CyanogenMOD reaches two million installs, puts device shipping names on download page


  • OKAY

    CM7 FTW

  • Matt

    “added real device names” only took them three more years than it should have.

  • imjohnh

    Steve Kondik for President/Prime Minister/King!

  • Jason

    Nexus S CyanogenMOD 9 Nightly 0527 CM9 Kernel
    Phone has never run better.

  • ExcessDan

    this is the only option for older phones to keep up to date with functionality. my milestone on 3 year contract was pretty much a paperweight less than a year into my contract but i can still use it with cm7 on it.

  • HwyXingFrog

    I didn’t even know they had a 7.2.0 RC3, I just happened to notice when I was on the site due to this story. Still waiting for any official CM9 for my freshly rooted Atrix.

  • kenypowa

    There is no official CM9 for Nexus One, unfortunately.

  • BB10

    The CyanogenMod page is pretty much a phone “buying guide”, buy a phone that is not in the list and you can expect poor reselling value and a one yr-long life for the phone.

    Get a phone that has CM support and you can expect ROM development for another yr at least. There are phones in that list that KILL the new STUPID new phone releases coming in May 2012 with Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread)

    CM rocks!

  • Dalex

    Props to the cm team for their amazing work. I’ve been running cm9 on my sgs2 for quite a while now and it is light years ahead of touchwiz. As mentioned by BB10, before buying an android device you should really check their site and xda to make sure you will have some support in case the OEM pulls a fast one on you when it comes to updates.

  • Andrew Edwards

    Anyone know does the ATT Galaxy s2 ROM work with a Rogers Galaxy S2?

  • vengefulspirit99

    @Andrew Edwards not sure about Rogers but my sgs2 is from bell worked. Just look around

  • Jay

    This is great news! Even better that splinter groups have branched off and used the Cyanogen source to support phones (like my Acer Liquid) that the actual Cyanogen team doesn’t support.

  • Ryan

    I’m looking forward to a stable build of CM9 for my Captivate. The nightlies are a bit touch and go, depending on which one you get, I needed something a bit more stable so I grabbed SlimICS, which is actually quite nice.