Rogers now shipping the HTC One X to customers who pre-ordered, launch imminent


  • Mike

    I’m so jealous of these people 🙁

  • muchski

    Will stores have stock on hand to walk in and buy one at opening?

    • George

      I went out and bought the Lumia 900 on launch day and I had to call a few placed before I found one that had it in stock… just pick a mall with low traffic or in a weird area.

      I returned the Lumia 900 and reserved the One X so I hope to pick it up soon!

  • Dan

    Just received the email from rogers, omfg hope to be able to get it tomorow before the week end!

  • elnad

    Can’t wait for the full review. Want to know if the battery last longer with the S4 than the Tegra and if the S4 is as fast as the Tegra with a 720p screen.

    • George

      the S4 on the One S outpreformed the Tegra 3 in almost every benchmark (I think save for 1).

      as for battery, who knows since the One X has a bigger battery… but don`t get your hopes up. I doubt it will last a full day with use.

  • Nick

    This seems to have much worse specs than the Motorola Defy… from 2 years ago! What’s up with that?

  • D Kupiec

    I got got mine HTC One X unlocked online today! No thanks to Rogers~!

  • Mike

    Rogers at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto had a dummie unit on display with the pricing as of yesterday. It’s going for $574.99 no term. The guy at the booth said he didn’t have any in stock and said the dummie shouldn’t even be out yet. Oh well.

  • Geoff

    Mine is currently “in transit”. I have the feeling that it might be a short work day tomorrow.

  • Kay

    ugly phone

  • Cellfreak

    I just came from the training for the One series phones. confirmed that koodo, Fido, telus and Bell are launching the One S (yes,koodo.). Virgin will launch with the One V and of course rogers will have a 90 day exclusive to the One X.

    I have NEVER been so impressed with a HTC product. the Camera is simply the best I’ve seen, 25 gigs of dropbox storage, a de-bloated version of Sense over ICS, a GUI that all but eliminates the need for a launcher over the stock UI, Beats Audio…. and a display that simply has to be seen to be believed.

    Drawbacks? Can’t pull the battery… no expandable memory. That’s about it

  • Azzo

    I was playing around with it at Futureshop, really nice phone.

  • Boojay

    C’mon HTC One S? Where are you?!?

  • John

    When someone gets their X, can you post which version you have 1.26 or 1.28?

  • steelman5

    got mine one week ago today and upgraded to 1.28 yesterday. Battery is lasting a full twelve hours with heavy usage and it feels snappier. love this phone.

  • Rd

    Can someone confirm that this Rogers version only has 16gb and does not come with the quad core processor?

    If that’s the case this is not really a One X. Why the hell doesn’t Rogers just get the 32gb quad core version?

    How many people do you think will buy this not knowing they are getting a weaker version? 16gb without expandable memory is a joke in this day and age of cheap memory.

  • Dennis Forbes

    “If that’s the case this is not really a One X. Why the hell doesn’t Rogers just get the 32gb quad core version? ”

    While I do wish it had 32GB (there is some confusion as the upcoming AT&T version, which should be hardware identical to Rogers, lists 32GB), in no universe is the Krait S4 “weaker” than the Tegra 3. In synthetic benchmarks it holds its own, and in actual real world use it absolutely dominates the Tegra 3 because most usage patterns only moderately occupy even two cores, much less four.

  • roja

    Enjoy your 16Gbs piece of sht 4 hours battery phone. You deserv it becau you are a dumb.