Instapaper for Android sales up 600% post Nexus 7 launch, has still sold under 10,000 copies


  • metoo

    $2.99 is apparently just too much.

  • Jordan Hill

    I’ll stick to flipboard.

    • John

      Clearly you don’t know what Instapaper is…next time do your homework before you comment.

  • Mike

    Pocket is still offering a superior Android app, and it’s free. Add on top of that the fact that Instapaper’s author talks trash about the platform at every opportunity and I don’t see why anyone in the Android community would be excited about this app.

  • Simian

    I rather support something like Pocket that doesn’t come with attached to the BS attitude of the developer.

  • LEKO

    Why pay for InstaPaper when I’m very satisfied with Pocket (Read It Later)?

    What’s Instapaper killer feature?

  • {JPM}

    Bought read it later for 10 cents during teh slae, and now it’s free.

    What’s the point of spending $3 on this?

  • Ryan

    “Created by Mobelux, it didn’t (and still doesn’t) have the polish, the feature set”

    This, right here, is the problem with iOS developers and the Android market. Putting out a half-assed version of your awesome iOS app for Android as an “experiment” to see if it’s worth pursuing is a self defeating project. People aren’t going to buy it if you make it a piece of crap. I mean, duh.

  • RiverCitySlim

    If they put any effort into their app maybe I would buy it. until then I will stick with Pocket (Read It Later) which is a great app.