Galaxy S III benchmark test possibly reveals upcoming specs


  • mattprime86

    Like a boss

  • Jay Jay

    Impressive specs, can’t wait for the official reveal

  • marcoh92

    Seems legit. But the most important benchmark to many users will be battery life.

  • antoine

    These seem like the most likely specs so far, and IMO would be real real nice, hoping there’s a hefty battery along with all this! The galaxy S II is still up to date with the most demanding apps out there, we don’t need something so much faster, and the screen doesn’t need to be any bigger than 4.7, 4.5 even would have been perfect for me and those who talked about 1080p… I mean come on 1080p on a phone, why would you even need that? I hope it’s just as this benchmark has got it, that the 12mp camera is a great one, not just a bump in megapixels, and that the battery is atleasy 2000MAH

  • aregularonhofo

    Good point, with specs like this who knows what the battery life will be in the real world…still nice phone and if they skimp on the battery this would be just nuts.

  • KingK

    Nothing special

  • Nankov

    So droiddog posts the same benchmark and says the cpu is quadcore and you guys say dualcore…

  • lazzy

    No quad wtf


    f**k android community….hahahh troll

  • cococly

    1200 MEGApixel Camera? 1,200,000,000 pixel ! Seems legit.

  • emixam

    ALPACINO, you’re a douche…


    emixam….come at bro waiting for ya

  • beep

    Thing I’m most curious about is if the quadcore can work with the USA LTE. If not, hope we get a dual core of equal performance if not better. Also hoping TouchWiz looks better. And of course a awesome battery and micro-sd.

  • bob

    Exynos 4212 would be a disappointment. It must be a 4412.

  • Sub-Joker

    I looked for the Exynos 4212 and it seems there is a Quadcore or dual core one. also according to wikipedia the phone will have the quadcore variant (but who know how they got that info).

    anyways, what I’m saying is that the phone may be a quad core rather than the mentioned dual core. but who knows till the phone is released!!!

  • Guy Fawkes

    Its not a dual core, the IPC would be insane… to beat tegra 3 quad on antutu … look at the krait dual core score… of around 7-8 k. Given that, this cant be a dual core…samsung quad exynos at 32nm does not have ipc double that of krait cores.

  • Nankov

    Check the latest news Samsung confirmed the quadcore….seen it on fb by droiddog

  • Nankov

    To all the ppl that disliked my first the dd post and see that thay say QUAD…..and now is confirmed by Samsung.

  • Francis

    1200 megapixel ???!!!

  • J

    As others mentioned, how is this any good if the battery will only last a few hours?

  • wow

    thats a spicy meatball!!

  • IAK

    I imagined this thing ejecting batteries like hot lead and clip out of an handgun. They’ll be disposable and make a satisfying steam sound.