BlackBerry 10 sure to be the HTML5 king, currently ahead of all others in compatibility testing

BlackBerry 10 is set to be a monster OS, both in terms of its UI performance, developer toolkit breadth, and compatibility with all the latest standards. Many developers choose to build native applications in HTML5 and wrap them in native code to run faster, while others still keep them in the web browser for maximum cross-platform usability. BlackBerry 10, even in its infancy, is pulling HTML5 browser test numbers that are just astounding. It is beating previous “up and coming” winner Tizen by 39 points, and the current leader, Opera Mobile, by almost 100.

While this won’t mean much in real-world usage — most current mobile browsers can render the majority of HTML5 content without issue — it certainly will appeal to developers who want to build and test HTML5 content on a mobile browser. Whether we will see a proliferation of HTML5 content on the new BlackBerry 10 platform is debatable — native apps are still the way to go for most users. HTML5 will eventually allow for an app-like experience within the browser, with rich media, text and gaming based on newer hardware.

As BlackBerry 10 matures on its way to a public release, it will be snippets of tests like this that prove the OS has what it takes to return RIM to its former glory.

Source: HTML5Test
Via: CrackBerry