Bell simplifies consumer rate plans: Voice & Data, Voice & Data Lite and Voice plans


  • Schtiven

    For someone who s not gonna use a lot of data, the Voice & Data lite is not bad.. add caller id and/or voicemail and you can get a nice phone like a Samsung galaxy S3

    • TomatoGuy

      I’m pretty sure Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t be used with Voice&Data Lite plans.

    • David Geller

      You need at least 1 gb to get the galaxy s3. ($63 per month)

    • Brain

      Where is the $40 DATA ONLY, where we can use Skype and Dell Voice, Google Voice (when available in CAD) etc,
      And use Whatsap to text all over the world??

      No mention of Voice MAil and CID??

      Pretty obvious that they are pushing up the ARPU to $63

    • Brain

      “Simplify” plans or increase in price??

      Where is the Voice Mail and CID??

  • HerpDerp

    If by ‘simplify’ you mean ‘make very shitty’
    $53 plan includes 500 MB of data

    • Tom

      Exactly. This is what ‘simplify’ would really look like:

      – Every GB of data use is $5/month (so $30 is 6GB, as is now normal). No more trying to guess how much data you will use – just a simple sliding scale.

      – No more roaming packages, just simple good rates like WIND and mobilicity. Why should you have to call them and figure out how much you will use on your trip before you go?

      And there are many other ways they could really simplify things.

    • MG

      “Bell, my wallet just got thinnER”

  • robbedbybell

    Wow, way to rob the customers.

    • senrap

      Someone has to pay for the Olympics…

  • Braumin

    Simplified, but terrible?

    I have Telus, and for $50 (at least in my province and depending on promos) you get 200 anytime minutes, unlimited E&W (starting at 5pm), unlimited texting including picture and video, 10 nationwide numbers, and 1 GB of data.

    Why do people even use Bell?

    My wife uses the above plan, and I bumped my plan to the 5GB plan for $55.

    Seriously, I don’t get it. Why would Bell even release such a set of plans?

    • Crunchier

      Telus plan in Quebec is $70 for 500mb of data!

  • Radar

    Not sure if these plans are simple to understand 🙂

  • Huh

    These companies to stop with all of this given up an unlimited plan for voice and come up with better data addons and call it a day.

  • crunch204

    @Braumin you must live in Sask. Those plans aren’t available everywhere

  • Rob

    I love stories like these when rates are adjusted. Why do people still pay for minutes in a plan. I understand for ‘pay-as-you-go’, but why would I pay $27 (minimum) for 150 minutes.

    People may crap all over the new entrants, but I enjoy my unlimited talk, text and data. Too bad it is not the standard in teh country, it really should be.

  • Peters~

    Listen, I have $25 unlimited voice and data at Mobilicity. I’v had no concerns for the past yr. My friend pay $100/month for their phon bills. Next.

    Simple is better.

    • Ron Mexico

      Good for you, on a network with 5 home “zones”. You’re definitely getting what you pay for.

  • ingeniumed

    how is this simple in any way? Wind has two plans:$25 and $40 with a few add ons available. Thats simple.

  • HerpDerp

    Why does this blog post press releases anyway? Why not at least compare it to the existing plans? Because these are substantially worse?

  • Joemac80

    IMO WINDS service and pricing is better than anything the incumbents have offered. Keep in mind that I would rather save money then have LTE.

  • adrian

    these plans suck. i get unlimited global text, unlimited data, unlimted north american calling, call display, voice mail, 3 way calling all for $45 after tax

    • Ron Mexico

      On a limited network with crap data speeds

  • mmathieum

    Doesn’t look simplified to me.

    How about only 2 consumers plans:
    – voice & text unlimited for non-smartphone users (25$ +tx)
    – voice & text & data unlimited for smartphone users (50$ +tx)

    There, I fix it! 😛

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    How is that simplified? It’s the exact same bull s**t they’ve been selling for years!

  • Ron Mexico

    Still no Caller ID or VM included? Shameful in this day and age in the mobile industry. Pathetic really.

  • OgtheDim

    You know, if you’re going to basically publish a press release, the least you could do Mobile Syrup is put in a tag like “So, what do you think? Is this simplified or not?”

  • Huh

    Koodo unlimited 35 with caller id and vm +$5 for text and the $5 for data flex goes up to 30 for 3 gigs …. Works good for my wife ESP when your not really heavy on the data and when you are it’s 70 average is like 50 -55 a month and even have to go with one of new guys with a broken network

  • Huh

    *and don’t have to go with one of the new companies.

  • shaker

    I laugh at those BELL simplified rip offs. $40 WIND all you can eat and tethering! Nice new phones without blotware too.

  • KisD

    This is garbage! I get unlimited Talk & Text & Data for $0!
    What an outrage!

  • Business

    This is what I have with bell…
    Unlimited incoming
    Unlimited Canadian long distance
    Unlimited talk, text, pic/vid
    550 anytime mins
    6GB data
    Voice mail / caller I’d / call waiting

    My wife has the exact same plan and we can share data and minutes.

    You know what I pay…. 70 per month per phone.

    Wtf Bell… Your new plans suck!

  • Al

    Long way to go until plans in Canada are anything close to “simple”

    If they want to get closer to what “simple” looks like go with something a bit more like they do in the United Kingdom.

    36 month contracts? Banned by law.
    Voicemail, caller id. Standard on every phone, either pre-pay or contract.
    Long distance? The UK is classed as “local”. Charges like that disappeared decades ago.

  • Wil

    You would think newer plans would include more stuff for less money, as has been the genral trend in mobile business. Nope. I’m on the NS $50 300min voice and data, which has now been changed to $53 200min voice and data. I can’t even figure out why they’re doing this, since Eastlink and Wind are going live in Halifax in a few months, and they’re going to have much better offerings than Bell.

  • StanLee

    Holly crap that’s expensive!

  • Informer

    Just when I thought Bell’s pricing couldn’t get more stupid, convoluted, and out of touch with user needs, they come out with this!

  • Len

    This is all good but where is the plans that go other other way with data.. data heavy or even the pipe dream of unlimited. I myself am a very heavy data user, around 15 gig if I don’t hold back… sadly, most months I have to watch myself as they don’t sell plans for people like me.

  • Migzy

    Apparently these rate plans are only for certain provinces as SK for instance has totally different plans.

  • wewewi

    I pay 39$ for Unlimited Data, Texts, etc.. CID+VM.. and 200min Canada-wide..

    Thank you Petro-Canada Mobility!!!

  • Josh

    Bell indeed discovered a very “simple” way to empty their customers’ wallets!

  • Vortoozo

    These plans actually work quite well for me. I was on Preferred 30 plus a bunch of extras, and by switching to the $32 voice plan, I’m getting quite a bit more for an extra $2 – Mobile TV, fab 5 & voicemail to text. Not a bad deal at all IMHO. The only downside is higher long distance and overage costs, but I’m pretty insulated against those with my other features.

  • arcsvibe

    Wow pretty sad prices if you ask me….I guess the shareholders have spoken lol!

  • steve

    HMP saved my life… possibly over $800 a year at least.

  • 4353245

    It’s pretty simple…. Bell needs these “simple” consumer plans so they can justify using the word “promotional” on their good plans.

  • Vbc

    Everyone wants something for nothing. Instead of complaining, do your research. With ever expanding technologies, come added costs. 4g is more than twice as fast as 3g, and they don’t charge twice as much.. Not to mention phones being more expensive which companies like bell buy, and sell at a loss. Get a grip.