Samsung Galaxy S III shipments start to arrive at Bell stores


  • Battery Eater

    Have BB10 shipments started to arrive at stores?

    Anyone know?

    • James

      … are joking, right?
      Only when BB10 is declared officially outdated is when it will be released.

    • Angel Long

      Will RIM be ok? Anyone?

    • Sandusky

      look at that turd. Get a real phone. Get an iPhone.


      This phone looks sweet! But I am waiting for BB10. BB10 is the future.

  • MIJ

    Only interested if it is unlocked.

    • c

      then get an international one..

  • James

    Indeed I did pre-order. Next Wednesday will be like Christmas.

  • superfly

    Has the blackberry blackberried yet? Cuz if the blackberry gets blackberried in the black then will the berry get blacked in the berryblack? Can’t wait for blackberry blacks and berry to get berried in the black.

    • vn33

      Can’t wait for school to finish, eh ?? lol !

    • Tig3rLilii

      That BEERYTASTIC!!!

      Seriously BB10 is Black berry’s last hope for survival.

      And stop watching the smurfs. I think its Smurfing with you Berry…

  • James Destroleu

    Pacific Mall is selling the units (unlocked; I9300 variations ; quad-core versions) for $500.00-$600.00 (no tax).

    • caribouroader

      Real Units…or counterfeit knock offs? (I would guess the latter!!!)

    • James Destroleu

      @ caribouroader … real units (not knock-off’s), since they register the warranty by inputting the serial number of the phone in front of you, (as with my previous purchases at that mall – I called samsung back to confirm the registration – it’s all legit operations there where I go!)

      I got the 64 gb white unit, & picked up the 128gb SDXC card (Patriot EP Series 128GB SDXC Class 10 @ canada computers for $179.99) for a total of 192gb storage on the phone + 2 yrs of drop-box storage (cloud services) – 50 GB – 242 GB !!!

      Awesome phone, I often visit the xda-developers forum to get the custom ROM, kernals, modems, etc. ; awesome battery life & awesome performance.

    • kingdrift

      I doubt that. 64GB version isn’t even out yet!

    • James Destroleu

      @ kingdrift … 64GB version of the North American (dual-core; 2 GB of RAM) is not out yet, but the 64GB of the quad-core (I9300 series) is already available. I have the phone and I can assure you that I do have the the capacity; but for your own eyes, go to the Pacific Mall, check out the store called “Blue Digital Wireless”, (near the entrance facing North of Kennedy, not near the TD Bank entrance by Steeles, all the way to the otherside)

    • caribouroader

      @James……sounds legit! Can you name the kiosk/store please?

    • kingdrift

      I know about the North American dual core and international quad core. ALL high profile online outlets don’t have 64GB and haven’t heard any news of it being released, yet the little store in your neighborhood IN CANADA has it and international online outlets don’t even know when they will have theirs? Only just today or the past few days that the 32 GB has started to become available.

    • kingdrift

      I will shut my mouth once you show proof.

    • Noah

      Pacific Center in Downtown Vancouver???

      And only $600 for unlocked international version???

    • caribouroader

      Hey Kingdrift, did some online searches as well. 64Gb not available in Australia until July 13, 2012 and shows as TBA for UK release!

    • c

      that’s a ridiculously good deal if true….. (highly doubt it’s real)

    • Edge

      > 128gb SDXC card (Patriot EP Series 128GB SDXC Class 10 @ canada computers for $179.99)

      James, that won’t work in the SGS3, as it only accepts microSD cards.

  • superfly

    Just wanted to show how stupid these bb10 comments are getting. Sorry

    • James

      You wanted to show how stupid they are by providing more comments and perpetuating it?
      Yeah. Good job.

  • Vineet

    iSheep Fans please hide comes the beast

  • Dave

    Save your money people, apple will destroy with iPhone 5

    • nope

      Agreed! I can’t wait for yet another NFC-incapable device!

  • your mom

    Windows 8 will own them all

    • James

      I gave it a thumbs up strictly for the laugh you gave me!
      Thanks bud, makes the Friday go faster.

    • Gort911

      You know it’s funny because it’s Microsoft and they will f it up somehow. But with directx support in the platform the potential for some awesome games to be ported over from the pc or xbox could make it the best mobile platform for games.

  • WC

    Aww come on we’re already delayed so it’s not like the pre-ordered people are getting it “early”. I paid my monies, i can haz?

  • Keith

    Why does it look like a HTC?

  • vengefulspirit99

    Time to empty my wallet

  • Pat

    If you can’t wait, just get a Samsung Note. Almost the same, but bigger and better…

    • OgtheDim

      I don’t knwo…..some of us do this funny thing where we hold up our smartphones to our ear and listen to people while we talk to them.

  • Josh

    I have a pre-order in for a blue unit. I was sad to find out they delayed, the 27th can’t come soon enough!

  • omar

    just release the phone already! i was suppose to get this today!

  • Hound888

    I picked up the 16GB International version at Pacific Mall on the 17th. I went into every store, including the blue wireless and there’s no way they are selling them for $500-$600. The least expensive I found was $730 for the white. I paid $800 for the blue one at Cube Collection.

  • Hound888

    @James Destroleu… and why would they sell these phones for less than retail for what the NA variants are going to sell for? Even the Galaxy Nexus is selling for about $400. Unless you can show proof with a receipt, I call BS.

  • James Destroleu

    I’m just kidding guys… it was a joke chill out…

    • Hound888

      Ok, now the truth comes out. Your posts don’t sound like you were joking, do you even have the phone? You could have wasted a lot of peoples time if they actually went there intending to buy.

  • Scazzz

    “& picked up the 128gb SDXC card”

    Odd, even samsung says it only supports up to 64Gb SDXC…

    • Hound888

      Yes, obviously he is full of it.

    • kingdrift

      I caught that too. Sounded way too far fetched.

  • JK

    james destroleu is a battyboy…tsk tsk

  • 3DoubleD

    I’m sure the 128 GB SDXC cards work in the SGSIII. Those cards work in the ASUS Transformer Prime and it doesn’t even list either card reader as SDXC compatible on their pages, but check the XDA forums, lots of people have them working. ASUS’ official explanation is that they just haven’t been tested, but they work just fine. I’m sure Samsung just hasn’t tested 128 GB cards yet, but likely, they work just fine.

    But ya, otherwise, everything else he waid was grade A BS.

    • Edge

      3DoubleD, it has to be microSD for it to fit.

      There are no 128GB microSD cards right now, and I think the SGS3 is limited to cards in 64GB in size.

  • ToQueBonjwa

    Between this phone and the Steam sale, I’m gonna be broke for a while

  • You

    Probably the ones for pre order. We got ours too. Weren’t supposed to get them until monday.

  • jamie

    I bought the international but also have a preorder for the rogers lte. So far I love this phone so much and blows the sgs2 screen away. Starting to get used to the bigger screen size but amazing. The lte specs are comparable but missing fm radio which some wont care about. My question is should I stick with international or go with lte? I know lte is fast speeds but I get decent speeds on hspa. Also I haven’t had any issues with 1gb of ram and enjoy the dev support on international model

  • 2dfx

    I hope you all have pre-orders…we are (dealer location) getting ONE unit for people with no pre-order. Oh what a s**t show it’s going to be.

  • Stephen

    Does anyone know if Bell is branding these phones on the back? I pre-ordered the 32GB in white, I’m not holding my breath that it will be here on Wednesday…

  • johentie

    does pre order mean u get it on the day of launch and secure the device? or does it just secure that u get a device??

    i pre ordered on Rogers and they have no launch date and i am having it shipped to the local store..

    hoping it arrives and is available for pick up first thing in the morning on wednesday!