BlackBerry Bridge Updated to V2.0.0.30, fixes predictive text issues


  • wewewi

    Free upgrade available??

    ..Should we expect paid ones at some point in time??!!??

    • Habi Boulin

      Who uses a PlayBook? LOL. Dead product.

    • EvanK

      @Habi Boulin

      Millions of business professionals and consumers alike, in fact, I believe that Peter Mansbridge has one sitting on his desk if you watch the CBC National News.

  • ondre

    does it fix the bug where passwords can be typed out in plain view using bridge remote control?

  • David Bouda

    will rim be ok?

  • Robert

    Hello Mobilesyrup:
    Out of the first seven comments above, five are derogatory and this is pretty much normal for any BlackBerry posting. I come here hoping to find intelligent conversation and all I seem to find is comments from immature i****s. I realize that the number of visits to your site is important to your advertisers, so I would ask for the ability to turn off viewing the comments all together when I visit your site to read your postings. If the ability to disable viewing comments is not possible then I would ask you to police, or vett, the comments so that I don’t have to be subjected to the constant regurgitation of juvenile drivel. However, if none of what I have asked for seems practical, then I would appreciate being informed of your position on this matter and I will gladly take my patronage else where. As it stands, I have pretty much lost all interest in participating in the discussions on this site and if you feel that this puerile trolling by certain individuals is more important to your business, then I can live with that and I’ll move on.

    • LeafsFan77

      @Robert, It’s not just this blog but all the tech blogs. BGR recently switched to a Facebook login and the trolling comments almost (yes, almost) vanished. I stopped visiting there because the editors are very brand centric. Even the editor hired to cover Android now covers another brand. It’s a shame when editors bring their personal view in to writing of articles instead of a subjective one based on the product as do the comments on this site. They think it’s funny, and so be it, they can do what they want until the people in-charge say other wise.
      I support bringing in a Facebook type login.

    • Ian Hardy

      Hi Robert, yes. I hear you and fully agree. We’ll be switching our comment system to DISQUS shortly.

  • wewewi

    Why did they suddenly changed the picture?

  • Rim Sucks

    Yo Roberto are u crying? Negative comments are only about rim because they are garbage soon they will go out of business and there will be no more rom stories

  • Hasish

    Is rim dead? Be honest!

    • Bezhan

      The Blackberry, like every cell type of device polls. But it does not mean what you debrcise. The polling that takes place is a keep-alive type of data packet. The purpose is to let the network know where the phone is located physically on the network at any given time. As a user moves from place to place the cell towers keep a record of those movements so that when you want to make a call or send data of any type you will already be connected and ready go. This is how you get an always on connection.The polling intervals vary by providers but they are generally constant IE every so many seconds or nanoseconds.If the network receives a piece of data destine for your device, the network sends the data immediately after it arrives. The network does not wait for any length of time beyond the time it takes to forward the message. There can be delays caused by no or poor signal in which case the information is stored until the connection is restored and is then downloaded.

  • ondre

    @Robert I agree with you. However, I resent being lumped in with the rest. I wasn’t kidding. The bridge’s remote control should be masking passwords rather than exposing them.
    To answer my own question, it still wasn’t fixed.

    • Robert

      And that is one of the truly sad results of trolling. Anyone who has some genuinely constructive criticism to add to the discussion gets lumped in with the dysfunctional malcontents, even if the they’re attempting to raise a valid point that would benefit the discussion as a whole. As someone who has only started following Blogs over the past few months, I can honestly say that I am not at all impressed by the level of maturity displayed by a good number of the individuals that participate in this form of exchange and I am seriously questioning the value of Blogs as a whole. I usually value the opinion of others, especially when trying to evaluate a potential product purchase, but it is now painfully obvious that some individuals and most certainly corporations will use these venues to unfairly discredit, or maligne their competitions credibility. What should have been an excellent venue for gain an insight into the consumers perspective – you know, a REAL hands on evaluation of a product – has been corrupted and perverted into a negative marketing tool. And I think it is that corruption of consumer opinion that really pisses me off.