Rogers and Fido release the HTC Desire C, available in Red and White


  • jaylen

    On sale currently for $30 on 2/3 yr term!

  • Rich

    Ah my old friend HTC… how far you have fallen.

  • Big 3

    at least Fido is the only one who offers smartphones with a good subsidy on a 2 year contract and you can choose the $15 plan(doesnt need a min $50 plan)

  • Thomas

    Sasktel has the Desire C at $99 no contract.

  • James Collins-Rogers Rep

    @ Rogers
    $0.01 2yr with Voice and Data, minimum $40/month
    @29.99 2yr with Voice only. No minimum plan

    Most importantly, no 3yr term!

  • Daniel Prancer

    The phone is actually not red, it’s black like the one from Virgin. But for some reason HTC decided to make the inside of the phone red (when you remove the back cover)..the actual only red on the phone when the cover is on is the ring around the camera.

    • Galaxy Blob

      It is red. Rogers has an all red version, and one with a white back and silver bezel.

    • Max

      Mr. Blob is correct. We got a dummy model of the red one in store, the whole back cover is bright, Canadian flag red.

  • Matt

    Any idea if this is locked? SaskTel has it for $99 outright. I’m wondering if I can order it from them (I’m in Ontario) and stick my SIM in it. I had a smartphone accident a few weeks back.. 🙂