Update: Winner announced in our Samsung Galaxy Note in White contest!


  • Tracey

    Oh man fingers crossed like follow and tweeted

    • PkaTka

      no, thanks! My thing is large enough, so I don’t need a huge garbage to compensate for it.

    • gob129

      It is a sweet phone. Love the phablet, hopefully there are more coming from Samsung!

  • Aaron

    Please replace my Nokia 1661

  • Nelson

    Wow. Very tempting!

  • Thao Chung

    Let me win.

  • Mac

    Awesome! Got my lucky rabbit foot 🙂

  • 7-Down

    May the lucky one win!

  • Adam

    I want to win this so bad!

  • Jun Hee

    I want it so bad!!!

  • Adam

    I really want to replace my iPhone with this one, so please let me win it!

  • Dylan D

    Good luck to all. Awesome prize! 🙂

  • ryan radtke

    this would be cool good luck to all

  • Rabia Akhter

    Hope i win this time:(
    like nd tweet:)

  • minku

    damn I want that

  • Jin

    Oh pleaseeeeee I want the best of both worlds tablet <3 Smartphone

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Is the S-Pen white too? I’d love to give this to my girl!

  • zzzZZZZzz

    @brandon, seriously…that’s your beef? Just buy her the white S-Pen, assuming it’s not white and you do win

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Oh, I see the white S-Pen now, it was hard to see in my tiny display 😉

  • eshizzi

    I’ve had a chance to play with one of these a bit, I’d love to have my very own!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    @ ZzzZZZZzz, now do you get my joke? 😉

  • Mike jakel

    Crossing my fingers. Finding my 4.75 inch screen still isn’t big enough

  • Daniel Lui

    This is a phone that I really want. I hope I win.

  • Andrew Yim

    I’d love one.

  • Cody

    Thanks Mobile Syrup!

  • Francesco

    I would it!

  • AdrifBlog

    Good luck to all 🙂

  • Rio


  • Rahul

    i want to own this emperor of phones 🙂

  • Jack


  • Andrew Hall

    I need my HTC Inspire ™ 4G replaced.

  • Kwonie

    G’luck to everyone!

  • Ryan Murphy

    Just in case comments add to my chances.

  • Anita

    how do you know if you win?

  • Kimberlee

    My kids always get everything……the new iphone 4S, the new blackberry bold 9900. Now it’s mama’s turn to win something that is better than both of my daughers phones. Please pick me mobile syrup. I love this phone 🙂

    • Cody

      Good luck!

    • Nathan

      Even though I’ll probably enter to win the next contest as well, I do hope you win. Show your kids who’s really boss with the Galaxy Note! Show them with size.

  • DaRazorback

    I would love to show this off to some people at work…they absolutely want it, but cannot get it because they signed a 3 year contract last year with one of the big 3.

    On a side note, which of the big 3 is this locked for?

    • Matt

      The Note isn’t locked, as everyone has it. At least the Bell variant isn’t… or wasn’t last week when we tried a fido sim.

  • 4theWin

    My wife sure could use this to replace her failing Blackberry Pearl. Thanks for the chance to win this MS.

  • sina

    i wouldnt say no to winning lol

  • David Harding

    My wife would cetainly nab this if I won it.

  • Harjit

    What a sleek technology with lots of unique and interesting features

  • Jacky Wong


  • Bruce Hoang

    Win Win Chicken Dinner!

    • DaRazorback

      Uh…it is “winner winner chicken dinner”

      you see it rhymes.

  • ron suchoplas

    me want

  • Daryl Anderson

    Oh yeah retweeted and liked on facebook. going the extra mile

  • Kegger

    Please please please hook me up. I broke my iphone 3g and have no money 🙁

  • Cory

    I’d love to win this please! Been following you guys forever! 🙂

  • Fenrir767

    I need this phone

  • RAH

    I’ve had my eye on this baby for months. Seriously considering leaving my awesome Fido plan for Telus just to get my hands on this baby.

  • Ashleigh

    Yes I need one!!! Running on my old crappy phone right now 🙁

  • Yaseen

    Man I hope I win. My first phone could actually be one of these?!? That would be sick.

  • A.Smith

    I tweeted, am a facebook fan, am following and just plain love ya!!

  • andi972

    Thanks for this contest.
    I need this phone.

  • trev

    Wow. Mobilesyrup you have giveaways more than any other bog I’ve seen.

  • Kyouya

    I’m just wondering which carrier supports the Galaxy Note that MobileSyrup is giving away.

  • dandy

    this is for international or US only.

  • S2556

    My motorola milestone’s unlock key bearly even works and my battery is on its last legs. PLEASE mobilesyrup PIMP my phone!!

  • Diane

    Sweet,would like to win this one.

  • Eldon

    my wife would love this!

  • sunvv

    hope I can win this time.

  • Joe

    I would love to win this beauty! such a great device! Pick me please 😛

  • sky

    sexy phone. *crosses fingers*

  • Michael Kwan

    The Galaxy S needs an upgrade.

  • Jimbo

    Over here, over here, I’ll take it.

  • Trevor Jones

    This would be a wicked phone to win. I need a new one since my dad drove over mine

  • George R

    This one has my name on it already!!! 🙂

  • Mardos

    Want ! Want !

  • Charlie

    This contest is sweet! May the odds ever be in your favour.

  • Doug Pease

    Yes please. Great prize.

  • Lori Bazan

    I so wish to win!!!

  • roman1

    Great review, sure would be nice if you could send one of those my way.

    Keep up the good work.

  • cole baiker

    wow, note in white! so many giveaways, you guys rock!!

  • Danella

    great looking phone

  • Jeff Williams

    A phone that will hit my large hands … now I just have to win it! 🙂

  • David

    Pick me MobileSyrup! Please!

  • zefoutch

    nice phone , i won’t mind having one =)


    awesome retweeted @roswello and follow facebook circles stacey dempsey

  • Eric

    I could sure use this new device. Pick me. Thanks.

  • RM

    sign me up!!

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    Good luck to all!

  • Jason


  • the wise one

    LG dare<<<< anything..

  • Andrew B.

    I really need this phone!

  • shaker

    come on man. this time a winner.

  • Benji

    the galaxy note is huge, but it would be cool to own one

  • lukeiphone

    Let me win please! Trying to win something forever now!

  • Dale

    great looking phone-would be nice to have

  • Scott B.

    My phone is starting to fall apart, winning this would be so amazing!

  • vineet

    I need one pls….Thanks Mobi

  • monsterduc1000


  • Diana

    Oh my gosh this is such a gorgeous phone!! Totally want this

  • sangeeth cp

    pray pray pray that’s all i can do .may the luck one win .

  • Richard

    This is mine baby!

  • teachhard

    This would be useful to me as a teacher.

  • Lyndon

    Count me in.

  • yanniboy3000

    Would love to win this phone bad.

  • ivan1010

    Perfect match to my White car!

  • Richard Hall

    Like is too short not to be connected by this up to date mobile communication machine.

  • stylinred

    I’ve got a nokia n8 that could use an updating :/

  • mrtax2005

    yess! all done!
    @mrtax2005 on twitter
    mrtax2005 on Google plus

    I need this phone!

  • Mitchell


  • mike

    Most eye catching talked about unit this year.
    Number one in my must have list this year.

  • Dhiraj

    I will do anything and everything to get it… Fingers Crossed !!

  • Steph

    This phone is so wonderful in every way! Hope I can take this one home 🙂

  • Kajan Nadarasan

    Cool phone 🙂

  • Michel

    Nice replacement for my Galaxy that keeps rebooting at least twice a week.

  • Jamie

    yes please!

  • Sue Woznuk

    Hope to win along with everyone else!!

  • Andrey

    oh man, I would love to win this!!! really need a replacement to my 3+ years old phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Remik

    I want! I want! I want!

  • dimek

    wow great giveaway
    count me in

  • vn33

    Hope springs eternal … even though the odds are miniscule !!!

  • sp

    yes please ^_^

  • Quinn

    Me! Me! Me!

  • Ryan

    Please pick me!

  • Phil R

    Mobilesyrup, hey mobilesyrup! Over here! Throw the phone over here! I’m ready to catch it!!! C’mon! 😛

  • Mark

    This would make a great Bday present for me!!

  • Yagu

    OH YES!!!!! My ideal phone!

  • Dani

    great looking phone

  • Gert Glassford

    I’d Love to win this Samsung Galaxy Note, I need a new phone

  • KeiFeR123

    Good luck everyone 🙂 Time to replace my old phone. 🙂

  • Brian J

    yes please 🙂

  • Dani

    I would love this phone

  • rebecca hagan

    followed,tweeted,and liked
    I need this so bad,:0)

  • Denis

    Would be nice if i can win this. need one very bad. good luck to all who entered the contest.

  • Rory

    Gorgeous phone, I’ve always wanted to play with one since seeing them in the wild.

  • Beso

    i hope i win … i need to get my old pops a new phone his old one is dying! 😀

  • Mary Ann Stovall

    I would love to win this. Never had a cell before. Might as well go for the best!!

  • Eric

    I’m hoping to have a phone like this

  • CJ

    I Can Has Galaxy Note?

  • goaliegirl6060


  • Neil And

    We so need an iphone in our family

  • Iris

    Great contest thanks!

  • tash

    In all the contestes it says that facebook fans are automaity entered into the contestes? they have about a dozen giveways each month. How do you get ahold of people who have won? just curious.

  • Heather

    This would be a wonderful gift! I LOVE Samsung!

  • Greg

    I dont really care if I win or not…. but lets take a moment to stop saying let me win! Let me win! And really thank Mobilesyrup for even letting us have the chance to win such awesome prizes . so Thank you very much! And best of luck to everyone :)!!!

  • Ben Marvin

    Can we win if we’re not Canadian? I want that Note!

  • Inc

    Awesome giveaway. As always

  • Shawn

    Come to me, babe

  • Wayne

    Hey that galaxy note is looking real good about now, Hopefully I can enjoy the human experience and leave the Isheep flock behind….

  • trev

    If I win I will have a new white galaxy note

  • Barbara

    Cool prize

  • Evan

    Thanks for the great contest. Big fan of Samsung products.

  • Craig


  • Gail M.

    Pick Me, Pick Me! I so need this beauty.

  • kmacsouris

    I’d love one!

  • Steeve Francillon

    This on is for me….lol 😉

  • Kandy Rodrigue

    Can I?

  • tracey byram

    I tweeted @traymona

  • Nella

    I would get lots of use with this phone

  • Craig Hinchey

    What a remarkable piece of technology!~ Samsung is becomming the new Sony!

  • Pat

    White is not the best. I already bought 2 Notes, and both were dark blue. Awesome phones.

  • Jawahar

    Awesome giveaway. Consider me in 🙂

  • Johnny

    Thanx for the contest, the note looks awesome.

  • asif

    awesome giveaway


    would love to win this

  • Bryan

    Cool, bring it!!!

  • Jacquie Hess

    Love to win.

  • manda

    Love it!

  • ms_otaku_sensei

    Promise, I dont have any gadgets… Hoping to win this contest 🙂

  • Alex Tu

    yes please

  • Mohit

    Here is the Note winner…

  • Peter

    i totally need this!!!

  • David Evans

    All the best to everyone!

  • Kushracer

    Note-worthy contest!

  • David Geller

    damn, this is nice phone. I hope i win.

  • Kelly Z.

    liked and tweeted

  • tg

    liked on facebook

  • Jawahar

    Done all the steps. Hope to win 🙂

  • Sartaj Husain

    Insha-Allah this phone will be mine,…………

    • shaan Khan

      Insha-Allah my friend you will get it,……..

  • Daniel

    MobileSyrup is the greatest. May the best man, woman or child win.

  • morry

    waah awesomeness ! XD

  • michealgrim

    i want this so bad!

  • Josh

    Nice phone~

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    Good luck everyone!
    *fingers crossed*

  • shaan Khan

    Insha-Allah I will be the only winner guys,………

  • shahzaib

    i will be pleased to win this mobile

  • shahzaib

    i want this mobile

  • shrikant

    plese plese give the samsaung galaxy y smart phone i have no money

  • shrikant

    plese give the galaxy note i have no money

  • vinay

    who is the best phone samsung galaxy s 3 or i phone 5

  • vinay

    i like samsung s3