New iPhone and iPad mini to be announced September 12, come to market September 21?

The Apple rumour train keeps on going. Last night we saw what could be the first images of a fully-assembled new iPhone, and the device looks exactly as we’ve been speculating for months. Its 4-inch display makes it slightly longer than previous models, and the new 19-pin dock connector shares the device’s bottom with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to an insider who has proven reliable in the past, Apple will be announcing its new iPhone and the iPad mini at an event on September 12th, with a release date on September 21st, a short 9-day turnaround to market.

Last year the iPhone was announced in early October and came out on October 14th. Apparently the production of this year’s iPhone has gone better/smoother than expected and Apple feels that releasing it only 11 months after the 4S is a good move.

We know that iOS 6 will be released “this fall,” which usually coincides with the emergence of a new iPhone. Considering it has only gone through three beta versions so far, it will take Apple a lot of work to get it ready for late September.

It’s only six weeks away, so get those pocketbooks or snide remarks ready.

Source: iMore