Best Buy opens up Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders again


  • RIM?

    Hi, Have they opened up pre-orders for BB10 devices yet?

    What is the hold-up?

    • Quietly

      Vaporware-screens are scarce
      Pixy-dream software is still being compiled
      Eight Core CPUs – are not available yet

      The people that WOULD BUY the device WANT a keyboard.
      Decisions decisions…
      But this article is about something that EXISTS.

    • Angel Long

      Yes, I have my order in! So excited!

    • Nathen

      That was a low blow, TRUE, but low 🙂

  • Quietly

    It makes sense to delay the Canada Launch ( secondary in importance after the US) but if the sales in the US are right, one week delay might not be enough.

    Looks like the phone will be in shortage globally for at least 6 weeks. In a way it could be bad, but the iphone is like that all the time so people are used to it and it only increases, re-selling value, desirability and BUZZ on the street.

    Maybe they didn’t make enough LTE versions for NA Americ and they are just trying to focus into the “International Version”

    The great thing for Samsung is that even if it takes 6 weeks to catch up with demand, there is NOTHING even close to that phone, after 6 weeks the iphone will be coming and they could possibly loose some sales, it will be great to see the sales numbers for the SGS3, it looks like they will sell as many as they can make in the first month, if they have sold 9 million in pre-order you can expect something like 18 million ON THE FIRST MONTH! ( over half a million per day) That’s almost 6 phones PER SECOND!!
    And the iphone production line leaves this in the dust!!

    Hopefully the demand has been satisfied by iphone launch and After seeling so many they reduce the price to compete with the iphone even more.

    • jon

      There’s at least 4 versions of the Galaxy S III.

      1. I9300 International quad-core 1GB RAM, already released – No LTE and if imported only works on Big 3 and AT&T on 3G

      2. T999 dual-core 2GB RAM – version with AWS, 850 and 1900 3G, no LTE – works on ALL North American HSPA carriers on 3G – released yesterday by T-Mobile, WIND/Mobilicity/Videotron June 27th? – This is the version to get if you want one that works on the most carriers. No LTE though.

      3. I747 dual-core 2GB RAM – version with LTE (700 and AWS) and 3G on 850, 900 for AT&T, Bell, Telus, Rogers, etc.. – June 27th – will not work of WIND/Mobilicity

      4. I535 dual-core 2GB – version with CDMA EVDO, LTE on 700 only – Verizon/Sprint version, late June/July – useless on any Canadian carrier.

  • vengefulspirit99

    Time to head to best buy

  • Quietly

    This is the first REAL phone that offers a REAL choice!

    Telus as always is the most expensive, then Rogers/Bell, and now its offered at Virgin with the Lowest price, if Koodo were to offer it it would be cheaper there.

    Flagship phones offer a GREAT value for consumers(early adopters) you just buy it outright from whoever sells it at the lowest price ( Virgin -$600??) get screen protector and Case, use it for a year and sell it for $300-$400 and then get the next flagship phone.

    Operators will find soon that $50-$100 more will make you loose a client for 36 months with aoutrageous potential overcharges, ( exceding data, LTE new SIM card and fees?)
    Which brings these two points:
    -3Yr contracts should be illegal in Canada( Just like the rest of the world
    -ANY phone on 3yr ( with min $50/mos) should be FREE!
    -If you can buy the “International Version” same price, no LTE but better battery Quad CPU and way more Developers support!

  • Nelson

    Is there any advantage to preordering from bestbuy rather than rogers?

  • kathy

    Do you think they are going to delay the phone even more?

  • Andy

    Futureshop has 32GB Lexar microsd class 10 for $79.99, and bestbuy for $39.99.

    Price match that s’ and get $4 off.

  • lando27

    Is there any advantage to pre-ordering at all? Just went to Best Buy to preorder and they said it doesn’t guarantee you will get a phone on the 27th. Isn’t that what a preorder is for?
    Works that way with video games.

  • andrew

    Can you buy this out right anywhere in canada?

  • andrew

    sorry bout the double post. Is there anywhere in canada you can buy a unlocked version of this phone wether north american or international version? I have been looking at the big three and I cant seem to find info on buying it outright.
    Basically I am gonna go traveling here soon and want which ever model ( i assume the int’l version) is going to be the most travel friendly in europe/asia.

  • Jocelyn

    I tried to pre-order a blue 32Go today (monday june 25) at the store but they were out of phone already.