New RIM roadmap confirms HSPA+ Playbook, Curve 9220 and 9320, October BlackBerry “London” launch and more


  • cultureshot

    BB10 not until 2nd quarter of 2013? It’ll already be out of date by then. Product development cycle fail.

    • RIMcalendar

      1-Since when RIM adheres to roadmap? read email for “coming this summer” “coming in Sept” “Coming in Feb?

      2-The only roadmap REALLY care about is the one about BB10; who cares if they release OS7

      3-Why are they spending time, resources and money towards OS7; The distribution channels are saturated!

      4-ONE BB10 phone in 2012?? it could be good if the phone sells and they SELL millions, but at this rate it will come by Nov, and only in small numbers.

      5-I want RIM to Succeed, but they are just dead.

      6-Where is the Roadmap for outsing Balsillie and Lazaridies from the Board??

  • kenypowa

    1) BB 10 is coming out in OCTOBER? Are you kidding me?
    2) Few people care about 3G Playbook.
    3) New CEO, same old direction.

  • Betty Koyle

    still won’t save rim…

    • Lazed

      I’m shocked at the 9220 and 9320. They both use the same terrible, low resolution screen used in the 8300 series (2007), 8520/8530 (2009) and 9300/9330 (2010). The 9220 even has the same 2 MP camera as the 83XX, 85XX and 93XX. The 9320 is only differentiated by a 3.2 MP camera and a BBM convenience key. This lack of innovation and progression is exactly what is making RIM increasingly irrelevant. They KNOW this, yet they can’t seem to be able to stop reassembling the same 2007 product with different model numbers.

  • Mac

    3 words. Buy RIM Stock.

  • SAM


    • Dimitri k.

      Yes & we seen how many people bought the Jetstream from HTC. with a price tag of 799.99 for a LTE tablet barely anyone will buy it. Barely anyone uses LTE at the moment anyways. So LTE is not really needed until most of the carriers have it & the LTE network is stable. Please for the love of god do some research.

    • SAM


    • Dimitri k.

      The bold 9900 uses HSPA+ in which gives you 14.5m. This is good enough.

  • Lawlerballer

    “Next up is the 3G Playbook, which looks and feels the same as last year’s”

    And will continue to do so for the next decade

  • Ronl

    Some people are so dum, its 2013 fiscal year. BB10 is this year not 2013. Stupid its 1 year ahead

  • chris

    Actually I change my vote about the BBM question. It’s very CLEVER to have put the BBM button as a text button on the side and hardly noticable. Button does not compete with other more important side buttons (camera and custom button).

  • Paul

    The London should be interesting, but they really need this out NOW. They have been working on this for over a year now with BB10 assuming it is still an offshoot of QNX. I hope they are working on developers now to generate new software for their BB10 or else it is just as well to forget it.

  • Dimitri

    I wonder if the trolls actually think before they type.. At the person that said about HTC releasing a LTE tablet yea they did but how much does it cost? Wait its 800 with taxes to buy it outright. Yea that is to much for a Tablet PLUS barely anyone uses LTE at the moment so RIM does not need LTE. I can tell you no one buys LTE phones because i work at Rogers & i see how many get sold a day or week.

    Second like Ron said 2013 is fiscal year. Maybe read a bit. The Playbook being 3G is not bad. Anyone will use it. I can assure you that. Also it having a 1.5 dual-core will make it fast. We do not need quad-core yet.

    Also remember this could also be just there & some changes could happen. Just because this got leaked does not mean that those dates are accurate. BGR is known to make false statements anyways.

    • SAM



    • Dimitri k.

      I have the HTC Raider & the bold 9900 & i can tell you the differne of the speeds but that does not mean s**t at all. If you think about it & ask around not everyone has LTE. Most of them have a 3G / HSPA+ phone.. If you want to get into it then please show me on a poll or something you can provide that people do use LTE the way its supposed to be used. I work at rogers & can tell you that only lets say 5% of people that come in each week ask about the LTE phones. I work at the rogers store underneath the Rogers tower downtown toronto.

    • Dimitri k.

      Yes Quad-core makes multi tasking better but most devices that have dual-core are fine in multi-tasking. Maybe if you read some atriucles & stop typing like a person that wants to type in caps to act all cool then we can have a mature talk.

  • Hugo

    Would love to bridge the London with my Playbook….excited to see how it fares!! But RIM need to get it out before Iphone 5 or else it would be useless!!! Honestly!

    • Tgun

      I cant for the life of me understand, in this day and age of ever advancing mobile technology that somone would be excited to “bridge” any device to another? Honestly, admit it hugo, even you have asked yourself at least once “how could rim make bridging a requirement?” comon its 2012

      Sure sure, the concept is not lost on me, its all about rims world renown security, I get it, but i just do not understand how such a “cutting edge” tech company like rim, the so called masters of mobile data security cannot figure out how to employ said tech that has been used in thier handsets for years into a tablet?

      I mean i dont have to “bridge” one blackberry handset to another just to check my email do i?

      Sent from my unbridged ipad…..

  • Alex Perrier

    Rogers is NOT “transitioning away” from GSM/EDGE, certainly at least not 100%. It, along with its brands, all offer phones which only support these 2G technologies. Plus, they offer roaming to WIND, Mobilicity, Vidéotron and many other providers.

    Applications like BBM, Google Talk and even text-only Facebook and Twitter don’t use much bandwidth, so EDGE is perfect for these situations. Unlimited BlackBerry (certain apps only) plans would cost less because this is their older network.

    The Curve 9220 would be good for the prepaid market, but $100 for a Rogers 9300 (no term) is pretty difficult to beat. Even if the 9220 was offered at the same $100 mark, it would be a good device for Fido/Chatr. It won’t work with any other Canadian provider, so it’s a good way to retain customers while offering value.

    The rest of the lineup is disappointing, however. Devices in white don’t sell better than black ones, because my local Future Shop had tons of whites but none black due to the price being very low. PlayBook is selling moderately but not excessively, even at $200/$300. The lineup is mostly same old, same old, and RIM lacks the ability to make us “fall in love” with devices, something that Apple can manage to do despite not having the highest specs. The 9220 on Chatr with unlimited Social and Email apps would be wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But besides this addition, which may or may not happen in Canada, the lineup makes me yawn and doesn’t excite me. RIM, réveillez-vous, maudine! 🙁

  • S S

    I don’t know if I’m reading this wrong, but looking at the timeline at the bottom of the graph, it seems that next generation device release is slated for “3Q’13”. Can anyone clarify?

  • Craig

    I’m new at looking at this whole “fiscal year” thing and I was wondering if someone can explain something to me. On the calender it says that the Blackberry Knight will be out Q1 2013 (March, April, May). Does this mean that it will be out THIS May, or NEXT may? Thanks for any help! 🙂

  • EvanK

    Seriously, RIM? I thought that we were done with the outdated OS7.

  • Guy

    Less products. More innovation.

  • Hugh Gerection

    Hope the new playbook comes to Wind.

  • Marie

    When does the bbtorch 9810 arrives in germany IN WHITE?

  • Matt

    All I want is native BBM on my Playbook. That’s it.

  • IAmMe2

    I think with the curve models it would be important that they be very cheap “entry level” smartphones. The specs listed don’t really improve much on the current entry level smartphones, so these would have to be free or dirt cheap on 1-2yr contracts rather than on a 3 yr contract.

    The playbook with HSPA+ is plenty nice, though I’d like to see some more LTE love on the horizon from RIM. I’ve used the playbook and the iPad2, and I much prefer the playbook. I’m not impressed with the iPad, and other than it being ios based with teh advantages that go with that, I think its an inferior product to both the playbook and many Android tablets.

    Really though, I think RIM’s hail mary will be the BB London, and if it doesn’t perform, they are toast. They have to get back in the game this year or they’re going to die as a company.

  • Last Chance for a Turn Around

    Based on this, RIM is dead. Shorting RIMM like no tomorrow. 1. IPhone 2. WP7 3. Android for 2013, you’ll see.