10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook surfaces online


  • steve o

    dont worry rim even the prettiest flowers grow in the biggest pile of S***

    • Starks

      From a small piece of poop to a big piece of poop. Nice

    • JimmyV

      Did someone put a bullet hole in the 7 inch version in pic? Lmao

  • Stefan

    So do magic Mushrooms.. whats your point?

  • Dan S

    I want one!

  • BB

    i have a playbook and can’t understand why everyone thinks is crap? I can use playbook with phone as remote, it surfs the web just like any device out there, has apps, enabled with cool citrix features, can add keyboard and use excel, powerpoint, word. It has front and back camera and great resolution. Perfect size to carry around can send bbm, email and have maps. Anyone?? other then how long it takes to start, but I can do other stuff in 5 minutes, or just don’t let it die.

    • Dewey

      There’s the crux, it takes 5 minutes to start. Why would an end user want to wait that long for a mobile device.

      At the enterprise level there is no need to buy into BES when you have widely available and entrenched MDM and MAM solutions out there.

      Citrix is the perfect example.

    • hoo dat

      Agreed. My PlayBook is not a toy and has proven to be an excellent work tool. The phone as remote feature may seem like a gimmick to many but it has proven to be one of my most well used apps. I make PDF and/or video presentations almost once a week and having just a phone, a tablet and a micro projector is a simpler and easier set up, especially with the amount of travelling I do. Back at the hotel just hook up the PlayBook to the TV and watch movies using your phone as a full function remote. It also enables you to create documents or emails on the larger screen too, allowing me to use the prefered physical keyboard of my phone.

    • BB

      I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes for the initial start up as long as the device works great. If a device starts in 30 seconds but can’t handle its day to day tasks its just as bad. plus how often do you really need to reboot this thing??? once a month?

    • je

      I don’t really understand why people keep complaining about start-up time. How often do you restart your tablet??? I do it maybe once a month or less.

  • BB

    This could be a great move for blackberry especially with enterprise consumers who have to do alot of work. If you add keyboard it could almost be like having a pc on the road.

  • ag

    Yay! I love seeing companies putting a much higher mAH battery!

  • Jason

    They should have done this when the Playbook first came out and made 5″, 7″, and 10″ options as that is what people want!

  • BB King

    Having owned a smartphone and tablet from all major vendors, I can honestly say that the Playbook is one of the most under rated devices on the market.

    The incredibly long start up time is annoying to say the least.

    My advice to RIM is this…..

    – Get start up time under 30 seconds
    – Upgrade the rear facing camera to 12mp and front facing to 5mp
    – Shrink the size of the bezel to maximize the screen size!

    • BB

      great points BB king. i also believe people underate this device. The os is smooth and I can only see it getting better with time not that I have any real issues yet. I also agree with the remote as an amazing feature. I use a wall mount with the playbook as a mini tv and stereo with the blackberry music gateway and its great. Also rent movies and use hdmi to connect to bigger screen if needed. The guys hating can you tell us why it is not great. Just want feedback.

    • Studystand

      Your advice is pretty horrible and you should feel bad.

      1. Boot times shouldn’t be anywhere near priority
      2. A camera doesn’t make or break a tablet (just look at the Nexus 7)
      3. They need a larger bezel for their gestures..

  • Albert

    My biggest problem is the browser. OS 2.0 improved it a lot, but it’s still buggy. Having the browser open with multiple tabs and videos running almost always crashes it. And the boot time doesn’t help at all. Large PDF files freezes Abobe Reader too. If you don’t own a BlackBerry, it’s much too limited as well. Great device to be paired with a BlackBerry phone though.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I don’t understand why they would make a widescreen 7 inch tablet and a 4:3 10 inch tablet. 4:3 is old and horrible and even if Apple is run by losers who thought reintroducing this format was wise, it should not be imitated.

    • KM

      I actually think 4:3 is perfect for a tablet, especially one intended for use in business. An 8.5×11″ PDF or Word document fits that aspect ratio without lost screen real estate or the need to pinch and zoom.

      It also leaves more room for the onscreen keyboard in landscape mode, and it makes portrait mode usable (portrait mode web surfing on 16:9 tablets is awkward).



  • sunvv

    RIM, please release it in 2022 Q4 at price of $999, can’t wait for it.

    in the meantime, R.I.P.

    • 2dfx

      So you’re implying RIM will still be in business in 2022?

      Sweet! Thanks for the confidence boost 🙂

  • good_fellow

    sold mine few days ago…very happy i got rid of this hmm “tablet”. not being able to use basic features of a tablet due to software limitations is a shame. was really hoping to get BB10 update and was ready to wait – but after their announcement of data change decided to sell it. glad i was able to sell it for decent money though

    • hoo dat

      Explain “software limitations”. I use mine daily, it’s become my go to device essentially replacing my laptop, and have not once run into issues regarding “software limitations”. Completed editing a video presentation last night and the software I used has as much function as Sony Vegas Pro 11 does on my laptop.

  • Hardened

    PlayBook 4G 2 band LTE 4/17 along with HSDPA+
    Original Launch date was Today on Rogers; yet due to Rogers contract issues delayed until next week. This will use a MicroSIM located just outside of existing MicroUSB+FastCharging+MicroHDMI ports; nice location really.

    PlayBook 10″ will be an LTE/HSDPA+ device much like next weeks 7″ 32GB model mentioned above, yet will launch late Q1 2013 – 6months from PlayBooks LTE 7″ unit.