LG Optimus L7 Review


  • EvanK

    I’ve always been extremely disappointed with the performance of LG products, it seems as if they can never get it quite right.

  • Theywillbepissed

    typical LG, release a product that looks to be great, only to be hampered by several critical flaws. Really? A processor based on A5? The hell is wrong with LG? It seems HTC really nailed it with the one V. The sony xperia U comes close but again, 4gb of storage, what a load of crap! Don’t even get me started with the Motoluxe

  • kevin

    honestly with my past LG products experience in the past you will never catch me with a LG mobile phone Maybe a washer and dryer but thats about it..

    Sure, they were the first to launch a dual core phone but that was just pure C*** to start with.

  • Matt

    Why is it that phones at Rogers always cost one cent instead of being free?

    • James

      If they can get even a penny out of you, they will.

    • MoneyPenny

      If I had a penny for every person that has asked me that??….

  • Cyber

    Honestly, four gigabyte of storage is a joke. They really need a micro SD card slot to improve the memory. LG always make products that fail. This is just an example of a failed product. Stay away.

    Even the HTC One V has a card slot. Totally disgusted by LG.

    • MoneyPenny

      Actually 4GB is OK, since it DOES have SD card, this is the part where this phone doesn’t joke, but 4 or even 8GB and no SD card, that is a joke like in the:

      Lumia 610, 710, 800

  • Bigs

    Dead on arrival.

  • Caanda45

    Every time I think LG has a good product they give us a garbage for quality….dumb dumb dumb….Quality LG not cheap crap…..made to fool us.

  • Dale

    @Cyber: The phone does comes with a micro SD slot -it’s not shipped with a card per say.
    @Daniel B: How would one run out and quote “buy a card slot” – you really have to start proof reading your stories before posting them. Deadlines or not your storyline just gets worse by the week IMO.

  • Pahech

    It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had a Qualcomm S2 chip. It’s old, but at least it would have at least power through the home screen fine.

    It’s like the lagginess of Android phones of 2008 all over again.

  • andy c

    this is sad becasue the optimus one was a great budget phone. too bad LG could not follow it up and samsung, HTC and nokia have all passed LG at the low end

  • Lucy Lou

    Was considering getting my own LG Optimus L7 but after reading these reviews, I’m not so sure. Perhaps I would be better off with the HTC One S like I was originally planning on.