RIM issues statement on rumours of company splitting into two


  • TheWay2Go@gmail.com

    Surprised they didn’t say:

    “No comments for now, we will release a full statement in the LATTER part of the Week”

    • Harps

      When will rim issue a statement on bb10 release date? Does it even exist?

  • Ryan

    Why is there a picture of iOS in a RIM article?

    • sp

      that is not iOS…

      nice try though

    • Ryan

      And now they changed the picture…

    • Sergio

      Ha ha ha, yes, very soon iOS will be needing to look as beautiful as BB10, with all respect, there’s nothing wow on 6.1

      Jumping from BB7 to BB10 that could be wow and very sexy, will see.

  • TheWay2Go@gmail.com

    The will divide the company in 3 Divisions:

    Harware Division,
    Messanging and Network Division
    Lazaridis division ( He is STILL the Non-Independent Vice Chairman of the Board in RIM)

  • sp

    with this news…i dont see how people here can keep saying RIP to RIM.

    seems like these guys will be here a long time.

    i for one am really excited to see how BB10 is gonna be…may sway back to the BB handsets if this turns out to be as good as the Playbook.

    Go RIM!!! til then go SGS2-3 ^_^

    • Marco

      As good as the playbook?? This device was a big fail, go on eBay and look at the number of people who are trying to sell their playbook lol. Maybe BB10 will be a success, we’ll see.

  • Ronll

    And that’s exactly what we wanted to Hear. They Cant just split all of a sudden..doesn’t really makes sense at this point. Any split will have to Occur later in 2013 after a review is done on the success of BB10.

    But that wont happen cause BB10 will be a great Success
    Hope the best for RIM

    • TheWay2Go@gmail.com

      There won’t be any RIM as we know it in 2013.
      Only network services.

  • Marco

    RIM is under alot of pressure, you can tell.

  • Uranus

    BB10 is not enough to save the ship now. It is too late. They must break up the company and sell off the parts.

  • Andrew

    The anti-RIM astroturfers are annoying.

  • bbb

    can’t believe they were able to comment without a delay. Was really expecting “we been working really hard on bb10 and won’t be able to give any comments are the split rumor until later half of q4 2013, rumors like this happens when a company is too innovating.

  • bb

    bet you apple was sent out to stir up rumors for blackberry to make sure apple doesn’t die off AGAIN!

  • kastortroy

    Is it me or these negative roumours seems to be getting more entranched as BB10 getting closer for release. Breakup Rim just when its about to release qnx around the corner. U can bet thses romours are going to get more vicious, therefore creating more comsumer confusion as qnx gets closer to release. And its all by design people, don’t u guys get it.

    Rim is not in that bad a shape, fincially. They r still cash flow positve. There’s too much @ stake for a lot of industries to just let rim fold like this. Qnx is a very viable product. Ppl keep forgeting PlayBook v 1 is just that. Version 1 of anything has never been 100% secessful. Someone here quoted ” a quote from Steve jobs saying those who luv to do software makes their own hardware. Personally, I think Rim should do both as to minimize fragmentation in the future. Just look @ apple. They have always gone against promting their os to other companies, even during those tough days when they almost went under.

    Rim knows wat it has to do now, and correct its past mistake. They are not a stupid comapny just very late to the game. And they will pull It off. They don’t need to take over the moble market, they just have to come out wit a solid product. that’s it.


  • Omega

    Who are these advisors? I would love to know who they are, what company they’re from and what their intentions are.

    Where will they be after RIM crashes? Seems like they’re either guiding them in for a soft landing or selling false hope.

  • Uranus

    I don’t care what you say rim is dead.

  • Dave

    Nobody cares about BBM anymore get it RIM? Without the good apps like IM, skype, Tango, Magic jack work independently on wifi (NOT on data), forget about BB 10, BB 20 or even God can’t even save them now, stupid RIM.

  • Mr. Bill

    RIM,If we could get away with just making a rotary dial phone, you can bet on it, we would.

  • TM

    Out of the blue for no good reason, would you buy a RIM-branded (Windows) laptop, assuming you can then access your BBM/MMS/SMS and corp email (without extra setup – kinda like what you see on your BB is all automatically integrated to this laptop.