TELUS Q1 2012 results: Adds 63K new customers to bring total wireless subscribers to 7.36 million


  • gmd

    Where did the big 3 find 173000 new customers?

    • CADStar

      When one has coverage everywhere, you can find customers where newbies can’t begin to see.

  • jon

    I would like to see seperate results for koodo and telus.

    • Jennifer Daly

      It would be nice to have split to understand where the numbers are falling between TELUS and Koodo. Unfortunately, they don’t report separately. It’s the same way Rogers doesn’t break out for Fido or Chatr and Bell doesn’t break out for Solo.

      On the analyst calls senior management when answering questions will give a bit of colour to trends and how certain brand segments impact the numbers. But purely from a reporting perspective they keep the split confidential.

  • bill

    They are seperate from results from Koodo.

    • uday

      Where does it show seperate koodo results.

    • CADStar

      It doesn’t show because they’re all combined into the one total. Just like what Rogers does with Fido & Chatr and Bell does with Virgin & Solo…..just like what Jennifer said above (which I just noticed).

  • Bobblehead

    telus has been whalooping rogers the last three quarters on the wireless front. my oh my, is rogers getting an a*s-kicking from both bell and telus.