Update: Rogers Galaxy S III countdown clock goes live, hints a pre-orders starting today


  • FadedSpark

    It’s a galaxy product. Bell will beat them to it, like usual.

  • shaggyskunk

    Curious, how rogers might manage to provide a timetable for the release of the SGSlll, yet are only capable of regurgitating the standard “rogers doesn’t comment on……” when it comes to the ICS update for the sgh – i727r! For a Telecom company, rogers seems to be particularly inept at providing the information for the business, that they like to say that they are the “leading carrier”, Self Proclaimed mind you.

  • Greedy

    Countdown to…more waiting! If it is just a countdown to the preorder launch, it’s super lame.

  • Rich

    A countdown to a pre-order… these big wigs have us eating out of their hands!

  • Drunken_slang

    But for some reason I will order it anyway…

    • adam

      From somewhere else…

  • Richard

    I’m curious if the pre-order is for new customers (new contracts) only.. Or if you will be able to pre-order if looking to renew current contract. Previous pre-orders were for new customers only. :\

    • Eluder

      Existing customers always have the option of the Device Reservation system after you login to MyRogers.
      Whether or not they utilize this for the GSIII we don’t know yet, but it was available for the One X and Lumia 900, so don’t see why not!

  • alex

    I had pre ordered my EVO 3D as an existing customer.

  • jonathan

    the only excitement to get from this is that hopefully with the galaxy s 3 they will drop the price of the htc one x

  • Adam

    Thats great…so when are we getting 4.0 on SII, Rogers?

    • johentie

      just call Rogers and complain and they will give u credit for an early hardware upgrade..

      that’s what i did.. i am on the SGS2 LTE ; >

  • tom cruise

    Honestly, just wait ’till the iPhone 5 comes out so you can make a clearer choice.

    • Flage

      lol we have a comic here

  • kman

    They did this same stunt with the Galaxy S. Make it sound like its coming any second… so people don’t buy it from Bell who actually Does launch the phone MONTHS before Rogers does.

    The classic Rogers “bait and delay” trick. Stupid rogers marketing department.

    • Eluder

      All major carriers are getting it at the same time, there’s no separate variants this time around, so Rogers and Bellus will get it at the same time.

  • Cole

    I’m shocked that the phone will have a home button, and not like the past North American variants with 4 capacitive buttons.

    • Kessgb7

      The Home button Rocks! I have been waiting for a button for so long on the Galaxy S(#) LTE phone. This button was a big hit internationally, very popular! That’s one of the reason they kept it. It can double as a camera button with a mod, and in the dark when the 4 capacitive buttons go dark (time out) you don’t accidentally hit the wrong capacitive button. With an actual physical button you don’t make that mistake.

  • dixmak

    Well I reserved mine. 32G White. Position 3

    • dixmak

      Make that position 2

  • TadMorose

    Reserved mine
    Pebble Blue 16GB
    Position: 5

  • icykle

    On the phone with Rogers for the 3rd time, they do not have it in their system nor know about the countdown… sigh

  • johentie

    i just called… andd they don’t know what’s going on!

    • TadMorose

      Don’t need to call. Reps are clueless as usual. Use the online reservation system. Log into your My Rogers account and click on red Device Reservation button.

  • Andy

    It is on rogers.com in your profile. customer service can’t reserve your device anyway.

  • johentie

    is the reservation fee $40 taken off the transaction or are you paying $40 for the service?

    • johentie

      so you will end up paying $40 more if you reserve the phone?

    • Max

      The reservation is temporarily put on your bill, but it is credited back as soon as the phone ships. So you never actually have to pay it.

  • Ryan

    You can’t reserve through the call center. Reserve through Rogers.com I just reserved a 16GB and a 32GB Pebble Blue mode. The $40 is refunded when the device ships to a store.

    • johentie

      are you sure the $40 gets refunded?

    • johentie

      nevermind the FAQ answerd my question..for anyone else wondering:

      The $40 reservation fee (+ taxes) is used to secure your order and place in line. We will credit the $40 (+ taxes) back to your Rogers account 1) when your device ships from our warehouse or 2) when you cancel your reservation online. We will send you an email notification when your device ships including the courier company tracking number that will be used to ship the device to the store.

  • Krazy~

    Since it has LTE capabilities, I guess it won’t be the international version with the quad core Exynos processor? =(

  • G203

    I can’t allow myself using any device on the most rip off network!

  • Jordan

    They don’t tell you how much it will cost. That’s kinda dumb, don’t you think?

  • Reg

    Reserved # 29 in the list

    16GB Marble White

    Currently using Captivate and for ages I needed a white phone

  • steve

    It took nearly a year for Rogers to upgrade the Samsung Captivate to 2.3 Gingerbread (although Froyo came shortly after release) so all you S II owners crying for an update to 4.0 ICS… get off your lazy asses and learn to root your phone and install custom ROM’s… updates are much faster and it’ll save me from having to hear you ppl whine about it so much.

  • kozbit

    Did everyone successfully reserve a device? Cuz for me, nothing’s showing up after clicking reserve button at the end of reservation process.

    I tried clicking it multiple times, logged out and logged back in, tried again, still doesn’t work.


  • JPTN

    #17 for a 32GB white.