Deezer streaming music service launches in Canada with iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps


  • Let me know

    Will this be available for Blackberry?

    • James Dulyea

      Please don’t forget about RIM, we are still out here working hard every day.

      If you want to support fellow Canadians and the Canadian economy, please buy a Blackberry.

      BB9900 is an excellent device.

    • Don G. Thompson

      BB9900 is superior to both the iPhone and Android phones. With all the fanboyism on this site you’d never know it though.

      Buy Canadian, support Canada.

      Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign!

    • lukeiphone

      Correct. I have a 9900 and HTC ONE X and I find myself using the 9900 mostly.

  • Jordan

    Went to their website, its telling me its not available in my country. What up with that?

  • Collin

    Was great until it told me i had to pay to listen to a full song.. Lame, uninstalling.

  • Chris

    I downloaded this, found that when I login with facebook it posts the songs I listen to and I had to give CC info to do the trial, PASS on this app.

  • Jtronforce

    I will download anything to hear the Labamba Shakes.
    Time for a comeback Ritchie.

  • Robert

    The App been available for the BlackBerry PlayBook since early April, but the streaming service has only just become available in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

  • Kid.Canada

    Actually it will post to your Facebook if you sign up via Facebook and if not your safe. Just an FYI.

  • Chuck

    As a windows phone user I don’t think this is worth my time as Zune is the best music service on the planet. I love my Zune pass for unlimited streaming and Downloads and smart DJ. Zune also works across the Phone, PC, and my Xbox. Sorry Deezer but I don’t see why I need you.

  • Chris

    What is the work around to sign up for this then? I checked their website and the app, it wants you to use facebook?

  • Crue

    Rdio > Deezer

  • Tommy

    The best is DJ Rig FREE because you can scratch and mix like a DJ instead of just listen. And it’s free LOL