Apple Q3 2012 Results: 26 million iPhones and 17 million iPads sold, $35 billion in revenue


  • Jimmy

    Bunch of iSheeps.

    • Ravinder Surpindermeshcalinjeet

      Apple missed the street – RUN PANIC!!!!!


    • Fireman Sam

      steve jobs must be rolling in circles!!!

      go rim go!
      go canada go!
      go ontario go!

    • 1234APPLE

      because of the stupid people who buy the iphone+ipad for $650++ and its only costs apple less then $200

      why —– ohhh its have an apple logo on the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rio

      There this thing called R&D cost. Not all companies copy

    • Richard

      Someone has to pay for all the legal fees. With Apple spending all of its R&D money in the courtrooms, trying to stifle competition, instead of on actual products.

    • Rafael

      You’re welcome. Be thankful Apple started all this with the iPhone & iPad. Where would Google/android and Samsung be today.

      You don’t have to like Apple but please Respect what they did!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    ‘record sales’, ‘% increases over past quarter’
    its nothing new for us at Apple

    cant stop the apple success train, coming at ya!!



    • BB

      Says the sales guy who doesn’t even have to sell the product because the marketing team is doing his work.

    • Thorsten Heins

      We are coming for APPLE with BB10. it’s coming next year!

    • Me Ted

      I guess min wage and a blue t-shirt are reasons to celebrate? Weird.

  • Hilman

    Stock is down over $30 (5%) in after hour trading, looks like they sold 9 million less iPhones than estimated. The queston is, are those people waiting for the iP5 or did they jump ship to Android???? I am guessing the latter.

  • kenypowa

    Apple misses analysts’ expectation for the q2 earning, and barely beats its own guidance. Not a blowout quarter like before.

  • Michael

    Steve Jobs is smiling down at his baby!

  • Vinketesh Superminder

    samsung is dead

  • Ron Mexico

    Not baaaaad numbers, that’s a lot of sheep.

  • Threecube

    Imagine counting that many sheep in your sleep.

  • Informer

    Just wait till iPhone 5 comes out! Profits will double and rimm won’t stand a chance. IPhone 5 is the Jesus phone!

  • jellmoo

    Okay, I get that there is a fairly large Android slant here, but do we really need to call people stupid or iSheep? This is getting ridiculous…

    Apple sold a boatlaod of devices but still missed their target, which is probably a mild cause for concern in regards to keeping people interested in their somewhat legacy products. I’m curious as to whether we will see them transition from their yearly product refresh because if it.

  • idonkey

    “revenues of $35 billion”

    Is that before or after Apple have to paid all other companies for royalty? (Patent infringement)

    • Dukey

      FYI Revenues are the income. So it doesn’t include expenses. Next time, you will know.

  • rob

    How come people who buy apple stuff are sheeps, but people who buy androids aren’t?

    People with iphones are happy. People with androids pretend to be happy while they deal with countless problems

  • uhoh

    so they sold 30% less iphones than last quarter. that didnt happen in 2011 or 2010.

  • Tomatoes

    Damn Apple is balling which means that I have to put up with their lawsuits and their stupid fans for at least a century. Argh!!!

  • mAc-warrior

    Ignorant comments abound around here. Nothing new.

    Apple didn’t miss any target at all. They provided guidance for this quarter at their last earnings call and beat it. Did they beat it by 50% like they have been doing? No, but no company can keep up beating their quarterly guidance by 50% every quarter. While it makes for nice headlines, it is not good business.

    The analysts really have no concrete data to go by when making predictions, so nobody should really be assessing Apple’s performance (or any other company’s, for that matter!) by the street.


  • metoo

    I love how all the fantard highschool drop outs come in with “it’s because of the iSheep”. It’s like they actually think they know why Apple is the most successful company in the world. Here’s a hint: you are clueless.

    • Ron Mexico

      Enjoy your iPhone 4GS with patented 4″ screen, another first from Apple

      If anyone here is clueless…

    • metoo

      …it would be our dear poor Ron..,

    • BB

      i might be clueless but we all know why apple is the most successful and its marketing….not OS…not quality and not because it is the best. Apple is great, but I think you know as well as anyone trends sell more then quality. Are lulu lemons the best made pants…???? probably not, but they make the most because of how they make people look. And again, education has nothing to do with what phones people purchase. Some people don’t feel the need to have a porsche just because they have the money. They are happy with there minivan.

    • caribouroader

      True BB…I have always maintained that if anyone could find a way of marketing excrement it would be Apple (some may say they already are!).

    • Ron Mexico

      This coming from a guy whose best is to call everyone “fantards”, did you come up with that all by yourself with your University degree?

  • Sip

    This was bound to happen. The worrying thing is whether the iPhone sales slump continues.

    Most companies come up with 1 good idea, change an industry and make money but without vision they often fall by the way side. As Apple’s visionary in chief is no longer with us. It’s a valid question whether the company can continue to dominate.

    Personally, I think once the smart phone market matures we’ll see Apple becoming more and more like itself in the PC/laptop business: high end and niche. The nexus 7 already shows what a bottom line device can do in the market place. And considering that Apple makes it’s money from hardware sales and little from software or content at the moment. It isn’t a good thing for Apple if more and more low cost but well designed devices hit the market place. A race to the $bottom$ will be much more worse for Apple than Google.

    • KC

      You’re right they make nothing off of iOS as they don’t license it. Content however is a huge cash cow for Apple and content is what has always made them the major player they are since the original iPod. It’s iTunes, The App Store (Apple takes a 30% cut of ever sale), and iBooks that keep Apple at the top. Without the content the iPhone would be a memory.

      But I do agree that as Google Play Grows and if RIM can figure out what the hell an ecosystem is, then Apple does stand to become more of a niche player long term and I do see the sales slide continuing as the iPhone next and iOS 6 do not look all that amazing.

  • TimCook

    $8.8 billion profit is still a hugely successful Q2 for any company. If I’m not mistaken, Samsung posted a Q2 profit this year of $5.9 billion (including international sales of the S3, iPhone parts, TVs, microwaves and appliances).

  • TK C.

    number says all…