BlackBerry PlayBook has 19% of the Canadian tablet market share, iPad drops to 56%

It’s a good thing there’s rumours of a smaller iPad coming to market soon. According to a study by the Solutions Research Group (SRG) the 9.7-inch tablet is losing market share to smaller tablets such as RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook and from Asus and Acer. In SRG’s quarterly Digital Life Canada study they state that Apple’s Canadian tablet Q1 2012 market share is sitting around 56%, a huge drop from the over 80% in Q1 2011.

SRG noted that Canadians are looking to purchase smaller tablets for a few reasons, namely portability and price point. RIM’s PlayBook has captured 19% market share (up 4% from their last report), while tablets from Acer and Asus have 6% and 5%. There was no mention of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab market share percentage.

The report was conducted sometime in the Spring of 2012 of only 1,000 Canadians – another interesting stat revealed that 28% (280 Canadians) take their tablet with them when leaving the house. In addition, those who have a tablet are more likely to install apps that circle around ebooks, magazines, entertainment and games.

Source: SRG