Dolphin Browser for Android unleashes speed increase, claims to be faster than Chrome


  • bob isn’t a browser speed test.

  • tomg666

    100m dash, thats a speed test!

  • Tom

    With Goog is focusing on Chrome for ICS, this browser has a big opportunity on pre-ICS devices.

  • Matt

    BB10 still comes out on top with 447 and 10 bonus points (457) over Dolphin’s 450 and 3 bonus points (453). Daniel Bad(d)er is not such a good adder. Also, as Bob said is not a speedtest, its an html5 compatibility test.

  • Dan

    I’m going to give it a try, but on my SGS2 with CM9 I’ve tried them all and the stock browser just “feels” faster in every way. Chrome comes close, but the lack of flash kills it. As mentioned, it could be as good for html5 as it wants, but its not necessarily faster and thats what counts.

  • daveloft

    I gave it a try and I just don’t like how it renders. Images and text look fuzzy and low quality. It looks to be just taking web pages and spitting out low quality jpeg’s so the phone doesn’t have to do much rendering.

    The one thing that isn’t faster is scrolling which is laggy on my Galaxy Nexus compared to the smooth scrolling on the latest version of Chrome.

    • daveloft

      Results vary from page to page and from real world use speed improvements are non existent to minimal. Check out the Verge for a site that looks awful on Dolphin compared to Chrome.

  • rk.

    how do we know if it’s not overclocked? haha

  • Dan

    Speed isn’t a concern, since the stock browser is “fast enough”… Dolphin has stability issues and has always been a memory hog (RAM), so until those are addressed, who cares about speed?

  • Collin

    This still doesn’t compel me to move away from Chrome Beta, it’s fast now, but just wait till chrome gets an official release..

  • blyt0004

    Just installed the beta and scoring 463 plus 3 bonus points. I know html5 test is not related to speed. It really does load web pages faster than the dolphin browser 8.2.2

    I have recently switched from opera mobile to dolphin because of lots of crashes running slim ics 4.0 on my captivate. Dolphin browser just works better. The beta even more so. I have tried chrome but because no flash and only mobile user agent, I have stayed away

  • blyt0004

    Correction: I scored 467 plus 3 bonus points using desktop user agent.

  • monsterduc1000

    Run it through the sun spider test. I actually did this yesterday and Dolphin was the slowest of the three with chrome beta the fastest. Still, no flash means stock is still my fave.

  • Joey

    It crashed on the first site I tried. Tried sending a report and then the browser froze. What a POS. Sticking to stock ICS browser, never let me down so far.

  • God #1

    Dolphin jitters on my Nexus screen, also you can’t alter text size. The stock browser is better.

  • Jamma3

    What does that mean…when BB OS6 came out it had a really good score and if I’m not mistaken it beat the iphone browser and what did that mean? Absolutely nothing it was still a crappy browser and was slower than Iphone browser in real world test.

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