Pebble E-paper watch becomes most-funded Kickstarter project ever


  • OneYrLater

    Raspberry pi and the Pebble seem to be next big thing after RIM for Ontario.
    Great to see that Canadian innovation doesn’t end with RIM and the CanadArm.

    • WindowsRTDed

      So, did he pick up the milk or not??
      Does the Pebble come with a gallon of milk? Is it skim?
      Does it come with a girlfriend?
      Is Sara’s lastname Milk?

  • {JPM}

    Uhhh… Charging your watch every 7 days? We sure have become complacent with terrible battery life in our portable devices

    • Don

      I have to agree with you. Even those complex Timex watch batteries last more than 7 days. Maybe E-paper is more a memory hog than we though.

    • andy c

      any device with a active wirless radio (bluetooth, wifi, 3g) will suck battery life

    • Pukka

      Yea I agree aswell but you have to understand that inside is more then a watch. It has to power Bluetooth aswell which is a fairly big battery drainer.

  • Rick

    Horray for yet another Canadian success!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty

  • Lemmy

    I’m still waiting for a watch/phone but this comes pretty close though.

  • Jason

    Let’s hope this lives up to the hype. They’re on a roll as of present!

  • Pegger

    What is the final pricetag on this thing?

  • Platinum

    based on the #’s looks like $140

    • Pegger

      Their kickstarter page says “watch will retail for more than $150” but doesn’t say how much more than $150.
      A pledge of $115 puts you down for a jet black one but is that all I pay or is that just a pledge and I pay the difference later?

  • Atrix Luvr

    How do you enter text?

  • Leifer

    E-ink’s main drawback is the slow refresh / nasty flashing associated with turning pages on a e-reader. The video on kickstarter seems to show smooth transitions, however i’m still skeptical that they are creative in the video editing to avoid showing full refreshes. Looks like a pretty cool product regardless.

  • Sarah M.

    “Nag, nag, nag … and remember to pick up some milk!”

  • Emperuman V

    How does one buy?

  • justme

    Samsung will have a copycat on the market in a week. The androfantards will praise it as the most innovative thing they’ve ever seen and say the Pebble is over priced, though it has better features and is the same price. The one thing the Samsung will have that will make it stand out is a 17″ display. Androfantards will say “bigger must be better so this must be the greatest”. Then none of them will buy one because their allowance ran out.

  • Todd

    @justme I think it’s justyou.

  • bummy

    I’m a bit confused…
    For that same price I can pick up the Sony SmartWatch.

    Coloured screen, with 100’s of existing apps, and brand support.

    7 day battery sounds amazing, but I’m not sure I’ll throw $115 at a product that have no reviews, and I might not even get for another year? (kickstarter project takes time to produce)