BlackBerry PlayBook has 19% of the Canadian tablet market share, iPad drops to 56%


  • Ryan M

    It’s no 90% of a year ago, but having a majority against hundreds of others is nothing to complain about.

    • RIM6

      RIMM stock at $6.99 and Market Cap 3.65B.

      At this rate they will be in the mid- low $6s by the end of the month, dropping this fast why would anybody buy RIM when you can wait two months and pay ONE BILLION LESS? or 4 months and pay TWO Billion less, or six months….

      And BB10 is EIGHT Months away! and that is with leaks, Rumours and “Statistics”

      Where is the Global 30% discount on all BB models??
      Where is the Playbook at $99??
      Where is the press release for NO VACATIONS TO ANY employee at RIM until BB10 comes out??
      Where is the sense of urgency?

    • RIM6

      PRice reduction from $400 to $200 and STILL only 20%

      Released in April 2011 and in July 2012 and SILL NO BBM??
      20% sounds too low as market share and
      $200 is TO HIGH now that ou can get a Nexus 7 for $250.

    • Arkspark

      PlayBook may represent 19% but the stock has dropped over 90%.

      RIP RIM.

  • wtf

    19% of Canadians are i****s

  • Thomson

    Canada is such a small market, it hardly matters.

  • RIM6

    “The results are based on a survey of 1,000 Canadian consumers conducted in spring 2012 as part of SRG’s quarterly Digital Life Canada tracking study”

    -A hardly representative/acurate poll don’t you think??

    • Rio

      You need a lesson in Stats 🙂

      Why dont you do a more accurate survey and ask every single canadian

    • hoo dat

      If the same ratio were used in the US that would represent over 10,000 people. The Canadian number is statistically representitive.

  • Dan S

    In my house hold everyone has a PlayBook that’s 4 PlayBooks. I have an iPad and a PlayBook. I take my PlayBook to everywhere with me. Love the size. I hardly use my iPad.

  • Sean

    We have one playbook. For what we paid for it it is great. we use it for some movies, music and news feeds, as well as some apps like imdb and such. When a tablet is cheap you can’t blame it for selling well. Though I do expect the N7 to really impact its market share

    • Adriel Michaud

      That’s gotta be what most people are doing with their Playbooks, because I’m not seeing them using websites. Certainly not at the rates they’re supposed to be at.

  • gurtej08

    Good job MS, why can’t you support a canadian company. An ipad is a glorified ipod touch. And if Apple does come out with a smaller ipad, it would mean your god and saviours, S. Jobbs, was wrong about there being no place for small tablets.

    • OgtheDim

      Are you suggesting mobilesyrup be chearleaders for RIM?

  • hoo dat

    I never see iPads or any other 10″ tablets on the GO train from Burlington to Union. It’s all 7″ tablets. If it’s standing room only there’s just not enough room to use a 10″ tablet comfortably.

  • Mark

    Just sold my iPad because I hardly ever used it. Take my playbook with while I travel because it’s smaller. But truth be told I hardly use it either. I have a laptop at home and I’m on the computer all day at work. Last thing I want to do is sit on a tablet at home as well.

  • Squirrel

    That might be why Apple is coming out with their smaller ipad shortly, to steal back the market – the easier a device is to take with you, the more “essential” it will become.

    I would expect that larger tablets stay at home where the wifi avoids data charges.
    I wonder how the devices break out Wifi vs 3G devices.

  • metoo

    The playbook was sold at a massive loss for much of the year, at one point reaching $99 when purchased through staff. No doubt they created a statistical anomaly for recent sales. Samsung probably isn’t mentioned because their ‘sales’ were mostly the result of giveaways at carriers, Rogers cable, etc. Free isn’t a sale.

    • Big Ang

      @ metoo

      I agree that the vast majority of Samsung tablets in the hands of Canadians is the result of the Robelus give-aways, but that still translates into Samsung tablets being used by Canadians, with those Canadians getting used to using Android, and those Canadians showing their friends their cool new Samsung tablet.

      That Robelus giveaway was a win-win for both the telcos and Samsung. Robelus locks you in for another 3 years, and Canadians know that not every tablet has to be an iPad, they can get a Samsung as well.

  • Edward R.M. Szklar

    I own a 64GB PlayBook and quite like it. However, with the Nexus7 and the forthcoming 7″ iPad supposedly coming out in October the 7″ tablet market is very interesting. My next purchase will be a Nexus7.

  • Thomson

    Hey lots of HP Touchpads were sold last year. Oh wait that’s because they had a fire sale.

    Come on the thing launched without the most basic applications. Only after playbook os 2.0 did they come out and even then they were half baked.

    Applications is the name of the game and playbook hardly has any. A blackberry and a playbook are the perfect combo of half baked products.

  • LC

    I like how when there is a stat that is pro RIM (at least somewhat) everyone jumps on it and criticizes the validity. When there is a stat that shows RIM at a disadvantage (the developer interest one a few days ago for example), everyone takes it as the word of God. To those people: Use your brain and don’t be such damn mindless sheep. Both of the above mentioned are poor excuses for statistical analyses. It’s blatantly obvious that it’s there just to generate headlines, fuel fires, etc.

  • deltatux

    Both of them can’t beat the functionality of my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Love using that device everywhere I go. The dock makes it a great tablet.

  • Nathen

    Lets be hones there the only REASON 19% have the Playbook is because there was nothing better AT THAT TIME and THE Price $99 I believe was the sale at one point .

    Compare that to today $200 for the 16gb Playbook or $250 for the 16GB Nexus 7.
    No one in there right state of MIND will buy an inferior product for $50 difference.
    The Nexus 7 is so much more better product that it’s a great deal at this price bracket.

  • Playbook_Free

    got mine free from RIM. wonder how many of these 1000 got it for free or for 99$

  • gurtej08

    Why does everyone come to bash RIM? Is your life that worthless. Take the study for what it is and discuss that.

  • StanLee

    So from over 90% to 56%. Just wait till Windows 8 tablets are out. The iPad will go down to 5% just like MAC desktops. It’s called competition. Nobody buys MAC unless they have no choice and/or have plenty of $ and are suckers for clever marketing.

  • TJ

    I like PB , but. I won’t be paying $ 200 for it , if there is a fire saleagain for $ 99.99 , I will gladlygrab one and use it all the time 🙂

    Selling it for 100 bucks is a huge loss for RIM , but they won’t have a choice as the NEXUS from Google and the mini Ipad will force RIM to liquidate their remaining PB’s for 100 bucks. Better toclear them off at that price than to have them sitting on store shelves gathering dust 🙂

    • Dave

      Don’t bother, this is a piece of trash.

  • Big Ang

    This stat shows there is a huge market for 7inch devices, separate from the 10inch ones.

    Apple better hurry up with their 7inch iPad.

    And Microsoft? Come on, at least one OEM should want to sell a 7inch Surface-type tablet! Hopefully in time for Xmas.

  • BB

    Tablets to be honest seem to be very similar. Lets be honest…searching the web and movies. Some apps as well. People are going to get bored with this crap as well, and something else will have to replace the short attention spands of us humans.

  • Jin

    it is reality that apple is actually falling behind without Steve Jobs 🙁 Never have I seen a time when apple sales drops are actually falling by the percentages and their products beginning to get consumed by others….

  • fanberry10

    I love my Blackberry Playbook, I do my banking, emails, fb, net…even buy Cineplex movie tickets!

    • RIP

      But you can’t do your BBM because over 16 months later the PB doesn’t have BBM!

  • TheBoze

    I’m sure there are more HP TouchPads out there than Playbooks.

  • Tomatoes

    Looks like Amazon should have hit Canada with the fire or google should have came a bit earlier. They could have had these sales.

  • JaymmerMan

    “But you can’t do your BBM because over 16 months later the PB doesn’t have BBM!”
    sure you can…. if you have a BB Bridged with it.
    you’re forgetting that it was always meant as an accessory to your blackberry, when used as such almost all of its deficiencies disappear.

  • Dave

    This stupid playbook takes 5 minutes just to get start, nothings but all the farts apps, can’t even get any social apps, IM to work. What a ripp off that was. Glad that I finally get rid of this piece of junk for a lost.

  • Hooligan

    Love my pb, use it every day,so much nicer to take with you than an ipad.

  • George Boccanfuso

    Canadians are a bunch of softies, the only reason for the Blackberry climb is that we are trying to save a canadian company. I do not feel we should as Baslie(sp??) is a jerk and how does he meirt $8 million for leaving RIM after running it down. As well you will be buying two Blackberrys in the time one iPad goes bad if it ever does other than new features.

  • eNtity

    I really like my playbook and prefer its usability over android or ipad. Hopefully RIM brings it to Finland officially soon!