Bell to live stream the 2012 Olympic Games to your mobile, plus launch “Make it Epic” app for Android and iOS


  • Mark

    let me guess, Bell cell phones only? Vertical Integration FTW! sigh…

    • Harold

      can i stream on legacy devices like bold 9900?

    • k

      Yes, because CTV is owned by Bell.

  • Keith

    It’s ironic ending this article with “Go Canada” when Bell chose to ignore RIM when choosing which platforms to support.

    • Tim

      If RIM had kept pace with the rest of the market they wouldn’t be ignored. Why should Bell have to support a dated product simply because it’s Canadian?

  • Tom

    So this is it? They are being allowed to use their control of content to keep people using their cell service?

    I thought that when Bell bought Astral the regulators said they wouldn’t allow this?

    There is no way the U.S. would allow this sort of anti-competitive tieing.

  • Mirror V

    Where do I sign up for their gouging sessions!?

  • Jon

    Bell sucks, the olympics suck and I have a slingbox so who cares? 😛

  • Superbeard

    Ridiculous. Ten hours sounds like a lot, but it’s really not much. Then it’s $1 per hour past that. Why not just catch it all on CTV for free?

  • Jamie

    Wow and what’s wrong with giving Canadian’s free access via Wifi? Even if it was $5 for 10 hours on mobile data with free unlimited wifi.

    Bell has bandwidth issues my a*s… This is a joke they have an infrastructure that can handle so much more even more so they can still allow wifi access to offload from there equipment but no. Money, Money, Money…

    Such a shame the technology we have today but how restricted it is due to large monopolizing companies still taking advantage of the later generations. Give it 10-20 years when they die off and the big three are left with a technology intelligent and capable society to challenge them. Bell isn’t alone.

  • haxor99

    Just a bell gimmick to gain more customers. If I actually cared about the olympics I might be a bit jealous…

  • Vengefulspirit99

    People accusing of Bell being greedy and such need to stfu. Bell is a business not some charity. They are here to make money while providing cellphone access. They don’t exist to give you everything you want for minimal profit. Anyone who votes down needs to take a business course. If you want the most out of your dollar, go with wind or public mobile. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.


      in that same business course, you should have learned Monopoly = Market Failure
      but let me guess you cheated off of your classmates to pass the course

    • ExcessDan

      Their mobile TV is a gouging service. For something like the olympics, they’d make money by offering their programming sponsors a wider audience to see their ads via mobile streaming.

  • Tom

    Actually, if someone studied business or economics they would learn that capitalist society’s are suppose to have measures in place to promote competition and prevent abuses. Bell & Rogers are difficult to analyse properly in a business course because they shouldn’t be allowed to function as they do.

  • Jordan

    This is definitely in the Olympic spirit of greed, corporate branding, and aggressively defending your monetary interests. I wouldn’t expect anything less!

  • Informer

    I would consider this if I could attach my Atrix to a big screen HDTV and watch it on there but I don’t think it is possible even though the Atrix has has hdmi output. I don’t think it’s possible on any bell smartphone even though they all have hdmi out. Has anyone tried?


    No if only they’d stop advertising on their own channels every other ad. I’m watching Discovery/Space, do you think I really care about the new hit show on Much?

  • stephan john

    I never win any contests but this one is worth a shot..

  • stephan john

    I never win any contests so i dont even bother, but this one is worth a shot..