Motorola readies its RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich update (video)


  • EvanKr

    Good job, Motorola, updating your phone to the latest OS version right before its successor, 4.1 Jellybean, is announced.

    • RIM?

      Hey wait just one gawddamn second here, I thought the RAZR was running BB10?

    • Kane

      I have a RAZR, I like it a lot.

      My buddy Alec has one of these too. He is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and occasional geek.

  • Mikey

    Hey Apple, where’s iOS6 for my iPhone 3G? 🙁

  • Mr Markus

    i heard bb10 is nicknamed sh!t sandwich

  • manchild

    Some people are never satisfied.

    • Mikey

      Unlike your mother 🙂

  • KL

    i cant help but think google is starting to alienate its customers by releasing future OS upgrades when majority of its users are growing very impatient waiting for ICS.

    • Moto

      Its not Google that took its time its all the providers and phone companies screwing around with it before its out.

  • dumas

    does ics run bb10?

  • Rob

    I love my RAZR, quailty phone that feels solid. I trust Rogers less than Motorola (only 6 months late) with regards to rolling out updates.

  • Devon D.

    I’m happy that there’s new news

  • H.Sig

    still waiting….. WTF!!!!!!!!!!