Health Protection Agency: Mobile phones are safe to use, “no solid evidence of health effects”


  • Francis

    Good thing !

  • idontlikespammers

    This will do nothing to silence luddites. This has never been about health, it’s about people being afraid of change.


    If you have an iPhone you will have a serious issue with your health.

    but if you are an android user no health problem at all

  • more mah

    Who funds this agency? The device makers and carriers? I use a Bluetooth headset just to be on the safe side and keep the phone at arms length while on a call.

    • kevinc

      The “Health Protection Agency” is a government agency, a division of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. It’s funded by British taxpayers.

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    I wish the cute girl in the photo was calling me. Sad Ted is sad.

    • Patrick Serrano

      damn I was about to say that too! lol 🙁

    • Another CADD person

      The girl is more likely to have health complications after being hit by a car she didn’t see because she was distracted while texting on her phone.

    • Zombie Ted Rogers

      Already with the dislikes? Easy fellas. The girl in the white top, not the red.

  • Big 3

    They are just totally bought by the Big 3

  • more mah

    The one in the red is a phat ho

  • Jim Shorts

    No solid evidence means we don’t know. I noticed no one talks about the SAR values when marketing or reviewing phones which is a shame.

    It would be interesting if there are any phones sold in NA that are above acceptable international SAR levels.

    Btw, gsmarena mentions SAR numbers in the phone specs.

  • ace


  • Rich

    Same as yesterday, move on.

  • drone

    Love the comments sometimes on these articles 😀