Amosu Couture Easter colours for the iPhone 4S costs $2,050, probably not worth it

Want to pimp out your iPhone 4S this Easter? You could always get the shell revamped by US-based ColorWare for $1,200… or you could go the designer route from Amosu Couture and splurge £1,299 (appx. $2,050 CDN). There are 3 colours: Sunshine Yellow, Ocean Blue or Valley Green. Amosu just changes the front and back, but say this will transform the “ordinary looking iPhone 4S into a radiant fashion statement” and will “certainly brighten up your Easter the luxurious way.”

Is that worth $2k to you? Maybe they’ll have a price drop when the new iPhone is released.

Source: Amosu Couture
Via: GSMArena