First “Google Phone” renders from 2006 made available in Oracle suit


  • Nick

    Id get a kick to actually try one out. It would be like playing with a baby dinosaur.

    • Francis

      I could loan you my old blackberry.

    • Rio

      It is funny how Driods don’t admit to this.

      Before iPhone all androids were Blackberry’s on steroids.

      After iPhone all androids are iPhone’s on steroids.

  • Dany

    still, this phone looks better the iphone!

  • metoo

    Oh yeah, no way current Androids are ‘inspired’ by the iPhone. I can totally see where they are much more similar to what Google had in mind before the iPhone came out. They are almost exactly the same.

    • AllanVS

      Hey Fantard … when you’re using your iPhone, you’re using a clone device. Apple took touch screen tech from Palm, Handspring, HP and Compaq (to name a few), and added big ugly icons, so losers could use it with their finger instead of the stylus that had been ubiquitous up to that point. Stop trying to make Apple seem like they invented the SmartPhone category. They are thieves who steal other’s ideas, and claim they are their own. For example … the “cloud” used to be called “main frames” and were connected via wires. Yeah, now they are wireless but, it’s the exact idea – don’t store your data on YOUR pc, as it’s more vulnerable to errors/damage, store it on a server somewhere else.

      I hate iTards.

    • Thoughtful

      Yeh, because iPhone was the first touch screen phone and companies like HTC (who made the G1) had absolutely no touchscreen phones on the market at the time ;).

    • Rio

      So lets see.

      Apple stole tech from all companies and put together a phone that beat every other phone (check)

      Android decided oh look, Apple put together an awesome phone so let us copy.

      This is pretty much what you said.

      Apple may have copied ideas from other companies but in the end they are the ONLY ones able to deliver those ideas to the consumers in a perfect wrapping. Apple took those ideas and made an awesome phone.

      Then Google saw the success and simply copied Apples recipe for a phone.

      One can steal all the ideas in the world but whats the use if they do not know how to put them together to make an awesome device?

  • metoo

    So, remember fantards, when you are hating on Apple, you are using an iPhone clone. Your welcome.

    • Daniel Bryan


  • Josh

    That’s not too far off from the Palm Treo – the grandfather of smartphones!

    • Lordsxo

      Try the Nokia 9000 that was out 10 years before the Palm Trio.

    • Lordsxo

      Talking about the grandfather part.

  • Rich

    comical watching people spout iPhone shenanigans. If Apple showed off a concept of an iphone from several years before a design was even finalized, im sure you’d sing a different tune.

    • Rio

      You are missing the point lol.

      Before the iPhone all Google could think of was making phones similar to the BB and then after the iPhone they change their concepts to match the iPhone.

  • Phil R

    Boy does time fly by! This is from 2006?? It looks like someone from 1986 tried to make a “phone of the future” usign a 3d modeling software on a macintoch!!

    “insert random back to the futur quote”

    — 1.81 GIGAWATTS!?!?!?!?

    • shoo

      get it right

  • metoo

    @rich: you are probably right. But a couple things:
    1) this was beyond a concept and was actually shopped around to carriers.
    2) The G1 that eventually did find it’s way out was more similar to this ‘concept’ than what Androids look like today, i.e. far more iPhone like than like the G1 or the renders above.
    3) Seems like most of the articles with information from people involved with the iPhone all agree that the final product was not far off what the in development for years. Jobs wanted a minimal a design as possible, so it’s unlikely it was ever as ugly as the Google Phone was/could have been.

  • hoo dat

    I remember Google announcing that the G-Phone would be $99, and the service would be free. Revenue would be raised through in-phone advertising everytime you made a call.

    Except 911, of course.

  • more mah

    Looks like a blackberry. While google innovated, rim stayed in 2006.

    • Rio

      They just switched from copying Blackberry’s to copying iPhones

  • jon_d0e1

    this just proves google never copied the iphone.

    • Rio

      are you kidding me?

      It Proves even more that they copied the iPhone. Because before the iPhone there were no touch screen androids. LOL

  • zzZZzz

    what Apple did was create demand for touchscreen phones… the end.
    – Apple copied tech and design ideas from other companies, marinated that with the their Macs philosophy
    – Apple knew how to market the device
    – if Apple would’ve failed with the iPhone, other companies may or may have not tried full touchscreen designs later

    That’s it!

    Saying Google copied Apple is like saying Apple copied Motorola (or whichever company made the first cellphone)

  • Mark

    Rio said:

    “Apple may have copied ideas from other companies but in the end they are the ONLY ones able to deliver those ideas to the consumers in a perfect wrapping. Apple took those ideas and made an awesome phone.

    Then Google saw the success and simply copied Apples recipe for a phone.”

    Google took Apple’s formula to the next level, and Androids are now better than iphones.

    So what you’re saying is Apple copies other ideas, makes it’s own recipe, but that’s not really copying.

    But then google comes along, takes other ideas, makes it a BETTER recipe, but then that’s copying.


    • Rio

      Androids are better than iPhone <— this is your opinion and preference. Different people want different things, what is right for you isn't right for everyone.

      The iPhone is much better than Android on numerous fronts just ike Android is better than iPhone on numerous.

      Apple took ideas not recipes. Google simply took recipes. As you can see they first tried to run on the BB bandwagon but then switched to APple lol. It is spelt out in front of you and your still deny it

      We are talking about phones here not operating systems.