Koodo Mobile to launch the Nokia Lumia 610


  • Nagasadow

    Wooo this is good news. Love windows phone 😀 Have a LG C900 on koodo so hopefully this makes them open up their apn settings to allow picture texts

    • bstudent

      Syrup: looks like you missed a few specs:

      1300mAh- WTF??( LG Optimus one 3.2″ from 2010 had 1500mAh)
      4GB internal and NO SD CARD!
      MICRO SIM CARD (Have to get a new one/cut the current one)
      Video Camera is VGA NOT 720p and GPU is Adreno 200
      15g heavier than HTC One V
      All for $200 at Koodo.

      Koodo HTV One V- $175
      1500mAh battery
      SD Card
      Regular SIM Card
      Video camera IS 720p FOR REAL
      Google 4

      If they don’t lower the price of the Lumia 610 to $130 it will be a FAIL in Canada and the US.

    • bstudent

      Correction: The internal memory is 8GB, not 4GB. Still no SD card though.

      Hopefully they are mistaken and the phone in the system is the Lumia 710 for $200, still too expensive though.

      Nokia and RIM STILL think they are DESIRED by people in NA. They have to asjust their expectations.

      Nokia 800 for $530 and Nokia 900 for $525 are more than what people want to pay.

      BB 9790 for $480 and 9900 for $630 ( is not a joke $50 less than the SGS3)

      Align yor prices with reality and you will sell phones, otherwise hoard them on the shelves!

  • Sean

    For $50 more you can get a 710 which is a much better device, as good as the 601 is it would be better at $150 and Koodo adding the 710 at $225 with the One V

    • bstudent

      the 710 at $250 at Rogers is still inferior to the ONE V:
      1300mAh (again?)
      Micro SIM Card Again??
      NO SD CARD, maximum 8GB included (seriously??)
      it does have a 1.4GHz CPU (vs 1 for the HTC) but with that puny battery, who cares!!

      The ONE V sells at Koodo for $175, this one KILLS both the 610 and the 710. Why would Nokia release two phones $50 appart? who is running Nokia NA??

      Lumia 610 (should be $89) and Lumia 710 (should be $150)
      -I still would put $25 more and get the V
      $250 for the Lumia 710 and all you have is 8GB of storage with no chance to put an SD card AND have to cut your SIM Card or get a new one for $10???
      Forget about it!
      The ONE V is simple the best phone in Canada for now for $150 -$300. Spend $20 in a 32GB class 10 card and you have a great mid range for $200. After that you would have to jump into the $300s to get something better.

  • Alex Perrier

    Good phone.
    Meh price. (For the Nokia Lumia 610. Koodo often gives away gift cards or other special promos, however. Referral bonuses also help.)
    Bad plans. (The lack of per-second billing makes them not as good.)

    Regardless, i’m happy to hear about this! 🙂

  • aregularonhofo

    Good point Alex!

  • sp

    …The heck…how come my comments about d bag Perrier get deleted but everyone else’s do not…

    For shame…

  • Jim R

    Koodo’s phone selection is extremely limited. Assuming it will stay limited, I don’t see why they’d add a Windows phone rather than another Android phone, given the small penetration rate of Windows phones compared to Android phones. From a bottom line point of view, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

  • Big Ang

    Wow…. talk about misguided people!

    First off, playing the “specs game” is only for people who haven’t been burned yet. Last year I bought a HTC android phone with specs almost identical to the Nexus S (the HTC even had more ram) while costing $50 less, and it was the worst cellphone purchase in my life. HTC makes such poor quality phones. I had horrible reception, the 5mp camera was substandard, etc etc. I’m in the market for a new phone and I want to try Windows Phone, and I would never consider the HTC Radar when I could buy Nokia quality in the similarly spec’ed Lumia 710.

    So when I see someone comparing the camera on a $175 HTC One V to a $200 Nokia Lumia 610 I say “Why bother? At that price THEY BOTH SUCK!” One may be a little better in one respect, and the other in another respect, but if you want a top-notch camera in your phone, then you’re not looking at the $150-$200 price range.

    The main difference between the HTC One V and the Nokia Lumia 610 is the OS. If you’re an android fan, then it doesn’t matter what the specs of the Lumia are, you’re going to lean towards the HTC One V. And if you are like me, someone who had a poor experience with Android AND HTC, then a similarly priced phone having better specs doesn’t matter.

    (That being said, I think the Lumia 610 isn’t a good buy for someone wanting a Windows Phone. Buy the Lumia 710 and you’ll be getting at least twice the phone for $50 more)

  • Dyl

    To everybody who keeps saying that the One V is 175.

    You’re a complete moron, or you can’t read.

    I hope it’s both. $175 is the sale price of the One V it will be priced at $225 within the week.

    The 4GB internal memory is hardly worth talking about since 3GB gets used by the OS which means you HAVE to buy a microSD card if you want to use it as a music player.

    Secondly people buy tons of 8GB iPhones at 540 dollars a pop and don’t complain. Unless you need your entire media library at once then yeah sure, get a phone with more memory. But the phone itself is integrated with SkyDrive so internal storage is less important.

    Secondly the One V has experienced more returns than any other release phone in a long time due to poor service and firmware malfunctions.

    Overall I’d still take the Lumia because the Windows OS is faster than the HTC version of android and having a slightly less powerful battery in a phone that has a smaller processor and less RAM (because windows needs less) just means that the battery will last about the same.