Bell HTC One V priced at $299.95 outright


  • Terry

    This phone or lumia 710?

    • Matt

      Personaly, I’d go for the Lumia 710. It’s $50 cheaper, and IMO it’s a nicer looking phone.

      You should take your time. do your reasearch, take a look at each phone and make your own choice.

  • Bilal Akhtar

    The off-contract phone market in Canada will boom when Google launches the unlocked Galaxy Nexus here for the same $399 price like they’re doing in the US.

    Can’t wait for the day when carriers will just be dumb pipes!


    • Marc

      Expansys dot ca is selling the Galaxy Nexus right now $419 plus tax and shipping. They had a promo last week (not sure if it is still on now) for $20 off a handset and it was showing up in my trail checkout for $399.

    • Broski

      Please stop going off-topic, I see no phrases such as “HTC”, “One”, or “V” in your post.

  • Sean

    Well what do you expect when they say “under $300”

    Anywho i can see this phone being pretty awesome lots of power for a decent price best “low” end android phone on the market

  • Jay Jay

    Not bad (for Bell prices that is!) – excited about this device, definitely raises the bar for entry level

  • JB

    I really wish this was like $50 cheaper. But I’m willing to pay that extra 50 for ICS and a great build quality.

  • west coast

    TELUS will launch both the HTC One V & HTC One S on may17

  • john Wu

    Great price nice too give hope to people. However, they will be more job cut and lay off come down the line just wait and see, things because cheap not always a super good sign pepole has understand whats the impact after for their life

  • Theywillbepissed

    I dont understand why bell got this and Virgin Mobile did not

  • john Wu

    Makes no different bell vigrin they all SUCKS

  • leobg

    Knowing Bell phone will not be available as device only purchase. When you add a month of service, activation fee and all taxes on top of that, phone becomes much less affordable. Unless you’re Bell customer of course.

  • MC

    @West Coast,

    Do you have a link to back up this statement?

    • West Coast

      I have the info from a good source

  • jepoy

    when will they release the One S?? a lot of people is waiting for it..

  • Alex Perrier

    i thought it would be worth comparing the One V and the Galaxy Nexus:
    • Processor: Galaxy Nexus (1.2 GHz dual versus 1 Ghz single)
    • Screen: Galaxy Nexus (4.6 in versus 3.7 in, some may prefer latter)
    • RAM: Galaxy Nexus (1 GB versus ½ GB)
    • Storage: Galaxy Nexus (16 GB versus 4 GB)
    • Camera: Galaxy Nexus (front-facing versus none)
    • FM Radio: One V (included versus absent)
    • Battery: One V (better for talk, text and web; Galaxy Nexus better for watching videos; both tied for GSM Arean endurance test)
    • Price: One V (Ontario: $340 versus $470)
    • Value: Galaxy Nexus for Pure Google, One V for FM and battery life

    Which phone do you prefer?

    • Chimp

      I’d prefer if you would stop posting.

    • dinmab

      you forgot unlocked. bell will charge 50$ to unlock the one v.

  • Cyber

    For any given price, a locked phone is a big no thank you! Always go with an unlocked phone and only use their sub brands like Virgin and Koodo, not even Fido is worth anything. I don’t mind paying for the premium price for premium device. But not the service because every carrier can do the same thing.

  • Real Life

    There’s better entry level devices already on the market, used the phone today, far more sluggish than other models like the Galaxy W, or even the low end LG’s

  • kris

    decent pricing for a top level entry smartphone i wish high end was more competitive though

  • well

    I would put this phone head to head with the 710 @ 249.00…

    I personally think this phone would give the most bang for the buck at that price.