Microsoft SkyDrive app for Android rumoured to be coming soon


  • gogakhan

    Right now its BOX. But Google Drive soon.

    I would appreciate if you guys could do an article on which cloud storage to choose, primarily based upon their privacy agreements. Because that’s actually the biggest Turn Off/On when deciding between cloud storage providers as all of these pretty much give you the same amount of storage.

  • Damien

    Google Drive and are 2 of my favorites right now, but if Microsoft supports Android, I’d defiantly run SkyDrive

  • PumaYaYa

    Cloud, Sky, Rainbow, Skittles…

  • Donovan

    As of right now Google Drive.

  • kevy

    I use an app called ES File Explorer – it is the usual full featured file explorer for your phone, BUT it supports Google Drive, DropBox, Skydrive and LAN (ie. anything shared on your local network). The app is free and it works great. I still use the stand alone apps for DropBox and Google Drive as they offer a couple useful features.

  • Mark

    I’m testing a bunch and have not decided on any. Dropbox I probably use most because sync feature. Box offered loads of storage a while back (I’m still kicking myself for not opening a bunch of email account to register for the 50gb limits). Drive integrates well with Android and my google account but otherwise I don’t like the interface. Looking forward to trying Skydrive because I’m still waiting for someone to stand out from the crowd.

  • Gaurav

    It’s Skydrive for me. The mapping of files on your PC to SkyDrive is too convenient and seamless. Plus it lets me access all other files on my PC from anywhere.

  • schultzter

    SugarSync! No question. I have accounts with all but SugarSync is the most versatile and has the most storage.

  • serpico

    BOX – 50 GB for free and Google Drive .

  • EH

    Well, this way I can put my 25GB to good use.
    Now I have… 50gb BOX, 2gb Dropbox, soon 25gb skydrive 😀

  • Tommy

    Have been using Dropbox for a while and may consider looking into Google Drive if it fits my needs. On the contrary, we have been using SyncBlaze in our organization which is purely for business purposes.

  • S. Morris Rose

    AFAICT only dropbox supports Linux right now, which makes it the only suitable choice for those of us that use it on the desktop.