Samsung rumoured to announce the Galaxy Note 2 in August, launch in October


  • Robbers123

    is this a joke ? the samsung galaxy note was released in Jan2012, and another one in same Year ? Oct2012.
    seems to be quickly released just another cash cow for samsung i guess..
    and now ppl who have the Note1 will argue to get the Note2 and won’t be eligible for getting it..!

    • bob

      the note arrived before that in the rest of the world

    • tonka

      sorry but samsung phones are junk, cheap and plastic feel. no thanks. not spending one cent on this garbage.

    • Praetor

      Fast release cycle? Who cares? All the benefits go to the consumer. Don’t want that one? Buy the next one! Win-win. Lose the gadget envy and be satisfied with what you bought, or not, and buy! More consumer choice here isn’t hurting anything.

    • AK

      ^ what he said, to be even more precise, it was introduced in October. Seems like a normal cycle. It is due, especially as the note seems less powerful compared to the latest phones.

      I dunno why anyone would complain about upgrades on short or long cycles. UNLESS you are buying things just for the sake of having somthing with the title of LATEST.
      We all know next month something better will come, there is really no reason to worry about anyhting, just buy what you like and works for you, be content and upgrade when there is a real substantial upgrade or you NEED more power.

    • Pat

      The Note came out in Oct 11

  • EddieWinslow

    I hope the screen doesn’t get too much bigger. The Current Note I find to be the perfect size. If anything just give it a better screen if that is at all possible.

    The current Note still has me debating on switching off my Galaxy 2, more than the S3

    • Dewey

      I love my GNote too, it’s the perfect size for reading on the underground and let’s face it, most people nowadays don’t use their phones for voice calls anymore. Can’t wait for the Note 2!

  • Robbers123

    read what it says under MobileSyrup ;
    MobileNews and reviews for CANADIANS
    i’m talking about Canadian phone releases here

    • Dewey

      That has more to do with Robellus than Samsung. It was released months ahead in the rest of the world.

  • garbage

    more samsung junk being flooded into the market.

  • Kenny

    I got the Canadian Rogers Note on release day, will I get the Note 2 a mere 8 months later?

    Yes. Yes I am. Total glutton.

  • alex

    Ok so an October international release for the Note 2, that means that the LTE North American version will come to ROBELUS in January of 2013.

  • vn33

    It’s laughable to see all these ppl complaining about the quality of Samsung phones without elaborating why they think it is bad. Why don’t you just go and start lining up outside the Apple store like the rest of the iSheeps ?

    • Pat

      …to buy a phone engineered by Samsung…

  • G2

    I have the 1st note and I love it. I bought mine online unlocked and will do the same for the new Note. None of the carrier rubbish, bloat ware and contract trash, esepcially from rubbish carrier like Rogers!

  • Azzo

    Way to early. you can tell this is just another rumor…

  • Henaway

    Just because it’s being released, does NOT mean you are required by law to purchase it! If you feel that you must, then do it and quit complaining. Otherwise, be happy with what you have.

    Just because YOU are 8 months into a contract, doesn’t mean that everyone else is too. For those coming out of a two or three year old phone, this is their reason for upgrading – shiny and new. (and fully awesome) When you’re off your Note 1 contract, the Note 3 or 4 will be out there for you.

  • Beso

    Cant wait I will definatly sp? be getting this phone when it comes out but will probably get the international version! I just hope it will be around $699 tops!

  • SAMB

    Good work Samsung, eat it Apple fan, lets see how big is your screen is!!!!!

  • Knox

    Personally, my first Samsung device an S2 was awesome and led me to grab the Note back in March. If a ‘note 2’ comes along and the specs are good, I might pop for one off-contract and sell what I got.

    The quality on my devices has been good. No complaints.

  • western

    I just want the aws roumer to be true

  • Android4Life

    Waiting for the 10″ Note. That will be the perfect size for a phone.

  • Deli

    I sold my 1st Note for the S3 because the Note got a scratch on it (due to gf mishandling it!). I miss the screen size. Although the case selection on S3 on ebay is absolutely amazing.

    Note 2 will be in my hands.

    BTW, we shouldn’t just look at Canadian launches because that is myopic and makes us look American if we can’t see outside our borders. Note 1 was available at the very end of Oct 2011 – i know cause i was doing F5s on handtec, expansys, etc.

  • Deli

    BTW, why would anyone complain about fast refresh launches? Answer: Because Apple has patented slow launches to release minor upgrades for the mass of sheeps. Samsung doesn’t want to get sued for slow launches.

    • metoo

      Actually Samsung has said they want to learn from Apple in that case and slow down their release cycle.

      Some people just say such ignorant s**t. Must be an Android user 😉

  • EvanK

    So, essentiallly a GS3 with a 5.5″ display? This will be the holy grail for web browsing on a phone.

    Sign me up, please!

  • Deli

    @metoo. good one. when did Samsung say that? I know for sure HTC did.

  • Pat

    I have been using my Note now for 3 months, and love it. It fits in my pockets, and the keyboard is useable. Best sized phone around!