BlackBerry 10 slides show off home, lock screens, social media integration


  • Harris

    Nice, very nice.

    • Jakob Winchester

      Cinnamon toast? LOL

    • Availability

      All great and cool and everything but WHEN will the phone be available?

    • 1175

      “BlackBerry 10 slides show off home, lock screens, social media integration”
      ..BB10 Announced 6 months ago and still no DATE for arrival!

      These “leaks” are just PR damage control to keep the stock from plummeting : Rimm $11.90

      How come the media hasn’t ask Heins:
      “when can I go to the store and get in my hands a BB10 phone?”

  • BBMan

    HTC Sense?

  • yanic Lemaire


  • p

    reminds me of MeeGo

  • Dan S

    Cinnamon Toast looks sweet… why didn’t Apple or Google think of this?… Hope RIM has a patent on it.

  • Duw

    so, when wp7 and webos had a good time together, the result is bb10.

  • piper975

    You really need to get an editor to review your posts before they go public. Wrong words are being used … “A number have slides have leaked” … when it should have read “of” instead of two haves. The glaring over use of commas make for long run on sentences that make no sence with several different thoughts in them which makes for all around horrible reading. The only reason I struggled through it was to see just how bad the context of the article was. The topic was fine, just a horrible read. Really, its time to hire an editor.

    • Daniel Bader

      Piper, you’re hired.

    • Deltus

      Don’t you mean “it’s time to hire an editor”? Apostrophes are as important as the commas you were bitching about, you know… 🙂

    • piper975

      oops that one got past the editor … haha 🙂

    • no one

      You’ve made a plethora of errors, spelling and grammar-wise, in all of your posts. Stop being a whiner and a hypocrite – your writing isn’t any better.

    • TheInformant

      It makes no “sence”?? Better stick to your day job and leave the writing to the more qualified!!
      As for the article, I have high hopes for BB10. There are certain aspects of it that I wish my existing smartphone had which makes me look forward to BB10.

  • Sly Larive

    Sadly, I’d rather take the Cinnamon challenge than buy a Blackberry on a three years robbers or bell contract. Wish I could be proud of a Canadian company but this is mostly stuff you can find on other OS. Not saying it looks bad or anything, but it just won’t buckle the trend.

    The tide has turned, the ship set sail… Let… it… go.

    • Tyrone

      I’m in the same boat. it’s nice to see RIM finally making some strides to good looking and functional UI but it really isn’t anything new.

  • Dalex

    As has been mentioned countless times now… This is neat and all, and its nice that you are trying, but you must release a device now. Not when the GS3 and Iphone 5 come out, or you will be destroyed.

  • excited…

    I am so excited now, RIM! Lets GO!

  • Tom

    People who come to forums, website and other internet locales just to whine about the editing and syntax piss me off. Who gives a good god damn? Was the statement not clear otherwise? I was able to read that perfectly fine.

    What a baby.

    That being said, OS looks awesome.

    • piper975

      This just goes to show you the difference between someone with a computer and a well written piece. Sure I can make mistakes to, however the english language is taking a beating beacuse simple editing is not being done. It is not only this one location but rather all over the internet. I didn’t come here to nit pick. However, it is a cascade of errors. One person reads it and thinks it is right and then it flows down hill from there and the next article on another site picks up errors and before you know it everyone thinks what is just plain poor editing is best practice. Time to up the game and become more professional about it and present it in a logical, coherent manner. It only takes a quick read before hitting publish or submit to spot errors and fix them and given yourself some credibility.

    • piper975

      oops again … give, not given 😉

  • p

    after looking at a Nokia n9 again, the homescreen shot up there is almost EXACTLY like MeeGo, mixed with a sense 4 look… Only thing different so far is the notification system on the lock screen

  • Atrix

    Stop putting down Rim. It’s not right to speak ill of the dead.

    • Sly Larive

      Bingo. Bashing RIM on this site will without a doubt get your comment rated down into oblivion within minutes. I guess we should be applauding RIM for losing 75% of its market share. Clearly they are on a roll and these other OS are just plain lucky to have taken RIM’s share.

      We’re just a new shiny UI away from recapturing former glory!

  • craig

    BB10 will not bring back RIM … RIP RIM

    • Dean

      RIM will hit a homerun with BB10, sorry that disappoints you.

  • bummy

    Just when we thought Apple, Google, and Microsoft has figured it all out with UI. In comes RIM along (with the help of TAT?) and shows us what good UI design is really about!

  • Donny

    Piper975 has a point. The quality of accurate and in-depth information that mobile syrup has is great. It’s becoming a professional & yet remains an underground like site … however I’d love to see better editing of the posts. I understand, as a light blogger myself, that time to “press” is critical to keep your site as close to #1 with the top news as possible. Still this sites posts deserver more professionalism in terms of editing the posts being delivered alone.

    MobileSyrup has EARNED this – I recall the humble beginning posts on HoFo a few years back and MANY of users there laughed thinking why another site? I’m glad the creator had the stones to muscle through it all.

    That said … this is an incredibly FRESH UI, subtle but VERY powerful and still features unique abilities in efficiency unique to BlackBerry!

    The BB10 device alone will not save RIM; they have too many physical sweet tooth users waiting until 2013 for a keyboard variant to appease. But proper, effective, no flash bullcrap stunts is what is needed. More content other than words is required – stupid “Wake Up” compaign insults the customers their trying to lure back … reminds me of the Apple Lemmings commercial that lost any hope of corporate appeal with the Lisa PC.

    No RIM … you need to released a commercial using BB7 and/or a BB10 showing how its USED to get those points across: Efficiency, professional stature/class, effective communication, business competency.

    The BB7 commercial featuring 2 males (suit & street gear) and 1 female – with BlackEyed Peas track – was CLOSE! Sure it showed different attitudes/persona’s BUT it highlighted HOW the SAME BB can be used very differently; suiting ALL their needs for work/play social/business. THIS IS THE KEY!! All the other platforms are focused in their advertisement … RIM needs to get back on track.

  • BB

    I think the entire grammar conversation goes hand in hand with what people are doing on their smartphones anyway. People used to care about being professional. Now it is all about how cool the device looks and what we can do on a device with least productivity. Blackberry is a tool for being more professional, but people believe it is dead. I think they will come back with some time and patients from its customers, just like the patients apple had when they were coming back. P.S. PIPER HAS A GOOD POINT, IN AN AGE WHERE YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SPELL BECAUSE OF SPELL CHECK WE SHOULD ALL TAKE THE EXTRA SECOND TO CLICK THE BUTTON BEFORE SENDING. JUST CARELESS.