Bell HTC Sensation 4G and Raider 4G LTE upgrade to OS 4.0 now available


  • Azzo

    Keep them rolling out carriers.

    • ANDROID1


    • ANDROID1

      Now who gave me thumb down? some one from Rogers?

  • waki-g

    Who cares about these two phone release the update for note already.

  • Ryan

    YAY! I just ordered a “refreshed” Sensation from Bell and it should be arriving soon! This excites me even more. 🙂

    • JHK

      Refurbished you mean…

  • Kevin

    Say what you want about Bell and their carrier meddling, kudos to them on getting these updates out as of late.

  • AllanVS

    Hey Rogers? Dumb arses … get the update out soon, or I’ll jump ship … stupid i****s!

    Bell: Kudos! Good job keeping a promise, and actually beating it!

  • Tom

    So Rogers, where’s your Raider update?

  • AllanVS

    funny that the system blocks id10ts but not arses. LOL

  • daveloft

    My wife has this phone and it’s her birthday today, nice timing Bell.

  • Trevor – HTC Sensation 4G

    So F’n Excited for this update.

  • Josh

    Bell ftw….. Use to work for these guys. Best employers ever and ive never had an issue with billing or nothing. Love Bell. Great job on all these ICS releases. Makes Rogers and Telus look like sh*t

  • Carlos

    Still waiting for my sii hd lte…

  • Ed

    my rogers raider also got the update

    • Tom

      You are either a liar or not smart enough to know you have a bell raider.

  • MattManDo1

    ICS installed (Virgin Sensation 4G) so far 1 power-off & battery pull required after install completed all cycles. Stuff seems to be coming back up. B4 battery pull, apps wouldn’t load, prompting me to send report to HTC… Fingers crossed it plays happy

    • MattManDo1

      Update. After updating core apps (gmail, Flash 11, etc) apps and device open and respond much quicker. Note. I did clean up 4Gb from my sd card (HTC maps for the US) and free up about 400 mb from the device. Also, no issues with pre-installed apps or HTC widgets.

  • teachhard

    I will respect bell when it brings ics to the Atrix.

    • ASH

      This is in the hands of the OEM (i.e. Moto), and they indicated that the Atrix is ain’t getting ICS. So there is little that carriers can do in this respect!

  • jaylen

    Can everyone who has received this update please report any issues with phone since updating?

  • dagwood70

    MMy Bell Sensation went through the motions of the upgrade and once it was time to reboot, it is now stuck at the white screen that comes up when you first power up the phone.

  • DeeMa

    ICS release as per Bell.
    Note and Tab 10.1 ICS – June
    Tab8.9, LG Optimus LTE and Galaxy SII HD LTE – July.

  • Roger

    what a fail update. Everything lags to s**t, plus it required me to format my SD card and now when i go into my text message log, it hangs up with a ‘loading’ screen which has been doing so for the past 15 minutes.

  • Unwell

    Updated my Bell HTC Raider, works great. Actually the phone responds a LOT faster now. Menus, loading apps, etc, everything is much quicker. I was going to take my phone to the Bell store today for repair as the random reboots have started happening a lot lately, 2-3 times a day, and it loses connection with Bell’s network often. Only solution is powering off, removing battery, reinserting and powering back on. Just powering off and on does not reconnect it. However, I think I’ll see if this update has cleared those problems up now.

    • Unwell

      As an update, since updating to the new OS my phone has not randomly rebooted or lost connection with the Bell network once. Now it’s only been a day I know, but prior to the OS update my phone would reboot 2-3 times a day, sometimes more, and lose connection about twice a day. Makes me very happy, not to mention how much better the phone runs in general.

  • Kevin

    After updating, I can’t enter message threads on the HTC message app. Apart from that…the menus seem to load faster. But still, the non-functional messaging app is a problem.

  • teachhard

    According to the motorola Web site, ics for the Atrix is being evaluated. It has not been ruled out. Its the webtop that’s holding things up. And I don’t even use webtop.

  • slappywhite

    Just updated! working great, just be patient with the msg thing and u will be fine! i did a battery pull just for the hell of it. thanks bell!

  • Zeeshan

    I Love it…. HTC is the only True Android Champ, I compared my wife’s SII with ICS and my Raider, HTC Raider Beats Galaxy S2 Hands down with Ease in Menu options, settings and customizing the device.

  • Keeks

    has anyone found that features that other ICS updates had bell decided we werent allowed to have?? Ive heard of facial recogniztion and easter eggs with ICS but my HTC raider from bell has neither of this and number of others.. I do however have developers tools????


  • simon

    very happy with update so far. Random reboot is fixed for sure. Facial unlock works fast and very well.

  • krista

    I have the Bell Raider and since updating my battery life has plummeted. It was always pretty bad but I could usually go a day (24hrs). Today it dropped from 100% to 68% in about 35 minutes on standby. Also, charging takes much longer and will barely even charge via usb and if I’m using it while charging with usb it actually loses power. I have also noticed that I’m not getting a signal all of the time which is not normal as I live and work in the Toronto core – putting it into airplane mode and then turning it back will usually fix this. Overall it also seems much slower and doesn’t respond all of the time to button or touch prompts. This all started happening immediately after upgrading to ICS. I have reset my phone and pulled battery with zero improvement. Soooo ….. if you are with Rogers and have not yet received your update I would count yourself luck. Went into the store and was told that I would have to go through tech support which of course I will do and post an update

    • Jim

      Did you never find a fix for this? I’m having the exact same symptoms and can only get it working by going into airplane mode also. I’m with bell though

  • ryan

    They Just realeased it this morning for rogers!!! got the update message on my phone 😀