Another pic surfaces claiming to be the Galaxy S III, is this real or fake?


  • Sean

    There is absolutely no reason for it to have a 1080p screen other then to say it has a 1080p screen. That would just murder battery life

    • James Poulton


    • Ryan Bidan

      Yes, I can confirm this is real.
      I invented Samsung Galaxy Tab

    • FOTTL

      mehhh ill just wait for google glass lmao

  • RyanOver


  • Jay Jay

    Looks like stainless steel cutlery to me….

    • Mark

      It looks like a crowbar to me!

  • Lemon

    woah :/

  • salem

    I assume what we are seeing is the back of the phone with the chin at the bottom? Not sure if I believe this but it does look like what I want to be 😀

    • PkaTka1

      If what the picture shows is the back, then it could be a good looking phone actually. But I think it’s fake. Samsung is a plastic lover, and this phone seems like it has very little plastic.

  • Josh


  • J.R.

    Guys, seriously:

    ” expected to come with OS 4.0, a 1080p display”

    No it isn’t. No sensible person believes they’re going be putting a 1920×1080 resolution display into that phone and make any kind of reasonable profit off of it. It’s a ridiculous rumor off of BGR, and you guys should actually question it instead of just parroting it.

    • FadedSpark

      Yeahhh agreed 100%

      “Not sure if OP is retarded Or…” *Fry meme*

  • zzZZzz

    Most likely fake, but I do like the idea. A nice departure from the boring, rectangular body that most, if not all smartphones have nowadays.

    @Ian, it could still have a ceramic body, ala HTC One S, just a different coat job for color.

  • Theywillbepissed

    First B*****s!

    • Theywillbedead

      Why did everybody vote my comment down?

  • coochiecoo

    poopers i don’t like waiting for things that have been rumored. its like a tease i want to hear about a new phone then 2 weeks later be able to buy it. lest i see something else and buy that first.

  • TGuy

    Hmm, looks like the bottom back of the phone… looks nice actually

  • Gsizzle

    F!ck Apple!

  • Biz

    This actually may be the back of the phone…the bottom side!

  • JustAGuy

    I wouldn’t mind if the side that is showing is the front. The little bend gives it this kind of sleekness to it kind of making it look like a LG Lollipop.

  • montrealer

    Its a creative design

  • sp

    here samsung….take my wallet…

    just give me the phone already

  • hghershey

    Got the Galaxy Note because I’m sick of the fake leaks and rumors. The G Note is the best thing in the world right now. Can’t imagine getting a phone smaller or bigger than this. sorry GS3.

  • Nitin

    This looks very out there and because of that I think it is the most legit thing we have seen so far. All other renders looked very much like the Galaxy s/s2/nexus/note but this one is VERY unique so it doesn’t seem like a fake just because of that. Also probably is the back and I very much doubt the 1080p just doesn’t seem like something that’ll come to a phone until S4 unless they have found a way to make battery life great on it with 1080P as Samsung has said this year they will be aiming for much better battery life.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    I will put $20 dollars down RIGHT NOW on a bet that it comes with Android 3.2 with an update to ICS sometime before the end of April….2013.


    • Amanda

      You would never see Android 3.2 on this phone because Honeycomb is for tablets. Troll harder (actually please don’t).

      Also, ending your comment with “BOOM” makes you look even more like an i***t.

  • Evan

    This is too good to be true. I mean seriously, that design is waaaaaay too sexy.

  • Tweak

    Assuming that’s real, why would they put a picture of the bottom backside of Makes no sense.

  • mast3rbug

    It looks fake to me, just because there is too much wasted space on it at the bottom of the screen. the phones are already huge up to 4.65 inch screen, adding the extra decorative metal at the bottom is not something that will happen in my oppinion.

  • Excessiveplayer

    There is no way Samsung is making something out of high quality materials. It will be plastic.

  • Steve mcqueen

    This is fake. Look at the top bottom part, poor Photoshopping. If you believe Samsung would create such an invite you clearly have no idea about Samsung. The invite will display the phone, not some poorly Photoshopped cartoon with a blue weird screen. They say “vivid” yet there is a blue NON vivid screen. Who ever made this is a total r****d and should be punched in the face for such a poor attempt to fool anyone but the most basic minded people.

    • James_8970

      What makes you so sure its the front of the phone? Looks more like the back of a phone to me.

    • badmojo

      So…. Showing the back of a phone makes this more real? Has the world gone full r****d? Look at the lines of the blue screen/back and Steve is right, it looks like a 12 year old created this in Microsoft paint.

  • Rick

    I would still rather my iPhone over this. Android blows

    • Steven

      Over this… poster that we’re not even sure is legit?

      Yeah, me too.

  • Yeria

    LOL so fake.

  • jaylen

    Hmm…the guy above me is a douche!

  • Clint

    Nice try. Personally I would love to see a metallic sleek phone like this with a good size hi-res screen.

    Realistically, I’m thinking 720p and non metallic…unless they solved the metal/attenna issue that all metallic phones seem to suffer from. Not to mention the fingerprint and scratch issues…..
    AS for the sleek design…its samsung..I’ll believe it when I see it. They seem to be unable to create anything other than rectangular blocks. Slim, functional but still a block. I have the SG2 (international/Bell) and it is an awesome phone experience.

    This add would be a huge step up in design and features…but I just can’t see it happening. Would love it, but just can’t see it possible with the Samsung design mindset.

    SG3 will look like an SG2, except bigger.

  • Jer

    AWS Compatible please laord, and a good battery! That is all I’m asking! …what? I’m asking for too much?… really!?

  • Tomatoes

    I hope it doesn’t look like that. I am hoping for something more conservative and less alien.

  • mb

    Not sure if the s3 wil be big enough unless you don’t like reading web pages on your phone. I saw the Note finally and it’s such a great size…

    hey Mobilesyrup
    did you read about a guy in Montreal suing Apple because the ad fooled him and Siri did not deliver what he bought it for. Please start a topic…if people here feel the same way about Siri, they can be part of that trial going on.

  • bob

    It doesnt matter what it has our wonderful US carriers will make sure to ruin it by asking for a dualcore instead of a quadcore and maybe ask to change the body style to something stupid they like and load it up with a bunch of useless apps (Verizon)