Apple files patent application for the “Optical stylus”


  • Brandon


    • Waterloo Grad

      Blackberry has no need for a stylus, NOTHING can or ever will replace the physical keyboard.

    • SAM




    • Rio

      I love how the entire article didn’t mention a thing about the Haptic feedback.

      Go read all the other sites with this.

  • 7-Down

    “If you see a stylus, they blew it”

  • P

    Apple: This S pen thing is actually a good idea. Let’s patent it and sue samsung so they have to stop selling it.

  • astudent

    I can only see a plethora of memes regarding samsung and apple (specifically steve jobs talking about shaving down his finger) coming out of this hahaha

  • ExcessDan


  • Dalex

    Didn’t Apple say that the stylus is dead and no one wants/needs it?

    I love Apple, they will add this as the killer new revolutionary figure to their new Ipad/Iphone, charge a premium for the exact same device they released a year ago and their rabid fans will gobble it up.

    Keep on trucking, the Ifans aren’t getting any brighter anyways so no risk, high reward.

    • PkaTka

      @Dales well it’s good enough if you, a fandroid, get brighter. It’s enough to increase the number of cores in a phone from 2 to 2.0000000001 and fandroids rush with pre-orders. this isnt meant as an attach, but i am just pointing out that both fandroids and apple fans are the same, but for some reason each side criticizes the other side about doing something they do themselves.

      Back on topic, it’s just a patent people. it doesn’t mean it will come to live. apple, sammy, google own thousands of unused patents. its the tech industry.

    • Dalex

      You’re going to have to be more specific as to which users rush with pre-orders for an OEM that increases the number of cores in a phone from 2 to 2.0000000001, because I don’t seem to recall any.

      And I’m not sure if we have a similar definition of ‘the same’. On one side we have users that will rush out to buy a device that could be a brick with a shiny fruit logo on the back, on the other we have people that appreciate choice and will reseach the features over in their next smartphone. If that’s the same to you, then my comments really resonates even more.

  • Mark

    Apple sez: It’s innovation when we copy Samsung. It’s copying when Samsung innovates.

  • Paul

    This is getting ridiculous. It is time to re-evaluate the whole idea of patenting something if you didn’t invent it. Apple is turning into nothing more than a patent troll company.

  • Nemet

    Optical Stylus…. Light Pen?

    The patent system is so broken…

  • Play


  • Andrew

    I guess those Galaxy Note commercials paordying Apple’s innovation really shook them up.

  • RJay

    Steve Jobs said one your device needs a stylus it’s already failed.

  • Derek

    Palm is rolling in her grave.

  • Jon Smyth

    “We are going to use a stylus… no. Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away. You lose them. Yuk. Noboby wants a stylus.” Steve Jobs, iPhone introduction, Macworld 2007

  • boojay

    Apple has a knack for suing over already existing technology that they didn’t invent.

  • :)

    This doesn’t change anything, again.

  • goose

    “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”
    -Steve Jobs

  • Patents are being abused

    The patent system is being abused. A thorough review of the patent application and granting process is needed in the US, as it affects commercial development of new tech. That, and more nyancat.

  • vengefulspirit99

    There apples goes again… Trying to block any other company from making money. Its not even about innovation anymore, is about how many court orders apple can obtain.

  • the man

    haha nice try apple i guess they going to call it I-pen

    • SAM


  • Mario

    Can’t we all just shut up about Apple vs. Android? You’re all a bunch of useless tits if this is what you spend your time debating. In the end, it’s just a phone.

    • common sense

      bad bro? suck it up cus internet is filled with apple news of suing some company everyday, now its those company’s fans turn to make fun of apple for being hypocrite

  • David

    Here’s Apple product life-cycle:

    1) Research
    2) Copy technologies that are intriguing and have potential
    3) Make a few tweaks here and there
    4) File a patent that claims they invented the thing from scratch
    5) Put it on their devices
    6) Sue when they see anything that turns on and consumes electricity

    • SAM


  • Henaway

    Perhaps Apple discovered that the higher the resolution of their devices, the less precise our fingers are.

    Or perhaps their engineers got their hands on a Galaxy Note and discovered how USEFUL a stylus can be for specific uses. (And not as the sole interface between human and device.)

    But really … good freakin’ luck patenting a pressure sensitive stylus … no matter how “light” you make it.

  • 4G-Speed

    WTF happened to Apple? They aren’t even trying anymore. That company seems to be dropping the ball on innovation and like others said, they are turning into a patent troll company. On the plus side, I think Apple is going to be the company that pushes the system to the brink and the Gov is going to be forced to fix the system as Apple is clearly abusing it.

    Apple has gone so far downhill… Despite sitting on a warchest of $100 billion dollars, the innovation in that company seems to have completely disappeared. Looks like Jobs really was the driving force behind the company.

  • GT

    Why is everyone comparing Samsung Stylus to Apple Stylus?
    The Samsung Stylus is pressure sensitive. The Apple stylus is an Optical Stylus. They are different technologies.

    • Manbo

      “the optical stylus is in contact with a surface based on signals received by a processor from a PRESSURE SENSOR of the optical stylus.”

      I think adding an extra step but still basing it off the same pressure sensitivity as other EXISTING styli means they (Apple) are pulling the same crap as before.

  • Pahech

    This patent is about as broad as “slide to unlock” or “press a phone number to open up a menu”.

    Apple has some of the most BS patents amongst all tech companies, and they are very keen to use them in lawsuits.

  • mike

    Samsung already done this with the release of the Samsung Note, again Apple is copying samsung once again, sue them hard Samsung. Apple will never learn to innovate anything new, they just copy everyone and say they were the first to do it,,,,lol lol apple is lame.. The name Iphone was stolen from another company, the name Icloud was stolen from another company, the Iphone technology was copied from Samsung which 90% of Iphones hardward is all made from Samsung go figure. Iphone should be called “Samsung Iphone” and 90% of the profit should be going to Samsung for stealing all the ideas.

    • Tminus

      Check the actual source, filed 2010 wayyyy before samsung came out with the note. Stop acting like samsung invented the stylus and everything else (including touchwiz hahaha). Sue them apple sue!

  • Matt

    But I thought Apple doesnt believe in them?

  • Tminus

    Doesn’t anybody have anything To debate or is trolling the only version of conversation on this site?

  • Jesse

    This makes no sense.

  • Mark

    Lenovo Can also claim Prior Art: Their Android Tablet comes with a stylus that works with capacitive touch.