.

      I think you need to check your priorities.

    • drew

      I actually get upgrades every 6 months from Rogers… being a former corporate rep has its perks lol

  • John z

    I would like to know the same. I really doubt there will be many people buying this one as it was when the iPhone 4 came out. Lets face it, it looks the same exact device but taller & a few little changes on the hardware. Yet everyone else bashes RIM / Sony & Samsung about their devices. Shouldn’t these people bash Apple about the same thing as well?

    Anyways BB people max out their credit cards & spend money on a phone rather then paying bills & such. Believe me i have seen & heard stories on how people max out their cards or sell their s**t just to get a iPhone. Also i barely know anyone that will upgrade each year to a new phone UNLESS the phone they have is broken or its breaking.

    In all honesty they are going to release it the same time as last year. I really doubt they will push it to sept & not leave it until OCT.

  • BadApple

    Apple has just decided to play the “Rumour Game” the iphone and Ipad will beging production in 2 weeks and after 5-6 weeks of production they will release the product.
    The sales are/will be so massive that they need to have at least 13millions units in stock to be sold out on the first weekend Eventually matching offer with Demand by late November.

    Make your numbers and the iphone is coming in OCTOBER!!

    But they want to slow down/avoid people from getting the SG3; thse guys really hate each other!!
    I wonder what would happen if Samsung would stop selling screens to Apple??

    -Hopefully byt the time the aphone 4 arrives Samsung retaliates dropping the price of the SG3 a bit more ( I loove competition!)

  • Albert

    @BB No one upgrades like that. Most people getting the iPhone 5 is coming from the 4, not 4S.

  • Sterling

    So iOS6 is the same bloody rehash OS as OS1-OS5… with a few “extra” gimmicks to get people to stand in line like sheep AGAIN!!!


    • Brad F

      Yup, nothing new, ever.

      Just like Android, and Windows Phone, never introducing any new features, just the same thing over and over.

  • Mike

    People in the states (and elsewhere) get the phone on two year contracts… meaning many people would be able to upgrade now, or soon, who got the iPhone 4.

    • Pat

      Most people in the world buy outright. And sell outright, and retain their simcards. N America is not the world…

  • jack

    if the 5 is sold at the same point as the 4s, it really isnt that much of a commitment money wise. you could probably still sell your 4s for like 200-300 dollars. which only really means an extra 400-500 for a new phone in a year. i think most people could afford that if they really wanted to.

    • John z

      If they have the money & are able to spend that much then sure, but to people that just want to show off & spend their money to a phone just to show off is stupid. I was on the busy the day the iPhone 4S came out & i seen around 10 teenagers showing it off. They buy the phone to show off, not to use them as phones.

      Wish we had the states rules here where only 2 year contracts would happen instead of 3.

  • Mike

    No one buys a phone to show it off… they buy it since they want it as Apple has great marketing. Of course if they get it, they’ll be happy and showing it off to their friends, but I sincerely doubt they got the phone in order to show it to others…

    • John z

      Then i guess you have not been in the TTC on the day of launch or the day after. Been on all three launches ( i take the subway & bus to work) & you do not believe how many people sit there ( kids & teenagers) trying to show off to others that they have this brand new toy. I know a few kids that do that & then the next thing they knew, it fell & shattered the glass. They went & bough another phone ( not apple) & never showed off. Moral story tho is that many teenagers by the phone to show off. If you do not believe me then go at the launch whenever it is, & see it for your self.

      Apple isn’t big anymore. They carry the same old IOS & same od design. They need to change it up a bit.

    • jack

      no, people really do just get it to show off. if they say anything different they are really lying. if you think any different, then tell me this, why does someone need an iphone 4s over a 4? shitty reasons like camera and siri dont count.

  • zzZZzz

    The reason why they are pushing it sooner is because they are losing sales to SGS3. A lot of people say that the wait to decide between the 5 and the G3, but some have lost patience.

  • Sir

    People aren’t buying the SIII because they’re tired of waiting for the next iPhone. They’re buying it because iOS has become static, and people are realizing that Android (since ICS and now JB) has more to offer them in a bigger, better package. That iOS hasn’t changed its look very much since the first version tells you a lot. It’s funny to me that when Jobs introduced the iPhone he said the problem with phones that were already out there was that they had buttons that couldn’t change, you were stuck with them. And the industry never questioned him about it. Now iOS doesn’t change, perhaps people are seeing that and are catching the irony of the situation.

  • Samsung seems to be King

    It’s funny but it doesn’t seem like the IPhone 5 is creating as much buzz as teh SGS3 did before coming out..

  • Antonio

    Lol what an ugly phone. Silly apple.

  • Cell Guy

    Will be the biggest launch of the year for phones, whether we like it or not. It won’t have the best specs in the market (probably not the fastest processor, not the biggest screen). What it does have is integration with iPad and iMac (more seemlessly than any other company). It’s a phone built from the software out, making it easy for the “general” consumer. Techy customers will always prefer Android for the ability to customize, but “general” customers want it setup out of the box easy to use.

    • TJ

      It’s sad but true. I worked for Wirelesswave for over a year and for every person I managed to convince to buy an android there would be one that would refuse to be swayed. They would be the “have to have it because all my friends/coworkers do (status symbol)” or they would find android too complicated for what they wanted to do. There is no other OS (barring Windows Phone 7, which I also managed to convince over iPhones) that is as easy to pick up and use. Apple knows many user want the options, but there are many more, the group they market to, that want ease of use and simplicity. That and they know they have a cult following too that will buy every product they pump out.

  • Jer

    If the iphone had a better battery and was AWS compatible I’d jump on it.

  • kroms

    I wonder if they will show the SIRI in action again on this Iphone5 ! Since it DO NOT WORK in Canada !!!

  • Insider

    @Kroms Siri will be available in Canada on the iOS6 update. Most companies now allow cx to upgrade one month in there contract they just have to pay with is left of subsidy on the old device. Granted it is apple that requires customers to sign on 3 year contracts ONLY. Nothing else is avaialble. Only device within Rogers Bell and Telus that does that.