Bell and Virgin BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Curve 9380 updated to OS


  • Benz


    • scrooge

      There’s been a link to download the update from the Telus site for quite a while. Do your research fool.

  • Costa84

    No updates found, hmmm.

  • wiley

    No word on the 9790 though! A Curve before a Bold Line up phone, thats insane…….

  • A4a6


  • al Mcd

    Not showing up ont he rim hosted carrier site yet either.

  • pots

    Did update for my rogers phone on the blackberry sight nice changes to how the screen and app display

  • Gary

    Interesting as to where this info comes from as no update at Bell Blackberry software download site, via Blackberry Desktop or via OTA. I was excited about better battery life.

  • Mr Roboto

    Bold 9900 updated to that version in March…something’s not right.

  • Costa84

    Actually, I am performing the update now through the Blackberry Desktop Software! OTA is NA, apparently.