Some HTC One X users reporting SMS notification problems, fix coming soon


  • David

    Yep, happens quite frequently actually. I’ve switched to Go SMS until this is fixed.

  • Andy

    How about Handcent?

  • Shawn

    @David Does GO SMS fix the notification LED too. I need an LED that flashes for more than 5 minutes, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

  • jbarns

    i think it happened once I remembered hearing the text come in but left it. When I went to check on my phone later I didn’t see a notification and had forgotten about it until a couple hours later.

  • Mattymo

    I have the htc one x from rogers and i can confirm that this error does randomly happen. Hopefully they fix some of the other errors as well. Ie. Sporadic wifi.

  • iamkennypowers

    what an android with problems??? haha daily

  • crimsona

    Um you should switch to go SMS permanently anyway, the popup window is such a useful function, and the entire app looks and feels more tightly integrated than Handcent

  • CR

    My Sony Xperia Ray does the same thing. If you have messaging open, send a message, then lock the screen you will get a notification sound and vibration when you get a text in retrun but no icon or flashing light.

    • Stimulator

      My HTC Desire used to do the same thing. Lock the screen while messaging is open and you get no notifications.


    never had this problem.

  • Mie

    Androids are always Beta phones when they first get released, they let the user be the product tester. Then if theres problems they fix it. Cheaper for them this way, instead of hiring testers and such. This is why I never buy an Android phone that just got released, wait a month or so when all the issues are tested and repaired. Remember Androids are Beta phones.

  • hey it’ me, mario

    Lumia ftw. Even a 850$ android crap device have bug.

  • mark

    Lumia? Right. because that one didn’t have any bugs.
    I’ve got the rogers one x unlocked and using on telus and have had the same problem.

  • WP7 Advocate

    My Lumia 900 is kicking well! At least the SMS features never bugged out

    • AddyCoolMan

      The Lumia is a great concept, but it sucks. Camera sucks, the actual telephony sucks… You’re in complete denial. It’s ok. I was too. I had the Lumia… but then I traded up for One X.

  • Happydude

    No problems with the International One X

  • B-Mac

    i think this has maybe happened twice to me so far on my Rogers One X, that I am using on Telus, only a minor inconvience, same thing used to happen on my BB Curve 9360 if i left the texting open and the phone was locked

  • Tomatoes

    I have seen a lot more bugs than this on the One X and no it is not because of Android. I have had plenty of Android phones with less bugs than my IPhone 4s. Samsung is usually by far the best performance wise.

  • nathaniel ocampo

    true. i contacted rogers at least twice since getting the one x 3 days ago. but it also happens to my e-mail. The e-mails are not automatically pushed and i had to manually open my accounts and refresh them to get the e-mail. almost returned the phone cause of it.

  • roja

    WWWWAAAIIITT!!! Isn’t it the best phone in the World? Ahhh it stills in development….

  • Jake

    This is why Iphone is the number 1 selling phone in the world and Apple is the most profitable company in the world as well. There’s a reason why (Apple) Iphone is number 1 cause its the best phone and OS. End of Story, nough said.

  • Jake

    I will never buy an android to many issues with them, screen lags, battery issues, software issues.Virus issues. almost all Androids don’t last more than 5 hours of use, and always need to be near a wall outlet to get the phone going, androids aren’t reliable phones. I prefer Iphones, or blackberries. Plus Iphones and Blackberry’s have the best security and this is why Governments only use Blackberry’s or Iphones for their employees.

  • Tim

    True. iPhones just like makes are totally 100% impervious to viruses and malware of all kinds without having to buy any sort of protection. That’s why you NEVER hear of a MAC getting a virus, because it can’t…

    Also the government hasn’t had secure development for the US Government / military for secure purposes or anything either.


  • Sol

    Why is it that whenever there is a simple discussion about Android an ifan needs to plug iphone? We know you love your iphone, we know what it has to offer. In case you didn’t realize, Android was pushed to the forefront by people like to know everything about phone tech (mostly). If a new Android has a few bugs, we will wait for the update OR get a different model OR XDA will help. Anyway you look at it iphone is not our solution. That being said if iphone 5 actually goes revolutionary instead of evolutionary as any phonatic can agree all bets are off.

  • Jason

    Ive had the same issue. At first I thought it was the new sms sound that I wasn’t used to hearing, but it turns out it wasn’t. The issue seems to have been dormant now after I cleared data in the manage apps tool.

  • Jon Tech

    I bought a new HTC One V last week and I’m having this problem also. On a regular basis I’m finding new texts in the text app but no notification.

  • JAlvi

    I never buy new phones, got really pumped up and finally made the leap to upgrade to a great phone like the One X. I love it in every way. Got it set up just the way I wanted after quite a while of playing around with its functions only to find out that it gives me no sort of notification when I receive a text unless I manually check the message app. Very disappointing as I text a lot (College student and all). Hoping this fix comes out soon as it is the only downfall to this phone I’ve encountered. How long do these fixes usually take anyway?

  • Peter

    Same problem with HTC ONE S, not showing text message and email notifications.

  • adam

    HTC one x rogers user. Same problem, it could be sleeping or i could be using the phone for something else and i get no notification, and it doesnt even show a new message on the home screen, i only see it once i go into the text messages screen.

  • Bryan

    It didn’t happen to me at first that I noticed, but it’s happening quite often now! Any update on that fix? I’m on Rogers.

  • heidi

    These people and their iPhones. yes you have a nice looking phone but what can you actually do with it? iPhones are for lonely followers, at least they have a robot to talk to now. I have the one s and I’m having the same issue. I haven’t noticed anything else in the week I’ve owned it, its overall a great phone but would love a fix for this.

  • ken

    rogers htc one XL user here. definitely have this bug n’ it’s really.. bugging me. ha.

    quite frustrating actually. i didn’t have this feature on my iphone but after experiencing bliss, can’t not have it.

    i am also experiencing this with my whatsapp. anyone else?

  • Random

    I’ve got some other issues about the text messaging, wich i beleave some of you might have experienced before..
    I get the sms sound, and the vibration, but not showing it in the notifications, HOWEVER Sometimes i wont get ANYTHING, until i unlock the screen or even sometimes when just pushing the the luckbuttom to unlock. When the recieving the message, i see the notification and everything, but seeing when it has been recieved, it might have been one minute after i sent the message, wich got replied… WTF??

  • mayur harkison

    i have a international one x with the same issue
    even on 2.17 4.0.4 firmware
    come on htc?

  • Adam

    I do not get a notification sound when a new email comes in, even though I have one chosen in my sound settings.

  • Ali

    Mine only stays on (blinking) for a few min and then it stops blinking.