TELUS opens new Business Store in Toronto


  • RealDeal

    Can someone tell me the point of putting a display model of a phone behind plexiglass?

    • bb

      I went to the Rogers store yesterday that they revamped to look like this Telus one. And i think they made it with more seating area and distractions so you don’t get pissed while waiting for an hour to be served. Good idea though.

    • TelusGBSYonge

      RealDeal – an excellent question!

      The devices behind the plexiglass you speak of are indeed just there for display purposes.

      Though not pictured in this photo, we also have an active Live Bar display, which features fully functioning devices that you can go in and test out at any time!

    • Desire

      “..TELUS changes to their policies”

      -Still three yr contracts
      –New rate plans ($5 more and more $ for less services)
      -Phone unlocking ($50 bucks with conditions, vs $20 online)
      -Recycling program you mean the one that doesn’t give you the a min of $50 per phone and that offers you: $75 for a Blackberry 9900 that Telus sells for $630?
      -Roaming rates, you mean the one that STILL CHARGES you for INCOMING SMS in the US??

    • Desire

      The article should have been:
      “Telus opens Business store with dated colours and chairs that allow customers to stare at phones in plexiglass boxes.
      “the future is Friendly”

      is this a picture from 2001??

    • Desire

      This store is a GBS Store, a Dealership for TELUS; (not a corporate store)

      That’s why the “Article” doesn’t make sense: It’s just an “ad” for the store, Oh well Ian has to eat.
      The difference is he wrote the Article and GBS gives Ian $$, We write something and get nothting.

      Great idea to create a new source of revenue Ian!
      I say this sans sarchasm. Good Luck to the chaps at GBS too.

  • jason4

    Wow… that place looks ultra LAME. O well…

  • jaylen

    Duh! Its so that people don’t steal it. 🙂

  • AwesomeMan

    You both must be ugly to put comments like that up

  • BaldGuy

    Lame? is this 1989 because last I checked, the last person to use the term lame was in Back to The Future. You obviously work for Rogers…

  • XER

    Telus is actually getting a lot better compare to Rogers and Bell. Their customer service is OK but the the greatest. Their plans include CID + VM and their sub-brand Koodo is rated the best by JD Powers.

    On the other hand, Rogers is charging you every little thing you do. Government regulatory fee, activiation fees, 30 bogus fee for porting out your number, change their upgerade policy to screw you, renew your contract without telling you and worst customer service in human history.

    Bell is slightly better than Rogers but not a lot.

    • bb

      Telus, Bell, Rogers all the same and it’s not there fault. Its who they hire. Some people are great at what they do and others couldn’t care less. Plus in todays game they have to be nice because they are trying to steal customers from one another. I would love to say one is better then the other, but it also depends on how much your spending. As a consumer all of them are horrible, on a corporate level they are all great!

    • Lan

      It just cannot compete with Wind mobiles plan 40$ unlimited everything! At least WIND and Mobilicity are offering a true service with a true price point to make everyone happy! No I do not work for either of them, I do enjoy the 40$ plan.
      Now if only it included unlimited roaming North America with Data! I can only dream….

  • Thomas

    Umm… what is the address/location of this business store?

    • telusJIM

      Thomas, here is some more information about this new location!

      500 Yonge Street
      Toronto, ON
      M4Y 1Y5

      Phone: (416) 787-8233

  • tech girl 101

    Considering all the fantastic rogers and bell kiosks …er..i mean stores that I’ve seen – this looks fantastic.

  • telusJIM

    Thomas, here is more information about this location.

    500 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON
    M4Y 1Y5

    Phone: (416) 787-8233

  • google

    it’s 500 yonge street! Google is a wonderful thing

  • Jessica

    I was just in this store yesterday. Best customer service I’ve ever gotten at a phone place.

    It’s just like 4 young people running the place, it seems like. Super friendly, super knowledgeable. Looks nicer inside than it does in the picture too.

    By the way, don’t be fooled by the Business signage, it’s a standard retail store, they just have a business centre in the back for all the telemarketing crap.

    • TelusGBSYonge


      Thank you for your kind words about our staff!
      Our managers have worked hard to put together a crew of enthusiastic, energetic customer service and support representatives to provide you an excellent experience.

  • Wahid

    I think it is very well done. Looks very professional & presentable to clients. Great job on the store! I’m sure this will attract more business consumers as this will help them manage their businesses.

  • dylan

    this store provides very poor services. the staff is poorly trained and take an hour on what should take 5 mins to do a task. while being a telus dealership the phones and the plans offered are identical to the ones offered by any other telus store in addition to the gimmick they have of you paying extra for a 3 year warranty.

    • Mark


      Have you even been into this store? I have to agree with Jessica – this location was actually the most helpful and positive experiences I’ve had in my 12 years with Telus.

      A friend of mine just got his business set up by their business team – he said it was the easiest move he ever made! (from Rogers)

  • Matt

    Wow, one of these opens up here in Victoria more than 3 months ago, and it’s only when Toronto, oh wait, I mean the Center of the Universe gets one that there is any coverage on this.

    Slow news day?

  • dylan


    im not inattentively giving comments without having visited the store. i went in to purchase a phone on a 3 year plan. after having to deal with a a separate POS system different from all other telus stores and the slow speed at which the employees function, their equipment (i.e. printers) or information isnt up to date / functioning properly

    • Mark

      I actually don’t believe you. All of your comments are general and vague – what was out of date? what didn’t function properly? I think you’re just out for a troll

  • dylan

    the plans were out of date on the brochures that i was given. the actual ones that were offered, they didnt have on hand.
    the printers didnt function properly, they weren’t connected to the computers from which the whole transaction took place. getting through the whole process of activating a phone through the system took an insane amount of time. would you like more specifics? this may seem like minor details but for a business store its worth mentioning

  • kelly

    Great to see a Maritime Canada Business stretching it’s helpful hand to those of the GTA. Enjoy the East Coast hospitality that GBS brings to all of you! Ps. Telus will be better than any Bell and/or Rogers business plans. Don’t try and use your BB to do any business travel on the east coast if your with Rogers! May as well get a bag phone!

  • Ender

    This looks exactly like their queen west store. I was about to comment that this store has been open for a long time now until I read the address…

  • Christina


    I was there the other day. During the lunch hours the store is quite busy but their employees took the time to greet all the customers. It made my purchase a little slower but I don’t mind because the kids there were so nice. I’ve never been offered coffee before!

  • Mike

    Really seeing TELUS make some progress in Toronto in the last 12 months or so.
    I visited a similar Store that was much bigger over at Queen & Peter right next to Spadina, the store looked pretty cool and they are always well staffed so I did not have to wait long. I wish they were more competitive on Retail Rate Plans, their business rate plans are way more aggressive than consumer. But over all nice to see a company progressing in the rate direction

  • @Eric

    I recently visited the Queen and Peter location as well, really big store. I wish they posted a schedule for their learning Center online. But the guy that was helping me was really knowledgeable, he helped me upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S III. also the store had great selection for accessories which is about time because seems like most stores lack in that department.

    The guy that helped me was Neal or Neil (not sure how he spells his name)

  • Dasilva

    I also recently visited the Queen and Peter location that has been around for awhile. I was extremely impressed with both the location as well as the customer service that the staff provided. All in all I had a great experience with Telus and the guys over at the Queen St location. I highly recommend checking it out.

  • PhoneXpert

    If you’re looking for a great selection of accessories for your Telus device, the Queen St. W store is the place to go! I was really surprised in the variety of accessories for iPhone as well as other devices. As well as the variety of in-ear headsets is amazing, with the Marley brand as well. I will definitely go back to the store to get another case and maybe a bluetooth headset.

    ** Says ‘Business Store’ on the front, but is retail as well!!!