Opus Hotel in Vancouver ditches wired in-room phones for iPhones


  • TestMe

    I will wait for that hotel to ditch the iPhone for an Android phone before staying there.

    • Rio

      LOL are you guys really hating on this?

      The iPhone is MUCH simpler to use than an Android, then the use of iPhones

      The Apps are made just for the iPhone hence they are better quality.

      Besides the entire phone will be lockeddown so you wont be able to do much anyways. It is A LOT easier to lock down an iPhone than an Android.

      Stop being cry baby fandroids and be happy for the convinence.

    • Wil

      If they used Androids, they would be more able to stock them with the latest OS after official support ends. Also repairs would be easier with a macro-SIM slot and removable battery (and an SD slot would also be a plus).
      Though it does make sense to use iPhones.

    • metoo

      Yeah, that’s why you don’t stay there….

    • MajorFail


      “The Apps are made just for the iPhone hence they are better quality.” – Shows your stupidity

      “Besides the entire phone will be lockeddown so you wont be able to do much anyways. It is A LOT easier to lock down an iPhone than an Android.” – Really ? And how is that ?

      If the entire phone is locked down and we wont be able to do much then how is an iPhone better ? You mean as a paper weight ?

    • Rio


      Reread everything you said and think about it for a second.

      Aren’t all Android Apps made for numerous devices ranging in size, specs and resolution?
      Now tell me, if I make one single app to run only on one device would that App not run better, faster and look nicer than if that app was made to run on 30 different devices?
      Comon sense.

      Secondly, is it not easier to ‘root’ an android than it is to Jailbreak an iPhone?

      Did you even think about your comment or just write it in fury? You did not provide a single point to back up your statements. If you going to comment again please back up your claims

    • Hemway

      RIP RIM

    • Sub-Joker

      I agree with Rio. iPhones are easier to control which makes it better for the hotel management. also, it is simpler to use (better since customers who opt for this are probably going to be old rich ppl).
      finally, aren’t iPhones easy to trace and locate in case if they got lost or stolen??? I know there is a service with monthly fee for that but it can be done easier than in Android.

      and no, I am not an apple fan boy. I currently own a GS2. but saying what is real doesn’t hurt.

  • Nightcrawler

    Totally BS decision by Opus…

  • jeorge

    use less

  • Pau1adin

    I’m waiting for the article where someone tries to steal one and gets caught from Apple’s Where’s My Phone feature.

    I’m sure the Hotel makes you put down a deposite to use it.

  • ns.dev

    I assume they have some sort of deal with the carrier and have some sort of API for grabbing the LD data.

  • Nomes

    I don’t know if thats a good idea. Can you imagine someone else walking into the room after you checkout and then be responsible for the cost of the phone.

    reminds me of the news story of a man in Florida that would sneak into hotel rooms of guests after they leave and extend the stay for a couple of weeks.

    • BaconTelevision

      Maybe in the larger hotel chains, but the opus is a boutique hotel that operates on a much smaller scale. I commend them for their idea, but either way, its still cheaper for consumers to get with a pre paid Sim. Although, most of the clients I’ve seen at that hotel don’t seem to be penny pinching, so this idea may work for many of them.I can foresee many other small hotels (Loden hotel, etc) in Vancouver joining in.

    • ns.dev

      They’ll prob have then go in and out at the front desk with the keys. That way they’ll be able to inspect for physical damage before the person leaves, and charge/wipe/sanitize before the next check in.

  • Netguru

    Wait for it….Apple, as we speak, is rushing to patent the use of cell phones in hotels. They will then sue Opus Hotel for infringement of their patent.

  • Kourtney

    I can only imagine the problems that will come with this ‘cool new idea’, theft, broken/damaged phones, people that dont know how to use technology or understand it racking up bills then having to pay for it, seems like more of a headache than anything.

  • Matt

    This isn’t quite accurate. I saw a story about this on the news last night, I live in Vancouver, and all of the hotel rooms still have land lines. At least that’s what the report on CTV said, I can’t find a link to the story unfortunately.

    Still pretty cool just for Google Maps access for visitors if nothing else.

  • SamsungFan

    They should have used SIII. People want to use Galaxy’s not iPhones.

  • 3df

    So I’m guessing if guests leave with the iPhone, they’ll be billed for the cost? What if someone else steals the iPhone while the guests aren’t there? Like maybe an unscrupulous employee?

  • Mike

    I used to work at a Visa call centre. All the hotel charge dispute calls came from people who claimed that “the MAID took the alcohol from the mini bar, not me.”

    I guess now the maids will be stealing the iPhones too.

  • v

    should have went andriod.

  • pasuljko

    Will they also pay for brain cancer treatment resulting from radiation absorbed by sleeping next to the mobile phone?

  • MajorFail

    useless waste of $. an ipad would make more sense. add feature to stream tv to ipad and use that as a remote.

    • metoo

      You realize a) this was to replace the in room phone, so it need to be a phone and b) the already have iPads in the rooms.

      For the same money as the iPhones they could probably have outfitted every room with a Android phone and tablet. Wonder why they didn’t.

  • haxor99

    I agree that there are too many headaches with this service for both the hotel and for the guest.

  • aka

    seeing how LD charges won’t show up until after it’s billed monthly by the carriers, I wonder how they gonna bill the client for short stays? also I wonder if the hotel would be smart and use wifi for the data, or are they billing clients for data overages? But from the second article, it appears they’re saying the hotel hopes guests will use the phones outside the hotel.. not trying to sound like captain obvious, but I’m pretty sure they’re getting a cut on the usage rates..

    I just checked their website, they already have iPad 2 in room..

    • Wil

      I worked for AT&T for a bit. Assuming the systems are similar, LD charges should be accessible within four hours. If not, a speciality app on the phone should be able to report LD usage.

  • sandy

    It’s a boutique hotel and the prices are pretty high. iPhone users will be right at home with the high prices and they will feel at peace since they will be surrounded by Apple products. Smart move by Opus because they know those type of people spend money without much thought.

    • metoo

      Not so much without much thought as much as they have the disposable income to spend it. That does tend to be a more lucrative clientele to target. Just as HTC, LG, SE, Moto, etc how well targeting the other half works for them. Lots of volume, little profit.

  • Wil

    This is probably targeted mostly to Americans who have locked phones (esp. CDMA phones from Verizon and Sprint), people who can’t be bothered to get roaming plans or international SIMs, or people who just don’t have smartphones.

  • iOS

    a lot of trolls/moronic people out today b*tching on the board. here’s a list of people that care about android garbage whilst reading an apple article:


  • metoo

    They could have saved themselves money and gone android. Could probably have found a buy 1 get 12 free promo somewhere. 😉

  • Codfish

    All these android this and that posters, never have stayed in a 4 star or above hotel in their lives. Your whole lives are only about crapping everywhere about how Android must be mentioned regardless of topic.

    • Michael

      @Codfish you are bang on!

  • Henaway

    Surprised they didn’t call Microsoft and try to get them to cough up some free Windows Phone devices. Redmond is pretty close to Vancouver … good way to show off the devices to people who are likely already using iOS/BB/Android.

  • Curtis

    Too bad the iPhone does not yet have NFC. They could have replaced the Room Key and land line with one device.

    At Check In the clerk hands you a phone, and that is then used for accessing the room, Gym, pool, restaurant tabs etc.

    Kind of a cool idea.

  • metoo

    …in other news, the Budget Inn Patricia Hotel announced they would be providing an Android tablet to customers, on an hourly rental basis with the room. Their clientele was delighted.

  • Fruvous

    What would happen if I took the iPhone out and “forgot” to put it back after I checked out?

  • Cell Hell

    Unfortunately to survive in Vancouver you must speak Chinese. The Iphone is formatted for Mandarin.

    All white people must die! You will be assimilated.

  • boojay

    iPhone? Must be a 2 star hotel. A high class hotel like the Wynn & Encore are providing the One X to their guests.

    • metoo

      read the news. Times are tough in Vegas with the crap economy. Guess they are trying to save money. And let’s face it, they know they are safe with the HTC’s because really, who’s going to steal them? LOL

  • new_tradition

    I wonder if people are just given a flat rate for calls, texts and data usage, or if the hotel will offer different plans for the duration of their stay?

  • Bb

    Ijust realized that I am a loser….reading this article and seeing iphone and ipads being put in hotels makes me see where our priorities are. Maybe one of these shot os will help someone do something other then feel cool. Maybe even place a phone call properly

  • Rozario

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