Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 now shipping to those who pre-ordered


  • Sean

    Great phone hope all those who ordered one are happy with them 🙂

  • trublog

    status updated to shipped with delivery date set to April 9th !!!!

  • WP74Life

    Im buying this beast outright, the day it comes out.

  • Bukovian Smorzhee

    Reviews are bad. Looks like it’s a giant fail. Maybe bb10 will surge ahead after all.

  • Bukovian Smorzhe

    Reviews are bad. Looks like it’s a giant fail. Maybe bb10 will surge ahead after all.

  • wewewi

    Pretty decent phone, most likely… But Nokia having sold his soul to Microsoft, I would have expected quite a bit more of a flagship device meant to bring WP7 back on the map.

  • watsan

    Having read some other reviews for it, my only real concern is the surface of the screen having a ridge. Whereas the lumia 800 is slightly curved and seamlessly flows into the polycarbonate shell, the 900 does not. Its a small thing, but the misstep seems so out of place on such an attractive design

    • freestaterocker

      I emailed Stephen Elop about the lack of the curved screen on the 900 and he said it was a size issue: the 900 would be too beefy with it. He wanted to have a shot at normal-sized people using it one-handed. I still prefer the curved screen, but the man IS the CEO of one of the top phone makers on the planet, so he probably knows what he’s talking about. 😛 Honestly, if the 800 had a ffc I wouldn’t even care about the 900 apart from wanting it to succeed.

  • chris2

    Got mine pre-ordered. Only thing I’m worried about is the lack of color choices on the pre-order. Do we have to get a black one?

    • Eluder

      It only comes in black through Rogers. If it was available in other colours, you would have the option to pick like they had with the iPhones.

  • Stu

    I am disappoint – the UPS tracking number Rogers provided said that the phone that shipped was delivered. I went to pick it up at the store that Rogers said my phone was being sent to and they said that UPS only ships as far as their local distribution hub. Yes, my phone was delivered. No, it’s not at the store, it’s sitting at the distribution hub. Apparently the store should receive it between noon and 4 on April 10. Another 24 hours of waiting. 🙁