Windows Phone evangelist confirms current devices will be upgraded to Apollo, Microsoft denies it


  • Daniel

    guys, just a rumor. i hope readers take this with a grain of salt. same with all other rumors

    • bizzarre

      Windows has to do better if they want to compete with RUMORS with RIMM.

      If it was RIMM the rumour would go something like this:

      “Evangelist Lazaris heard somebody close to the source that coming up this summer, or in September..make that latter part of the year, All or some if any current devices will leapfrog the competition and will leave no stone unturn until they are compatible with Apollo, a Billionaire, now samsung, now google, now MS (hold on a sec that’s us)..well that’s what I heard from 2 people close to the matter, 3 insiders that can’t be named, 4 people close to the negotiations and 5 guys at the water cooler…I think”

    • TheywillbepisSes

      Microsoft might as well just quit on the phone industry if they plan on doing this. Those who bought lumia 900’s will get a total of: 0 updates, making it the most unsupported device of all time and destroying nokia and microsofts reputations forever

  • TR

    Apollo won’t be coming to current devices…


  • Francis

    The verge is known for being anti-windows phone. A few other Microsoft reps have said the same. Wonder who we are more likely to belive, sites that are anti-windows phone or people who actually work with the product.

  • Alex Perrier

    They don’t deny it. They simply did not comment on the matter. If this is like Windows 7 and Windows 8, the minimum system requirements should be the same or slightly lower, especially with devices like the Lumia 610.

  • Kenny

    Twitterverse is afire with all these rumours and conjecture. This guy says yes, another lady says no, with nary a word from Microsoft or Nokia.

    The delay/silence from Rogers and Nokia regarding the update fix is already driving me mad, and if this no-Apollo update is true, I’m returning my Lumia and giving early condolences to Windows Phone

  • Dalex

    Though I doubt both stories, Microsoft still hasn’t come out and said anything. What would they have to gain by witholding this info (if it was positive and all phones would get the update), they would only boost Lumia 900 sales, by making it sound like a future proof phone.

    The lack of information is thus a negative sign and I fear current WP7 users will be relegated to have been beta testers. I feel sad for them, but honestly MS never announced they will update the phones, so I wouldn’t have bought any device without knowing.

    • Francis

      Your typical buyer won’t care if they get Ver 5 that can upgrade to Ver 9999999 of the software. They will only care that Ver 5 is absolutely amazing and does what they need now. No one even knows what Windows Phone 8 will have, I don’t see it will have any effect on sales for anyone but the small market of us who pay attention to these things.

  • jellmoo

    Personally, I don’t think that the matter has even been decided yet. They are likely still in the testing process to see how performance would be, and what optimizations can be made.

  • Atrix Luvr

    I don’t believe current WP phones will be upgraded to WP8. Don’t buy them unless you want a cheap off contract Lummia 710.

  • excessdan

    how can some evangelist confirm anything

  • Tek2012

    There is no reason why Apollo won’t work on the Nokia 710 or anything above this, the only difference is that better new phones will be able to utilize the OS fully and since the present version works great why change with appropriate minor up-dates. It will only matter to those who want to upgrade and have all the goodies. Microsoft would be crazy not to give the major up-dates to all phones as it is a selling feature over Android and they mostly will if the phone can handle the transition.

    I’ve been testing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition from a flash drive and most of this requires additional hardware or software, still in function on an older machine or even fairly new unit you can see the difference in operations or functionality, some good and some bad where some will change and others won’t and I know many specialists who are still using XP Pro. I can see merging of the Windows RT kernel with Windows Phone and other changes to further adapt to proper meshing with up-and-coming Windows 8 computers.

  • marcoh92

    Only new models could make the update? Really? In my opinion, insurance of having updates would have been the only reason to go to Windows Phone instead of Android. Thanks for the cue Microsoft, I’ll not buy your phones now.

    • JD

      It’s not like EVERY Android phone gets every Android update, eventually your phone becomes obsolete and can’t run the newest software. WP7 obviously has other things worth getting it over Android, like more reliability, the speed, greater organization and integration of social media platforms etc.

  • Big Ang

    @ Francis

    I disagree. The “typical” buyer wants the latest release, regardless if he/she uses ANY of the new features. The SMART buyer will care if the version they are using (regardless if it is the latest or not) works well and does whatever they want it to do smoothly and efficiently.

    Ask anyone who has an Android phone if they want the latest version. Almost all will say “Absolutely”. Now, ask those same people to name a new feature that Ice Cream sandwich has that they need, and I doubt many will be able to name at least one difference that ICS has.